Motherhood is not for wimps Part 2

I wrote a post long time back complaining that bringing up two boys without a father is stressful! Motherhood or single parenting is definitely not for wimps
My sons not only text each other from the loo, they leave us women at home and go partying out together.

Sometimes the results are disastrous

I have one pilot and one mechanical engineer in the making as offsprings

Well they have re-engineered the car – perhaps they were making it fly

Its been a long sleepless night since Kid#2 who was driving got concussed. He still does not remember how he did this. Kid#1 somehow managed to get him to the hospital, (mercifully nothing broken – just bruises).

I wanna retire from parenting

I wanna run away



83 thoughts on “Motherhood is not for wimps Part 2

  1. Damn!! The state of car looks very scary…Glad nobody got hurt badly….

    and on a lighter note I hope this time you have an insurance… 😛

  2. Holy Mother of God!!!
    Glad to know they are both fine…
    This sure is scary…

    I hope you read them the riot act in your own special way.
    God bless you with nerves of steel 🙂

  3. The one person who I got to know better through this post and through this story is YOU. Thanks for being around Ritu. You matter to me in more than one ways. (for those who might find this comment out of place-she helps me count my blessings)
    I am glad the kid is better now. My heartfelt wishes and blessings for both of them.
    God bless you all.

  4. Thanking God that nothing worse happened. God bless him, hope he gets well soon.

    And when he’s back on his feet, kick him back into the bed! 🙂

    This is scary! Very very scary!

    • In the words of John Travolta to a pal in Saturday Night Fever … You know what I wanna do? I wanna break your broken leg! Feel like giving the dumb fool another concussion!!!

      Yeah, its a lucky escape for the two boys

  5. Glad he is fine and got away with just bruises! This must have been really scary for you, you are one brave mom!! My only prayer for such times is – ‘may nobody in this car gets hurt or hurts somebody’. Scratches, dents, crashes and such re-engineering is a relief. Take care!

  6. Absolutely terrifying. Thank God the boys are okay.
    My twenty year old is desperate for a motorbike.
    I live in constant fear of his acquiring one:(

  7. Oh my God !! Am glad both of them are fine Ritu. This is one hell of a mess. Unbelievable
    You did right thing
    Car rights gone. Explaination needed
    but do get him checked by a good doc.
    I know how you feel I can see my future as my boys are almost as adventure loving as yours. sends chill down my spine.
    Be well.

    • Ishaan took him to the hospital immediately, got him x-rayed, got a CT and MRI done! They came with all the reports so that I dont freak and have a breakdown. Poor chap, he did not get his check up done but looked after his younger brother….

  8. So glad to read the boys are doing fine, the car looks scary! I spent enough sleepless and disturbing nights with mom and dad when my two brothers used to hang out in their la la land….shaadi na theek ker diya subko!

    • The car groan!!! But the boys are safe. That is important. My elder one is married – kaafi sudhar gaya but the bhai connection these guys have with each other – sab bigaad deta hai

  9. wow.. i think it was a miraculous escape.. they themselves must be knowing what they dont have to do in future now.. its always a matter of seconds and god may not be able to show all the kindness everytime..

    guys, be safe.. especially when behind the wheel.. ur acts can impact many other lives in addition to yours..

    Brave mumma, hugs to you.. motherhood kya biwihood also isnt easy i guess..

  10. Bloody hell!!!
    That car’s a major wreck.
    Glad that the boy’s fairy Godmother was looking over them though 🙂
    Thats one lucky escape 😀
    God bless!!

  11. Oh this is bad..very bad.. Am glad both of them are doing well.. but a sit down lecture is in order.

    Till then can I come over and get tips on how to survive the next 20 or so years..

  12. Ouui still picturing from where exactly the car was hit….man do tell the boys bravo on watever stunts they were attempting….must try…


    • !!!!!!!Sid!!!!! Whats with you boys anyway? Life is not like your video games or Hindi soaps. A person who dies in one episode does not come back – ever! Limbs and health once gone is gone! Its not funny.

      Ahhh I give up!

  13. Trust you to make it sound like an everyday incident in the life of a mom. I hope your boys are ok. It must’ve been an agonising time for your family.Pilots ought to fly planes, mech engineers ought to be under the car & not behind the wheels (just kidding). Take care Ritu:-)

  14. Yeah, coming back here, Ritu, it must have been a terrifing time for you and I really give it to you…for being so (atleast outwardly) calm…Hope everything gets back to normal and the boys too forget this yet be careful from now on…

  15. OMG!! Is all I can say.

    Something similar happened with my little sister and I. Someone (a collegue) hit my little sister (with both of us in it it) from behind in our work car park on new year’s day. And that was pretty much how my sister’s car looked from behind (God only knows how we suvived without a single scratch). Scary!!

  16. OMG..that would have scared the daylights out of me..Really sons are all about THAT???
    I cant wimp out at all, can I?
    WOW..I really empathise with U..Ritu Di…WIsh you all the love and luck in life!

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