Moms and their love lives

I watched this delightful Meg Ryan movie

If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand what comes next ……..

Kid#1 and his wife were out shopping in Delhi.  Kid#2 was watching the movie with me.  I was laughing my guts out at the son, a serious FBI officer who comes home to find that the obese matron that he left a couple of years back had transformed into this hot stuff who sunbathes in a bikini, and proudly says she has learnt from her mistakes.  Now she does not have a relationship … she has many boyfriends.  Ohhh Meg Ryan looked delicious saying that!

Me : Oh my, the son’s expression makes me laugh so much, I could pee.

Kid#2 : You know he is so restrained.  If you did anything like that, the guy would not be alive.

Me : Huh!  Can’t a Mom have a life?

Kid#2 : Sure she can.  We never stop you from leading your life!

Me :!!!???? (Darn I never knew I needed Mr. High and Mighty’s permission.  So I just decided to have some fun)

Me : Suppose I bring a boyfriend home?

Kid#2 : You know, I’d bash the daylights out of him!

Me : (Really twisting the knife now) I had Kid#1 when I was 18 and you eight years later.  Now is the time I can live my life.

Kid#2 : With a nonchalant shrug – You had your chance … too bad.  You’re way too old to have boyfriends

Me : So what?!  Some young types love older women :D.  Or may be I am already dating a nice decent budha 😉

Kid#2 : MUMMMA!!! Behave!

Hyuck Hyuck!  I have a Neanderthal for a younger son!

Torturing my kids really makes my day!  Happy Mother’s Day my darling sons.

Edited to add …………………

My darling Kid#2 is a great poet – apart from being a Neanderthal that is 😉

He wrote me this poem for Mother’s Day

You cradled me when I was little
Even though all I did was whine and piddle
You loved me as I grew up
Even though I shrieked and woke you up

When I was a teen and didn’t hug you
You smiled and said it didn’t bother you
When everything I did was a disaster
Never did your loving hands falter

You never tired of my insanity
Or got angry by my lack of morality
Always you were my lifeline
And my shield when I got out of line

My grades never bothered you
My teenage stupidities didn’t affect you
Your love for me lives on forever and today
So mom, I love you. Happy mothers day!!!

I have entered this post for the Blogadda Mother’s Day Contest


65 thoughts on “Moms and their love lives

  1. sach bolon… was watching that movie yest n thinking if u had to do a post how ouwld it be..n i come here n see what i find 😉 hehehe

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Rhitu. 😀

    btw, my imp loves ur header…calls it the incy wincy spider n flowers = cartoons 🙂

  2. I had loved this movie, we watched it together too! You are an awesome mom Ritu 🙂

    I think it would be awesome if my mom had a boy friend, she is 68. But then she is lady-neanderthal and would be horrified the thought crossed my mind 😉

    • LOL! You know once Mom tried to get me remarried, so she started reading matrimonials for second weddings every Sunday. I told her to start looking for two grooms – One for her too! She was scandilized

  3. Neandethal: Me Not Like!!!! Grrrrrrr

    Lol mm, lovely spin… And yea go live it up… Just dont get a kid home… I will kill him!!! Seriious!!!!
    Love ya
    Happy mothers day
    And check out my poem on fb

  4. hahaha…..a real riot. I love the endearing nicknames you have for your kids. 😛
    I am sure even though it will be difficult for your kids to accept a new man in their mother’s life, if they see that he makes you happy, they will lay out the welcome mat(e).
    loved his little poem.

    • Hehehehe, that’ll be the day. Get a man over and its like “Mom he’s too old/too fat/ too boring”. I need to get a 27 year old over and watch the tamasha

  5. Hhahahaha!!! Hilarious.

    “Me :!!!???? (Darn I never knew I needed Mr. High and Mighty’s permission.”

    Yeah, darn!!!! These kids think we need their permission??1 😉 😛

    I loved IHM’s comment. 🙂

    • Yup! They do and how!!! Need to bring them down a peg or two. You know, I find it cute that he thinks I need protecting. I brought him up single handedly since he was two!!!!!

  6. Hey that was such an awesonme read… took me back to the time when I was really low after my relationship was over and mom tried to cajole me, only to hear from me ‘what do you know about heartbreaks’. It was then when she narrated her prior relationships that I cam eto understand the mom’s have had their lives too, which we as kids might not relate too… but then there existed boyfriends then too like now… being a daughter guess helped me take that without a hitch and in fact has added to the set of ‘looks’ of fun times!
    Awesome read…

    • Yeah! We are Moms, but that is not all. We are women, sexual beings, humans, irascible at times, unreasonably bitchy at times. I for one am tired of the Deification.

      • I for one am tired of the Deification.
        Not a mom yet but I too am tired of hearing stories of tyaag and balidaan from so many I meet.

      • It adds unnecessary pressure – no sacrifice is big enough – and one strives towards perfection. I would rather be real than noble

  7. Ritu, you should have heard the lecture I had to listen to for meeting friends from online! ‘Naive’ was the term being bandied about freely to describe me! *mock sigh*

    • I joined an online group you know a few years back. When I went to meet them for the first time, my kids – all three of them chaperoned me. They took me there, left only when they were sure it was respectable, for a couple of hours and then marched in and took me home. Felt like I was in my teens. Swear!!!

  8. hm… so you used the occassion of mothers day tourchering your boys… seems like u had great fun… infact i had fun too reading this post.
    “So what?! Some young types love older women . Or may be I am already dating a nice decent budha” – this was hilarious!!!

      • Pliss redirect to Kid#2.
        Single female, almost 25 (damn) Has own car (will not hand over car keys though) Believes in going dutch. Only requires nice pomes as gifts(books are also welcome) Hates shopping. Pliss contact through ritu if interested.

  9. Poem… nice, in fact very nice 🙂

    I love this movie and the most amazing scene as per me is when the son is totally flabbergasted on seeing his mom in a bikini sunbathing!

  10. Happiness always to you Ritu, simply loved the movie. I saw it some days back on TV with Adi. You sure have given me important tips to raise two boys. lovely post.

  11. 😀
    that movie was hilarious and Meg Ryan is stunning in the movie and Antonio Banderas is gorgeous as usual!

    The poem is beautiful…

  12. Lovely post Ritu! and the discussion is hilarious 🙂
    Loved the little poem your son has written for you..

    I always leave here with a smile 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  13. Why does he want to bash up the boyfriend?

    He could just take the boyfriend’s car for a drive and bang that up too.

    Now that’s fun! 😉

  14. Liked the movie, just never once realized that would be reading about a reenactment in the blogworld. 😀
    your boys are cute and you are one rocking mom m/

  15. Hey! Gr8 Sonny – Mommy duo !!!! Luv ya.
    Enjoy Life the way u are doing…. Collect lots of frns N accolades.

  16. DoesK know that in return for his beeutiful poem Kewl Momma calls him a neanderthal? MIllion bucks to see the expression on his face! KODAK moment…:D
    WOw..I was ROTFLing on the floor..Know what Ritu Di..Hope my son and I share the rapport that youll do..Such a lovely life that should be..OSUM ..U rock!!

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