CWG : Crores in my Wallet and Ghar

Jim Carrey commented on Tiger Woods’ countless affairs that came out of the woodwork – he noted that if a husband is philandering to the extent that Tiger Woods appeared to have been, his wife would have had some sort an inkling.

By the same logic, if there was a scam of such a huge scale, it seems impossible that the Delhi Government and the Sports Ministry had no clue about it.  And the mild response of our Government in power – I don’t know, it reminds me of my Mom trying to protect my younger brother from getting a completely justified bashing from me or a punishment from my Papa.   Its as though they are saying “Shush, stop making such a racket.  Kalmadi has been a bad naughty boy and will get his ears boxed soon.  Let the games happen, baad mein sab kuch karenge”.  My question ……. Kya karogey Bhai?  Are you hoping that the furore dies down, we have a rocking Games based on total jugaad and the public forgets?

Ma always said ” Shant ho jao, varna Papa ko yaad aa jayega aur bahut marenge”.  I see the same look in our netas eyes.  Puhlees, we have about sau crore abaaadi, and there is no one suitable who can take over from Mr. Kalmadi and company?  Don’t insult our intelligence.

I am peeved!  Its my money ….. makes me feel like not paying taxes at all.  Godji, I am sorry, but I feel like the CWG has not only made a chu@#$ya of the Government (i.e. unless the Govt netas also had a cut in the booty)  but also of us, the tax paying public.  Or – given the stupid way they forged documents and drew out contracts, they actually thought they were dealing with a nation of morons.  Such amateurs!   No wonder they got caught.  I do wonder how the smarter and more intelligent folk who have their hands in the galla(till)  go about it!   These morons diverted 750,000 crores, how much money must the uncaught intelligent ones have diverted.  Where have they diverted it to?  Can I go with a bag there and collect some?

Sorry Godji, I will do penance for this immoral thought, but it is sooooo tempting

Its okay to be moralistic and bemoan our national pride being flushed down the gutter.  I think all of us do feel – in our own way – our collective shame.

But (since I have an evil but practical mind) I do wish I had not educated my sons for the careers they have chosen …. I wish I had sent them into sarkari naukris, in positions where they had the opportunity to make such money.  Then I would have been justified in saying CWG ka matlab hai : Crores in my Wallet and Ghar


19 thoughts on “CWG : Crores in my Wallet and Ghar

  1. We should have no delusional thoughts in our heads.. The games WILL be a failure…
    I mean just look at our stadiums for god sakes!! Water seeping, walls crumbling all jugadu kaam…

    I also heard that the IOC is going to bid for asian games!! what a joke!

    • Pammy I hope we are not allowed to bid for any other games. The prices have skyrocketed and we can’t afford the burden. On the top of that, these guys have robbed us.

  2. The CWG has not made a ch***ya of the govt., they both have made ch***yas of the public, like always…I mean, these people have no pride…The same people get psyched when a foreigner makes a negative comment about Indian and/or the govt. …

  3. Hi this is Kid#1
    What exactly do you have to do to get in the CWG committee. I swear people I wont steal hundreds of crores, just about 2 crores that way I wont even get caught.
    Sincerly Looking for answers so please reply.

  4. Really bad…everytime something likes this happens…everyone shouts and the Govt protects them and after some days all these are forgotten…or may be a new one crops up…

    How can we, as a country ever grow, when all the time our taxes go down the drain into the pockets of these swindlers ???

    LOL @ new definition for CWG !!! 🙂

  5. Sheila knows it and all higher ups knows it. Things will be tried best to be buried. Enquiry committees set up that will lead nowhere. Games will end. The cosmetic finishes of the infrastructure will cave in. Tax payers money goes into drain and pockets.

    Aam admi will finally forget everything in a while. It happens in India!

    • The ruling Government is dragging its feet so that some other sensational khabar comes and news channels start covering that, and CWG news can be safely thrown into the waste basket

  6. Everyone is involved.. thats the worst part about the whole fiasco.. the very few people who probably are not involved yet.. are the ones who will soon get rich and involved.. And it happens every single time.. U saw it in the IPL.. Lslit modi is refusing it.. he will be believed as soon as all the pockets involved are filled again!

    Its us, commoners, who have no power and no money, who see this.. and hope it changes.. but will it, ever?

  7. It is shocking but it isn’t a surprise at all. Whenever there is money involved-it is a few in power who grab it and we pay higher taxes. The government can’t act-whether it is Kalmadi or Modi because they will drag others down and then they are all in it together..

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