The many forms of nostalgia

Food! Yes big foodie that I am, for me food is associated with happiness, security, comfort, and at times even with sickness. Its surprising that I am not as huge as an elephant!

Childhood was spent in various pursuits – the most memorable one being raiding Mom’s larder for atta laddoos and besan burfi. My kids have never eaten Maa key haath ka atta laddoo! Our neighbouring halwai makes them so much better. I do make besan burfi – but kids dont like it, and I end up scarfing the whole lot – not so good!

I would also join the neighborhood gang of young hooligans and go on raids to rob all fruit trees of their raw fruit. It got to the point when kala namak(black salt), salt, chaat masala and lal mirch(red chilli powder) was kept under lock and key, so that we kids did not overdo it. Never worked heh! Ahh the taste of raw imli(tamarind), kamrak(starfruit), raw guavas, shehtoot(mulberries) straight from the trees! Its the taste and aroma of childhood. Of course we were chased, beaten, had dogs set upon us but we soldiered on undeterred.

Some commercials I remember from those “good old days” and these are in print!

Thank you Utube

Not as way back as my childhood … when we did not have TV but these are still old! One ad that I remember but cant find is Vijaya Butter – the ad was awesome Gimme Gimme Gimme Vijaya Butter, On my toast gimme the most, Vijaya Butter! Does any one have a link to that ad? Here is Humara Bajaj

Doodh Doodh Doodh

And of course The Zing Thing … Gold Spot! I had forgotten all about it until I found it on You Tube looking for Vijaya Butter

Some products I would love to see again

1. Modern Bread and Nandi Bread. Modern Bread used to be softer than Brittania which I hate. It was soft and moist and Brittania tasted like cardboard. Nandi Bread was my first modeling assignment as a baby who had just lost her front teeth and had to bite into the slice and smile. I still remember the pics taken but cant find them, try as I may. Sigh! Wish we had net those days.

2. Parle Goblins : They were not toffees, nor were they chewing gums. They were squarish pieces, pink in color which were a bit of both, individually wrapped. They tasted of fruit flavors if I remember it correctly.

3. Cigarette candy sticks : I dont know where these went either. I suspect its not politically correct to manufacture them now. They were white, chalky and had red tips. I found this pic on the net

Banta lemon – This has made a surprising revival. I never saw any of these drinks in the 1990s and thought they had perished with time. But this is still going strong as of now! Apparently the Japanese have a similar soft drink bottle (inspired by our homely banta?)

And Lalitaji – Surf ki khareedari mein hi samajhdaari hai!

The TV Serials …… Oooh! They were such fun, given that normally Doordarshan was so staid. We waited for Friday when Doordarshan discovered some sense of humor.

Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi … Wonder where Swaroop Sampat went? This was, if I am not mistaken, Satish Shah’s first entry into the world of TV

Malgudi Days

Karam Chand

Wagle Ki Duniya

The solemn ones were there too, Tamas, Hum Log, Rajni

Will sign off with this one


38 thoughts on “The many forms of nostalgia

  1. Wooohoooo, what a super duper post. LOVED the old ads.. gosh its been AGES since I saw that Goldspot ad πŸ™‚ (and cigarette candy). Thanks Ritu for this lovely nostalgic trip πŸ™‚

  2. Amazing trip down memory lane!

    Even in that age I had this thing for the Gold Spot girls. Gosh they were cute!

    Great trip down memory lane Ritu! Thanks a tonne!

  3. You can still get the sweet cigarettes. Go to a local kirana store and you’ll find them. Banta has never gone out of fashion. At least not in North Campus where I’ve lived my entire life. Summers were synonymous with Banta πŸ™‚

    • Banta can even be found in Malls. You know, in the nineties … they kind of disappeared for a while – but they’re back and how. Ciggys I havent seen – must try

  4. Oh ritu, ur post made me nostalgic once again. . The taste of ripe imlis, jamun . . Mouth watering. . And shows like Wagle Ki Dunia, Reporter, Mitti ke rang, Junoon, Dekh bhai dekh, Tehkikat, etc were so popular in those days. . And yes i just love atta laddoos,though have not had them since ages.

    • Dekh Bhai Dekh …. I have the whole series on a spare hard disk! And that Pakistani serial Dhoop Kinarey. I love them both, and watch them when I feel like escaping

      • I seriously believe it is a very important part of Indianhood to watch Dhoop Kinarey. The first thing Im told (upon discovering that Im Pakistani) is how much they love Dhoop Kinarey (and Bakra Qisto Pey). And the ubiquitous Dream of the United South Asia Cricket Team.

  5. it was a very sad day for me when i read about the bajaj scooters being scrapped…the bajaj scootie ad started my love affair with all things Indian and I would have loved to share it with arhaan (this and your kid having the accident kind of ruined his chances having a two wheeler!!)

    • Poor Arhan! I drove a two wheeler for a long time, but somehow never allowed both the boys to drive them. Now my elder one says, he’ll buy a motor cycle when he starts earning. MEN GAAH!!!

  6. Ritu,
    that was a time travel to good old days.
    i even recollect advertisement of Ria sabun-yeh do khusbuon me milata hai -ek nimbu ria aur ek gulab ria. Tina munim used to be the actor.
    do you remember “biwi natiyon wali ?” ,”hum log”
    “aur bhi hain rahen”?
    you know what ? I used to read the print ads with great interest , even the fine prints did not deter me from reading . It was such a fun.

  7. I loved the ‘jab mein chota bachcha tha’ ad! And what about ‘Roz khao ande, sunday ho ya monday’ πŸ™‚

    When we were kids once there were prizes to be won if one found some number (or something) inside the Golf Spot/Fanta cap – and we had collected a hundred of these caps!

    Imli, mainly Imli leaves and Shehtoot I have eaten a lot! For some reason a ladder was kept standing on a shehtoot branch and I sat on it and read and ate πŸ™‚

  8. will try to get the vijaya butter ad for you . very heartwarming post. you know Ritu in summers when the electricity wud go we slept on the terrace as kids and dad said imagine you are radio station and I wud happily recite all the ads etc. It was fun.
    I remember the bobby sabun ad , sun miriye billo bobby panj rupaye killo πŸ™‚
    and the Rajni serial
    loved the ads you have collected .. thanks for this nostalgia

  9. Ooh, I remember some of these too. I loved Gold spot and Torino! Aah, no Fanta or Mirinda matches the taste. And the cigarette candy! I’d get twenty of those for a rupee and eat them all week πŸ™‚

  10. Hey, you sure are on one nostalgic trip Ritu. I still remember Swaroop Sampat and Ye jo hai zindagi. Dekh Bhai Dekh is still my favorite.
    Ahh all these ads bring back memories! πŸ™‚

  11. Nice trip down memory lane.. brings back a lot of precious childhood memories!!
    There was also ‘Darpan’ on DD – short stories; i still remember of couple of them..

  12. Can I first request – please change your blog template…preferably with a white/light background and maybe a bit broader ? It will enhance the reading pleasure.

    The nostalgia somehow also reminds me that I ve grown old ! It seems so far away and while thinking of so far away…more memories flood back in…sometimes too much to handle…but yes those were the wonder years in some sense…till cable connected and wiped out simplicity from Indian television !

  13. Yeah was getting a bit bored with the green, let me see. Broader? Dunno – let me check that up too

    Yeah we have grown old, but then someone said 50s is the new thirties and it is in my interest to go with that statement. That makes me barely middle aged heh? Those were the wonder years, simple, and very home brewed. Cable has brought in the slickness and sophistication but wiped out the earnestness and simplicity.

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