This short story has been included in an anthology called Ripples

The Link to Ripples in Facebook


60 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Wow! that was a very powerful story, very different from the ones I have recently read.
    Beautiful use of the prompt Ritu 🙂

    Best wishes for the contest!!

  2. Such a different angle gievn to the subject! Wonderful job again Ritu Di..Am amazed at the vivid descriptions in the story..Short & sweet yet bringing the painter’s hidden escapades before our eyes..Applause all the way! All the best for BAT

  3. wow i was taken aback for a moment compeletly agree with tiku when she said weaver is back…

    so far the best response to the prompt amongst the ones that i have read


  4. Amazing story-a very different take on the topic,very powerful and equally profound.
    You have my vote for sure !!

  5. Hello!

    You’re an awesome story-teller! The narration is so smooth and free from jargons! A simple story completely justifying the plot! To narrate this sort of crime driven by passion, one has to carefully choose the words without making it look vulgar and you’ve done a fantastic job! Not once did I feel the ‘over-the-rooftop-effect’. Glad to have meandered in! 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, this one is a strong contender and I mean it 🙂 Good luck with BATOM! 🙂

    • Thank you Scribbling Gal. These words of yours on your blog impress me a lot

      Writing is my passion.
      It is my means of expression.
      It is a way to retain sanity.
      And it is the best talent I seem to possess!

    • I am quite a scaredypoke you know … cant watch a horror film – but can’t resist it either. It scares me, repulses me and fascinates me. The day I can write something that makes other people feel like that … I think I’ll have succeeded in writing fiction

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