The Cost of Denial (Drug Abuse)

Oh, he is just normal teenager, experimenting

He’s just rebelling, he will settle down soon

He is a good kid, his company’s bad

Its just a little pot and alcohol

Then the cops called, he’d killed and stolen to feed his habit. In panic they rushed to help him, but it was too late.


21 thoughts on “The Cost of Denial (Drug Abuse)

  1. It just makes them feel that they can be better somehow. That’s what we all want, but their way is probably not the most redemptive.
    I’m glad you didn’t choose smoking or drinking. Far too many people treat both of those as whipping posts too.

  2. and so it all begins .. OUR fault at first place not stopping.. when they took a little pot.. a little experimenting … REALLY sad for parents who have to go through this and sorry for the young people who are spoiling there life and youth over such silly things .. god give them the strength to get out of this catch 22 situation …

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