A 3rd of July post

Should I do a standard mushy Momma post (which my son you will laugh at) or should I do a Ritu-style post?  Aaargh! Decisions, decisions!!!

Every one that comes into your life comes for a reason, a season or a lifetime as the common proverb goes.  And of course we have this age old saying that “Your son is your enemy from a previous life”. My maternal grandmother said this just as I was cleaning your elder brother’s poop the day I brought him home from the nursing home.  The timing was impeccable, it had every one in splits, even me!  It made sense to me, and if this is true, I think my beloved enemy, the scores have evened out.  What I am trying to say, in my own muddled and inept way, is that “Son I love you”

I remember you as a baby – and for a long time I never saw that you’d grown up.  Yeah, blind as a bat your Mom is!  Thing is that you came into my life when nothing much was working for me.  It was a difficult phase and you were like a balm to my soul.  It is nice to have the whole hearted love and trust of another human being in the middle of all the hate and politics ~ even a baby’s I guess.  So batty me clung on to it.

I must admit that caring for you was quite a job!  Lactose intolerance which led to calcium deficiency and easily fractured bones ensured that.  But you were resourceful.  You would walk off with the arm in cast and bash up all the bullies to settle scores.  The rock hard cast packed a wallop and you were thrilled to be the strongest for a while!  Very enterprising of you,  I must say!  Though it got a bit much for me – and I demanded a season’s discount from your orthopedist.  LOL, I’ll never forget his reaction to that demand.

You keep accusing me of mollycoddling you.  Well I did not, all I did was ensure that you don’t break all your bones, fragile as you were.  Not that you listened to me.  You did as you pleased ~~~, and it is quite the tradition.  None of us did anything that did not suit us, so its okay.

You had lovely baby hair, it was golden brown.  That with your light brown eyes made me kind of sad, or rather wistful.  I’d keep wishing that you were a girl.  Dont get angry, we all thought that it was a waste of a chick!  But you are contrary to the core.  The hair darkened to the dark chestnut, eyes darkened too, and you grew into a tall and handsome young man – quite the lady killer!!!

Son, I like the way you’ve grown up.  People may say that you’re spoilt to the core, people may say anything.  Don’t let it get you down.  You have a loving heart, a wise old soul and are very family oriented.  Those are admirable qualities.  I have heard you say it time and again to friends both male and female “My family comes first”.  Yes, you are growing up alright and we love you right back, me, your Bhai and Bhabi.

Another thing – you can take your punishment in your stride.  You have easily adapted to three wheelers and buses, and have not sulked at all.  That is great.

Just one request today, when you’re turning 20 ~ Darn where does time fly!  You’re twenty today

Yeah just one request ~ learn to drive and stay away from my phone.  I really miss my Iphone – the one whose screen stopped working after you used it!  And the car …..

Just saying 😛

Happy Birthday Kid#2


43 thoughts on “A 3rd of July post

  1. Not the first time on your blog but this one is definitely the first time I’m commenting.
    And after going through this post it’s safe to conclude that you must make one hell of a cool mom. :))
    A Happy birthday from me to your son! :))

  2. LOL,thats one of the sweetest posts I’ve read in a while, Ritu. A very happy B’day to your kid#2 🙂

    You demanded a season’s discount to his orthopedist.. ROFL,Ritu..my mom can relate very well to that statement,thanks to my kid-brother 😆

  3. Ritu bhen A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SON.. MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY… excelelnt post .. oh never mind about the phone .. get a new one stop whinning , its jsut a phone .. let the kid have some fun he did not do it deliberatley … You will not bveleibe when i tell you what all I have been doing and done ot my parents … 20 year old ky baat hai munda jawaan ho gaya balle balle… Bhangra time … send him over ot UK for a holiday to me I will teach him so many things you will stop talking to me he heheheeh 🙂

    One thing though.. whats his name 🙂

  4. Haha, yes a typical Ritu-style post! 🙂 Happy Birthday to Kid #2! The youngest of my brothers is 21 now … I keep wondering where the gummy-mouthed bald-headed baby I knew disappeared to 😦

  5. Thats a lovely, heart warming post, Ritu. I am all tears now…sob…sob…

    How you have started loving the enemy of your previous life !!! We all do, as mothers, na ???

    But you made sure to bring a smile to everyone’s lips, as we were nearing the ending, by mentioning to your son, not to touch that phone !! LOL !! So sweet !! Its just the way of talking – right – while telling to be careful and telling I love you, we also tell not to touch the phone, at the same tone and speed.

    Whether its a mushy post or Ritu style post, its all so lovely lovely. 🙂

    A VERY HAPPY BDAY TO YOUR SON !!! God bless him !!! 🙂

    • We mothers end up loving them, even when they ruin our figures, bite us while feeding and make us clean their poop! Yeah, total revenge they take and with such love

  6. U had me crying there 🙂 what a heartwarming post… kid2 ur mumma surely does love her enemy 😉

    happy birthday to him and wishing him happiness always

  7. Mom, lovely post!!! Thanks a lot… love you…. You say Ive grown up??? All I did was stop having you clean up my poop. Nuttin else!!! Damn you’re just bein nice innit. And in the first pic, its nanu, bhai and is that dad??
    Thanks everyone for the wishes and love. And ma, I aint gonna use a car for a long long time. But cant say much about the phone. Long distance friends and all.
    Love you ma, and love all you folks for wishing me
    Neanderthal out!!! :))

    • Yeah, that is your Nanu holding you up, Bhai is sitting on a chair watching TV and your Dad is sitting on the floor. His style of sitting is so much like your Bhai’s isn’t it?

      Dont kill my blackberry too, Puhleeees Kiddo!

      LOL at the Neanderthal 😛

  8. A very Happy Birthday to Neanderthal, err kid # 2 🙂 Best wishes for the iPhone 🙂
    This was such a touching post Ritu… !

    LOL @ “You did as you pleased ~~~, and it is quite the tradition. None of us did anything that did not suit us, so its okay.”

    You are an awesome mom! 🙂

    • I swapped the Iphone for a Blackberry Bold, IHM. My son and the delicate touch screen just can’t get along! Thanks for the wishes. Yeah, all three of us are headstrong and march to our own drummer. I cant stop them from doing what I do myself can I? Thanks for your wishes

  9. Belated wishes to the absolutely delightful Neanderthal!
    (My younger son is a few months older than him)
    Rocking sons have rocking moms:)
    *Hugs the proud Ritu Mom*

    • He took it ….. and he wrecked it! Any way I swapped it for a blackberry bold. Nothing much happens to wreck a BB …. so I am told – but it has to yet pass the Neanderthal(Kid#2) test

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