You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Every once in a while, either me or some other female that I know mourns the fact that we are ill treated. I dont know about other females, but I am absolutely sure that I would not want me to be a man. I mean, in this day and age, being a woman is something that is so wonderful. I can live the life I choose, marry – unmarry …. but I am so free. Plus I get a huge kick from the fact that I can earn my keep, drive, pursue a hobby and give birth to kids. That makes me feel strong and superior.

But to women who still doubt the fact that we truly have improved a lot I offer these ads ….

These ads are not too old – they are just ads from the 50s and 60s, but we have evolved. If any ad agency created these today, it would be out of business! We women are the biggest shoppers, and we drive market trends. We would boycott the product and the agency too.

Now are we doormats or prey to be hunted?

A doormat or a prey to be hunted?

Everything in this ad screams paedophilia

Talking about kinky, here is another

and another

It seems that men thought that they were masters whereas their spouses were slaves … or perhaps men and women thought that way

I dont think I would buy that darn Kenwood Chef ever! And I love to cook!! Think of the ladies who dont like to cook, they would boo it out of the market!! On this point, I hate the Prestige ad too – Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar …. my way of thinking says, darn, if he loves his wife, why doesnt he pitch in with making dinner twice a week at least?

See how popular perceptions have changed through time? We have come a long way baby! We arent where we want us to be but we are getting there!

Talking about ads in the 50’s and 60’s, here are a few that are so idiotic that one can only shake one’s head and wonder

The world has truly changed. Thank God its 2010, not 1960!


38 thoughts on “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

  1. Advertising reflects the age and mood of the generation it is targeting. Any bike ad, all the deo ads today, the fair n lovely ads etc are all sexist. Most have such subtlety that people don’t realize. Sexism still exists, just knows how to hide better.
    Such is the power of it that I have written ads that I’ve looked at later and surprised myself for thinking of such a thing. The TV ad I wrote for Hero Honda Glamour was born out of an idea but was the most misogynist ad I could have ever written. That’s the problem. It is so deeply ingrained in our consciousness that it seems difficult for even the most hardened feminists to spot it.

  2. Thank god advertising has changed…else we would have had hate groups popping all over facebook.
    Advertising always reflected how society was…even now If you see any commercial for washing powder..
    you will still see women in the ads. Anything to do with housework and women are the main characters in the ads.

    It surely is sexist..but the truth remains that this is the way society is now. Twenty years down the line..we will scoff at these ads too.

  3. these cannot be for real.gosh, which era are we talking about!! this surely was a very innovative way of showing the progress.. good one Ritu..

  4. Yes Ritu! Glad that times have changed for the better and ‘I am absolutely sure that I would not want me to be a man’ for all the very reasons that you’ve mentioned!

  5. Interesting….
    It just shows how far we have come.
    I’ve seen some of those ads before in old movies etc and also at school when learning about sexism. 😐

  6. I had never seen these ads before, I can’t pick one to comment on, each of these have one or the other disturbing thought. I agree with LP and Gyan, how much have we actually changed as far our mind sets go is what actually matters.

  7. wow!! that soda ad really did me in!! What a fantastic way to make a point Ritu! Loved it! And yes.. thank god for small mercies. and hopefully, our children will cringe at the Fair and Lovely ads..

    • Or my pet peeve – the Prestige one. I’d rather the man made his wife a meal, rather than buy her a cooker! Hmmm actually he should buy the cooker and then make a meal

  8. What an excellent collection of old ads. That Kenwood thing really got on my nerves though. I wonder what they were thinking. If WOMEN were the TARGET AUDIENCE for that ad, what sort of reaction were they expecting??? Bah!!! And the Soda ads.. scared me a little 🙂

  9. OMG!! Unbelievable!! I can’t believe the spanking ad! Or the Kenwood one or the one asking if is it always illegal to kill one’s wife! Thanks for this post Ritu! I had seen none of these horrifying ads… although we still have a long way to go, we sure have come a long way!

    • They shocked me at first … and then had me laughing. I just thought of the fate of any manufacturer and advertiser who dared put this up today. Yep, we’ve come a long way

  10. There is a man in Bihar and another in Gujranwala saying Hain? what long way? same to same in my life, Finally and ad about my kind of people!!

    Do you think the baby in the Coke ad inspired the toddler in Indonesia who smokes 40 cigarettes a day, apparently you CAN never start too soon!!

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