What’s Motherhood Like?

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I wrote this poem when I was barely more than a child myself and I had my first son …. it does not rhyme ….. but I would not change the words for anything in this world

Sometimes it’s that back pain
Those countless sleepless nights
Sometimes its sore nipples
And stitches in sensitive places

Sometimes its weight gain and dark circles
Of course its poopy diapers, smell of sour milk
It’s a dusty messy home, toys and feeders scattered
Its uncooked dinners, and a sink full of dishes

And then there are tears, sometimes the baby’s
But very often it’s me who is crying
But when I look at him, my heart bursts
I’m sure it will splatter around this messy room

I love him, more than anything, anyone
Sometimes motherhood is sheer joy
Sometimes it’s a milk soaked night shirt
Which I have to change in the middle of the night


36 thoughts on “What’s Motherhood Like?

  1. Hi Ritu, That is such touching line you have written, reading this all the memories came flooding back about all that you have written here which I am sure every mother goes through and you are right all the pain and the uneasiness and crying at the drop of a hat vanishes when you see the face of your darling child.

  2. Awww!!! Hugs to that little mother … a little late, but she is still there in you Ritu, loved this!!! I can so relate to the milk soaked night shirts and messy, dusty rooms…. those were such mad, mad days!!!

  3. That was so touching!! Just finished reading ‘weight of heaven’ today and here comes your moving poem… what can I say.. touched beyond what words can describe! Your kids are so very lucky to have you as their Mom 🙂

  4. WOW !! So beautiful !!! Apt words to describe motherhood…plz dont even think of rhyming any words…it rhymes perfectly with motherhood !!! 🙂

    That pic is so wonderful !! 🙂 So cute. 🙂

    Took me back to those days of crying and smiling at the same time !!! Thanks for making me nostalgic. 🙂

  5. Ritu .. this is one of your finest poems so far. I know poets will call it amateurish but for me it simply is the sweetest verse straight from the new mom’s heart.
    The pic is heart stealer :p

    • Thanks Tiku! I am not a poet, I leave that to the really sensitive and emotional folk. But this was written a long time ago ….. when I was that emotional and sensitive. Now I’ve mellowed down

  6. That’s such a cute picture to go with the emotions of a mum wonderfully expressed in that beautiful poem 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this personal piece of your private life and fond memories 🙂


  7. Oh you shouldn’t change a word of it. It’s straight from the heart. And it actually made me nostalgic for those sleepless, painful days n nights which just merged into each other-and I would gaze at my baby and love every moment of it.

    • Yeah, that is the funny thing! We actually do feel nostalgic – and forget the tiredness, pain and sleeplessness! Motherhood is truly strange – we forget the negatives for the wonderful feeling of having that baby for ourselves

  8. Well can i have a laugh at this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    but i bet it was the best thing to happen .. the little guy looks handsome in the pic… 🙂

    • That little guy is truly handsome and he knows it! Go ahead and laugh, I do too – but I do it in a kind affectionate way – since this was me, a much younger me!

  9. wow
    straight from heart feelings
    u got the essence of a mother
    reminded me of my days when my kids were young and I used to wonder when they will grow up so that I could have a nice uninterrupted sleep
    but those were the days

  10. Aaah Ritu Di, such lovely words right from the heart that all would ignore the not-rhyming bit and soak in the emotions. I could relate to each and every word. God Bless you, Ritu Di you have endured a lot at such a young age and yet the love never stopped flowing, did it?
    Congratulations to the BlogAdda Pick! This mum does deserve all the love from us fellow bloggers..Mwahs n hugs

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