Adraki Chai Ka Kamaal

Ingredients : Bloggers who do not know each other, do not live in the same time line, have not met even, perhaps not even followed each other’s blog

Method : Throw them together on a Thursday and challenge them to come up with a skit which is entertaining. Deadline for the skit …. Sunday.

Difficulty : Medium

*Murphy’s Law at work : Two team members AWOL

Perks : Fun galore, wild imagination, laughter and camraderie

So this is the Adraki Chai we brewed

SKIT TITLE: Ginger Chai Ka Kamaal

Tagline: Told in Blue Ink

PLOT: Members of THE BLUE INK SOCIETY participate in the Ginger Chai brewing contest the prize for which is a priceless and beautiful necklace fitted with varied blue gems! Meanwhile two of the members have been KIDNAPPED!!

Read the rest here …….

*Murphy’s Law states “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong”

Thanks Cafe Ginger Chai, it was a fun experience


19 thoughts on “Adraki Chai Ka Kamaal

  1. your writings are compelling ….i look away from them for a while but then get back to them when fursat mein …surely compelling is the operative word here!

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