Good Bye

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It was long past midnight.  He was standing alone in his room overlooking the vast sprawling grounds of his house.  The doctor had told him that he should exercise a bit ….. which at 85 years of age he found laughable.  He looked out …. the grounds were flat and the trees dusty.  He felt a huge wave of homesickness for the hills he grew up in.  They did not have much in his youth, but what they had was fresh and untainted. His aging lungs longed for the fresh air of the hills.

Delhi had given them so much.  He had joined politics, and had swiftly risen in ranks.  Now his ministry was bringing in a huge project ….. and as was the norm, people who wanted a piece of the action had trooped in during the last week with suitcases full of currency.  Those bags of currency were all over the house, in his room even.  The staff was not being able to cope with the task of concealing the lot.

There was a time such things thrilled him.  It was all a game.  But he was an aged lion now.  The chase was beyond him and the kill did not thrill him.  He wanted to get away, but like all men who ride the tiger, he knew it was impossible.  His party, his sons, his employees would not allow him to go easily.  The hills, his village would have to wait ….. There was game afoot. There would be time to say goodbye soon.

He heard a movement, a bag was being torn from inside!  He stared, and a slight figure, almost that of a child ripped open a soft bag and came out.  The person was dressed in a mask and a cat suit.  The shock was too much for his aging heart. He watched helplessly.  The person took photos of the many bags in the room with a cellphone.  He shuddered as a pain gripped his chest, and the person swiftly shone a torch at him.  The minister was having a heart attack while he witnessed a sting operation in his own house.  He fell on the floor.  The person hesitated, then picked up a pillow to place under his head.  Currency notes spilled out of the pillow case!

“Goodbye Minister” said the person while taking pictures of the minister lying on a pillow case from which currency notes were spilling out.

The headlines next day


Writers Note : Inspired by this news item about Ex Minister Sukhram

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53 thoughts on “Good Bye

  1. They learn this art at a much younger age. I understand by 85 there is too much stuff, which they can’t carry out into the other world! Well written.

  2. Hi,

    I liked your blog , nice .

    This post is too good..Liked the last line ” MINISTER SLEEPS ON TAX PAYERS MONEY WHILE THE NATION WEEPS” thats the whole story ..of present looking @ CWG as well .what .is this ..all was it was really required when was known .it can’t be organised in this Little span.. but ..corrupt Minister like Mr. Kalmadi ..has other things to share.

    Nice post..

    love it..

    All the best..


  3. Rituji,

    You always manage to keep it simple and interesting! Narration is brilliant with no mambo-jumbo. I wonder how you do it each time? Absolute justice done to the plot. Love your style of writing 🙂 I shall come back and read you non-BAT entries asap 🙂 Take Care. Cheers!

  4. Hey Ritu Di,
    Absolutely brilliant again!
    Wish the politicos said Goodbye to corruption before they wished
    India Goodbye.
    A very good take on the topic and the simplicity in the storytelling
    made it a good read to the last. ATB for BATOM 13

  5. WOW, Ritu…nicely written.

    Even if the politicians want to turn good, which is totally a rare scene, the ppl around him dont allow it…its quite sad…

    Lets say Good bye to corruption.

  6. Nice take on the state of Indian politicians…its become so ubiquitous..that people have accepted it as a way of life 🙂
    Khana hai to khao..lekin kuch kaam bhi karo 😉

    Overall, nicely written…short and sweet!

    All the best for BAT!!!

  7. Wow! That was really great. I don’t usually read fiction based blog posts, but I saw this shared on Buzz and thought I’d check it out 🙂

    Really hits a spot – sting operations should put the fear of the devil into people.

    • Sting operations, the RTI act and a really strong press ….. these things have really empowered the people of this country. I feel that slowly but surely our political big wigs are getting cornered.

  8. That was a totally different take on the topic, ma’am. Too good.
    Once a person is in the loop of greed, he can’t come out of it, can he?
    Very subtly narrated. All the best!

    • Its a vicious cycle. In certain professions, you could get killed or terrorized for being honest these days. And once you are in the take, you cant have a change of heart mid way

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