Adam Teasing

She ran back to the hostel, tears streaming down her cheeks. It had all started as an innocent morning walk – her thighs were getting flabby and she needed to exercise. While she was walking back uphill, a young boy with milk cans tied to the back of his cycle pedaled furiously downhill.

Her mood was serene. The early morning walk had cheered her up, and she continued to climb, she could see the gates of her college hostel. The boy came near her and the assault was unpredictable. He just put out his hand, it connected with her breast with vicious force. He yanked and fled. Her breath was knocked out of her body as she fell to her knees. The pain was unexpected and severe. Tears started falling as she got up and fled to the hostel.

“Karuna what happened?’ asked Supriya. She got furious when her shy and timid friend told her what had happened. They were at the breakfast table and the way she attacked the eggs and porridge bode death or worse for the hapless boy.

“Listen girls we are all going for our morning walk tomorrow” decreed Supriya in a tone that meant business. The rest of the girls all groaned. At 18 years of age, sleep is bliss. Getting up at 5 a.m. is totally unfashionable. But no one had the guts to oppose Supriya.

At the crack of dawn, five young girls dressed in sneakers and jeans exited the gate and got marching. They were sullen and sleepy on the way downhill, but fresh air did wonders and they were smiling on the way back. They even cracked jokes and wondered why they did not do it more often. They quite forgot their reason for this walk. Sure enough, as soon as they were nearing the hostel gates, the boy came swooping down.

Supriya had been waiting for the moment. He came down and stretched out his arm. Supriya side-stepped and pulled his hand down hard. The boy lost balance and tumbled down and so did his entire stock of milk.

The girls did not wait to admire their handiwork. They laughed delightedly and fled to the safety of their hostel. For once they had actually tasted victory against their countless male oppressors.


39 thoughts on “Adam Teasing

  1. Awesome… we need more girls like that!

    we need to learn, understand and that its not our fault when we get molested like that and we need to learn to react and kickass back.

  2. Brilliant!! I think the girls should have done more though 😉 I mean, made the guy really really realise his mistake and make sure he doesnt lift a hand to even touch his own wife without her permission!!

    • Where I live, this is how milk is delivered to most homes …. Folk here are deeply suspicious of poly-bags containing milk – but can handle water dilution. Tell you – humanity is nuts.

  3. Great story! I hope it is real. I have been through such things myself, so I can imagine the hurt and the humiliation. I once grabbed a hand that had “strayed” inside my jacket (I was at a movie theater with friends) and twisted the fingers back with all my might. I didn’t see who that hand belonged to but I sure did hear them scream. Was music to my ears 😀

  4. Super story…the secret fantasy of all women, I’m sure! My friends had once humiliated a guy who made the mistake of brushing up against me in Kodaikanal, we all yelled at him so much, that a crowd of hecklers gathered, and we left the unlucky guy to their mercies 😀

  5. Brings back memories of early teenage when I was too ashamed to share such an experience. This happened hardly 10 m from my home. Last month when I was harrased again metres away from the residence, I called dear hubby for the rescue operation and while he was at it, even I maroed a chance to beat this guy up. Guess, it was the 15 years of sheer torture of such perverts which came cascading down on this one…

  6. Although I am a bot but once I slapped two boys who were teasing some girls in Bhopal in India.I think the role of boys who hate eve teasing is very important to curb eve teasing.

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