The Fool

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Mera April fool banaya gaya – not once but twice.  My sons did that early in the morning by putting a very realistic banana in my breakfast tray and when I sleepily tried to peel it, they laughed.

Then I did it to myself.  I went to work and forgot my office keys at home.  Damn the banana, it disturbed my already fragile hold on sanity and commonsense.  Groan

Before the buggers rib me about it endlessly, let me tell them the actual meaning of a fool

The fool can mean different things to different people …… and in different ages.

Folk think it means someone lacking sense but it was not actually true.

It can vary with situations too – a smart person with a grip on reality can also suffer from a temporary aberration – I did when the banana hit me.

In Punjabi we normally call a fool Khota, Jhalla, Kamala

In Hindi …. Chutiya, Jhalla, Paagal

In our youth, we used to call a fool CH2SO4, or Chutiyam Sulphate … a slang used in the movie Ishqiya

The Americans call a fool a moron, a jerk, an asshole

and the British call a fool a duffer

But ………… a fool never actually meant that you know.

A fool was like an infant, spontaneous and enthusiastic … beginning his journey in life.  A fool  in Shakespeare’s plays was naive, had a good soul and normally made the most profound and ironic observations.  The wisdom of the infant was there in the fool – the court jester.

I shall hold on to my tattered dignity and insist that I am more like the Tarot Fool – embarking on a fresh journey and am not a CH2SO4.

This is my statement and I will hold on to it.

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32 thoughts on “The Fool

  1. how true about the tarot FOOL!! he is free spirited and doesnt bother about what people say about him..he is charismatic and sometimes openly careless…when he is being him he doesnt have to justify his actions…he is free…nice post! all the best for BAT

    PS:i need to catch up with blogging and BAT soon now..

  2. You won a Special Award 🙂 Please accept it, it gives me immense pleasure to give it to you Ritu… if it wasn’t for you the contest would have been so boring.. Heh heh *evil grin* 😈

  3. Wow! Wow! Being in your blog gives such a happy feeling… And the post made me hold onto it too…
    It is a beautiful idealogy… and funnily presented too! Nice!

  4. Very informative!

    Also rightly said about a fool! Even the numerous self-described fools in this blogaton tried to highlight their free-spiritedness, innocence and enthusiastic selfs…….good read indeed!

    Here is my BAT post::Murali – FOOL

  5. Your post provided me some real knowledge on the word ‘fool’ … I simply overlooked the meaning of CH2SO4…. hilarious! BTW how can I miss it when I just watched the movie – Ishqiya!

  6. I’ll keep this post of yours for future whenever I am made a fool (which is quite often) and this one will give a lot of ‘himmat’ also liked the fact that you mentioned about ‘CH2SO4’ was very popular and now resurrected by Ishiqiya 😀

  7. Hey intersting post Ritu.. Well welcome to Blog-a-Ton frst of all!

    Chutiyam Sulphate..mmmm.. i was wndring while watching Ishqiya whts the story bhind this slang abuse.. now i know it thnx 2 u 🙂

    Blog-a-Tonically Yours
    Vipul Grover

    • Thank you Vipul. The choice was to write a story or just an informative kind of post….. However if I had to do it now, I’d write about the King of Fools Shoib Malik for getting married to one girl while lusting for another’s pic 😉

      Blog-a-Tonically Yours


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