12 commandments to change the world

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This world is an imperfect place. There are so many things that can be improved and yet …. on the other hand I feel that this world with all its imperfections is a beautiful place too. Perhaps it is lovely because of its imperfections. Much like a mole or a slightly crooked tooth can enhance the smile of a youthful face, imperfections make us appreciate the vast grandeur of the world we live in. However there are some things that are plain ugly.

If I were Blogger Almighty, what would I do about them? My commandments would be quite different from the ten commandments that Noah had engraved on stone.

My grandmother once observed that we can judge a person by the way he or she talks to someone less fortunate than them. It reflects not only good breeding but also immense stature in character of the person who is kind to someone without an ulterior motive.

One of the main problems that I see in our country is that we are a nation of temple builders. We give freely to God’s overfilled coffers and we spare very little for the poor and needy. This is really pathetic. If we gave as freely to the orphans, the handicapped and the poor, we all could move forward as a nation.

I do not think this needs elaboration. There are bullies who would kick a lame dog, there are snake charmers who defang snakes and even stitch their mouths and use those poor tortured snakes to earn money. We have all seen horrifying images of cows that have eaten poly-bags which have then blocked their intestines. All animals are also God’s creatures and need to be respected and nurtured as such.

Have you noticed a change that has come over the world we live in? This world has become increasingly intolerant. We thrive on hate, we live in deep suspicion of people who have a different colored skin, different faith, different ethnic background than ourselves. We are limited by and bound by our narrow definitions of who we are. This I feel is our failure as human beings. As Blogger Almighty I would like to say

If only we do this, half the wars that we fight with our fellow humans would be over.

Ageism is a pressing problem that needs to be handled. Of course it is not fashionable to discuss it, but age based bullying is a very strong social evil. Take the problem of paedophilia for instance … it is horrible and shameful. We have no right to rob the security and innocence of our children. More so, we must not stand and watch someone else bully or abuse our children

Another issue related to ageism is discrimination against older people. Modern society is youth based. Unfortunately with increasingly good health care and rise of living standards, the average lifespan of human beings has increased. This has led to a world that is greying. The elderly have experience, wisdom and strength to work …. but people are reluctant to employ them.

Another social inequality is of course gender discrimination. Yes it is an over discussed issue, but no matter how much we discuss it, women are discriminated against. They do not have the same power and authority that men enjoy. Sadly even in the west, where women have more freedom than Asian countries, women complain of the ‘glass ceiling”.

This is a sweeping commandment which of course can be interpreted broadly. However I would like to emphasize it further

This needs to be added, women suffer mental, emotional, sexual and physical abuse in the hands of men since they are biologically weaker.

All these social groups, the weak, the poor, the helpless have been marginalized in the society. We have a social responsibility towards them So comes the 9th commandment

If we successfully do this, we can do a lot to help them integrate into the mainstream. These people can become assets to us and our society.

Justice is something that is inherent in our psyche. Even as children we have a strong feeling of what is right and what is not. It is known as conscience or moral sense. Yes, it is something that is so fundamental, but isn’t it surprising that we normally suppress it? We do so many things in life, in pursuit of success, power and money by neglecting this valuable sense of justice.

If we do this we shall never do something that goes against natural laws.

Our Earth, the planet we live on is in trouble. Discussing our beloved planet would be the subject of another post … but when talking about 12 commandments that would change our world, we simply can not ignore the world that we are to change. So here are my last two commandments ….

and the last commandment

You know, there is nothing new in these commandments. All of us know them, and would agree that these are rules one must follow. But still, these get neglected. The only way to get by is to “be the change we want to see.” If each one of us does our little bit, the world will have changed.

Ritu the Almighty Blogger

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24 thoughts on “12 commandments to change the world

  1. Didi, you always stand unique..

    A very smart post and very well said, this world with all its imperfections is a beautiful place.. πŸ™‚

    All the best teamie di.. πŸ™‚

  2. An amazing post. Loved each one of your points and what you said about suppressing our own sense of justice!! Gosh it’s so true, that is all we need for guidance. It’s difficult to cheat oneself.

    Tweeting it!

  3. Hey Ritu Di..Youare one conscientous Blogger Almighty..who definitely has the promotion of social causes foremost on the agenda. Very neat presentation too..
    If every Indian citizen abides by even one of these 12 cpmmandments I will consider one’s duty done towards humanity!!
    OSUM post..
    ATB for BPL Super 5
    I truly see a winner in you!
    BIS rulesss πŸ˜€

  4. All the commandments that you have written make complete sense. Especially the one which talks about being kind to animals. Nice post Ritu. Wish we could really make people follow these commandments.

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