Sexism and Sports Part 2

I don’t know about any one else but I am appalled by the recent scandal in Indian Hockey. Apparently coach Kaushik was under the impression that the entire team was his harem and he was at liberty to proposition them, molest them, use them for his pleasure as it suited him. We have been hearing time and again of the sorry state of affairs in national sports – what with players being made to wash the floors of the officials rooms, fetching water in pails for the coach etc etc, and the blatant disregard that the officials and the Sports Ministry treat these rumors with. Sports Authority of India has appointed a coterie of its own flunkies to examine the charge. Its a bloody joke!

I am not a political person. Heck I dont know the rights and wrongs of the matter at all, but I feel that the officials exist only because there are people willing to play and win matches. The sad thing is that most of these athletes come from rural and weaker economic backgrounds and they don’t speak up. If they do, their career is over, thanks to these very officials.

In Ahmedabad, another coach of the SAI Centre at Gandhinagar threw out 11 tribal girls who were from rural areas and did not know anything apart from hockey, without any explanation or even informing their school and parents This was just a day after the sexual harassment case being headlined. As usual the coach and the Sports Authority of India are unavailable to answer to allegations.

You know what I think? I think the Sports Ministry and the officials think they can do what they please. They treat simple courtesy, humanity, law, media and such like things as jokes.

Sports is all about nationalism, discipline and pride for the country. This has been badly subverted.

All this is happening just as the Commonwealth Games are about to begin. I only hope our country does not fall flat on its face – in spite of the officials going out of their way to ensure that it does.


15 thoughts on “Sexism and Sports Part 2

  1. This news appalled me too…what are these Sports Authority thinking – that they can do anything and get away with it, huh ??? But they are shameless, I tell you. To see such a news is embarrassing for me, but these guys they just go on to take advantage of the women from the rural areas, for granted. Do whatever and discard them….its such a sad state and a one that needs to be corrected immediately.

  2. sad commentary indeed!
    the stadia built for the cwg are falling apart before the games have begun!
    there is also talk of hrirng a blimp for 3 hrs costing 40crores, for the opening ceremony!
    common wealth indeed!

    • I agree @magiceye. They are evicting the beggars, the migrant labor and vendors. Its going to be Delhi beautiful …. but the cost!!! I dont know about the shoddy workmanship, but it does not surprise me

  3. There was a recent comment by a sportsman saying India cannot qualify for the world cup in the next hundred year. Looking at the way our Sports bodies function it’s just amazing that we qualify for any of the games. And then we are paying this whole bunch of officials are being payed out of our taxes!!

    • The officials should also be linked to performances. Unless that happens, we wont be able to take a step further. If coaches can be sacked, players can be sacked, why not the officials?

  4. Sports in India are run by primitive standards. Today a voice is raised against the appalling activities practiced in the national game of the country, one wonders what would be the state in other games. 😦
    Really disgusting!

    • I remember hearing once about spiked water to eliminate a competitor and of course the famous broken glass in Ashwini Nachhappa’s shoes. I have heard of cases similar to the sexual harassment case in headlines right now. Its pathetic

  5. Very sad state of affairs… 😐
    Now, with this scandal out, even the weight lifting team have come out with their story!
    It’s so sad…

  6. well this has bee nthere for ages, its just coming out now cause people are speaking.. Otherwise this has been happening and its not just sexism a lot more is involved , corruption foremost
    HAve eperienced First hand .. Cant go to pay junior india cause Dad wud not pay 20K Rs. at that time and the coach wont select those who did not pay .. hence had ot wait a year to get a chance …

    and offcoure have to BUy things from Who they say to buy from …

    its a big fiddle .. I do wish the games go lollipop because MAYBE then MAYBE things will change.. but then on other hand the Hockey Fiasco did nothing the same people are still at the helm..
    ch ch ch ch MERA bharat mahaan

    HAlf the team that comes here to uk for KABADDI competition has bribed the coaches cause once they r here they elope never to return to india…

    MONEY MONEY MONEY is Honey honey

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