War Time at Phoenix House

You know what?  When kids grow up, they become adults.  And when boys grow up – they become self absorbed, insensitive, taciturn MEN

(If I could I would enter sad doleful veena music here or even Paul McCartney’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps)

To keep the argument balanced I will add this

You know what? When women reach a certain age they become Drama Queens – totally demanding drama queens!

Phew – that’s a load off my chest

Situation is like this

Elder Son Kid#1 is addicted to the LCD screen.  The fact is that he has at least 800 downloaded movies on a spare hard disk and he is forever downloading more.  He lives on the first floor and I don’t get to see him as often as I want.  Yeah you can argue that if he does not want to come down, I can go up …. but I don’t feel comfortable intruding in his room.  It is too much his and DILs space and I am sensitive about space

DIL is rising up in the pecking order in that damn sweat shop she calls office and she works crazy hours.  I barely meet her.  She leaves before I get out of my room and she comes home when I am asleep.  On weekends she is asleep or out with Kid#1

Kid#2 – to give him credit does spend some time with me – but he has his studies, his friends, his dratted cellphone etc etc.

Damn it!  When kids are small and clingy, we wish they grow up and realize that the umblical cord was cut at birth.  When they grow up and we have all the ME Time that we want, we miss that clingy phase.  May be we forget how to be alone again

Yesterday night, I got the table laid for dinner, sent a message up for the boys to come down for dinner.  Both replied that they were not hungry.

I had two options – Sigh resignedly and eat my damn dinner in solitary splendour and sing this song


Throw a tantrum, freak out, be Drama Queen and then eat my dinner with or without them.

Of course I did the latter.  Both boys came down, we had a fight.  They defended themselves, but (here I am unclear just how this happened) pacified me too.  Damn!

I had my dinner, and so did they – together after a long long time  ~~~ okay I exaggerate – after a few days.

Kid#1 : Chotey, leave it!  She has been normal for a while.  She had to find something to fight about.

Kid#2 : She becomes drama queen after every two days

Damn you, you oafs.  I love you and want you to be with me when I get home.  It isn’t fun when you arent around.  Don’t fly away too fast – I am dangerous when left alone. I may cause global floods or tsunami

DIL stop working so damn hard.


65 thoughts on “War Time at Phoenix House

  1. BRILLIANT! 😀 😀 😀

    I was nodding my head all along! Even though I don’t have kids! Heck I’m not even married yet! (Poor me!) But I do exactly this with Dad! Ha ha ha! Drama Queen! Yeah, I totally loved it! 😀

    Do u mind if I feature this in “Kadzilla’s Lounge” in the next issue (1st Sept)? If that’s okay with u, I’ll need your Bio (roughly 100 words, in third person, including your own blog link) and a pic.

      • Hey the new template looks neat. Though it’s displaying only 1 line now in the Sexy Bookmarks Toolbar. If I remember correctly, there were more options in it earlier, weren’t there?

        I like the threaded comments section too. Very cool.

        Btw, just a reminder… I’m still waiting for your Bio & pic for giving the Author Credits to this post in Kadzilla’s Lounge. Please try to send it by tonight if possible. I guess you get my email ID with the comment, right?

        C ya…

  2. awwww such a sweet post

    and this line “Kid#1 : Chotey, leave it! She has been normal for a while. She had to find something to fight about.”

    had me totally cracked up


    but yeah seriously I dread that time whether I will be able to let go when he grows up…

    • Its a strange mixed feeling Monika. Part of me is so proud of them, handsome young men, independant with loads of smarts, part of me wants them to stay babies. GaaH, we mothers are so needy!

  3. 😆 😆 so true to heart 😀
    Your wonderful narration makes life’s every difficult situation seem to enjoyable when in reality it would have looked and felt altogether different 🙂

    No-matter if it happened after a tantrum, I am so glad that you all finally ate together and they so lovingly pacified you 😛

    A sweet post indeed 🙂

    • Oh no! Our fights are like false thunder – its noisy, its dramatic and intense but lasts barely 5 minutes. It is our cold wars that are dangerous – that is when we are intensely polite and speak to each other only when we have to.

  4. Let us hug … I become more wise and prepared with each post of yours.. boyz I tell ya.. I can see shades of it at my place too.. kami hai to DIL ki .. sigh !!!
    Chillax sweetheart .. the love , joy and pride flows silently in your post. muaaaaah

  5. Hi Ritu, You are so right here “when our children cling to us we want them to grow up” I am so much in that phase now… but I really wish my children would also be lke yours when they grow up , smart, independent and loving.. and yes loved everybit of your drama queen act..take care dear

  6. I am the only child and yet I have been the victim of The Resident Drama Queen aka my mom innumerable times! I don’t know how my dad deals with it, especially when she and I used to get into one of our “famous” arguments!! But I give her credit for not once did/does she ever play the cancer card.

    I love these family posts of yours! Makes me smile…:)


  7. This is such a sweet post Ritu! I am a new mom and at 9 months, I already feel that my son is giving me the rough treatment sometimes. I know that I will miss his clingy phase but I can hardly wait for him to grow up,..miss my zzzzzz factor more than anything else right now.

    • Wait till he reaches age two and throws the “NO” tantrums and then complain. LOL you have interesting times ahead. Then he’ll be a teenager ….. sorry – I dont mean to scare you

  8. I can so ,much identify with this post..when children are young, we have not enough time to listen to their chatter, and when we get free, they dont have time.

  9. Been there, done that, seen that.

    Please learn to let go while there is still some sanity left. Trust me. With time, it just gets harder and harder.

    Hugs! We all love you very much! Let it be known to the world you’re the best mommy ever!

  10. Loved this post…. and took my wish back that my daughter grows up soon !!!!!!!

    I wish every morning that she should grow up fast and that shes so clingy, but from now an , am gonna enjoy every moment of it and cherish the memories when shes grown up and prefers the company of the opposite sex than her mommy !!!!

  11. Ritu,
    My elder one is already behaving like yr Kid#1 , at the age of 15. Glued to LCD and forever downloading stuff on a spare hard disk.
    I seriously need to hone my dramatics skills before its too late .
    nb- Even the younger one is a male child so the skills can be used for a long time and optimally .

  12. quite a scene at your place 😛 reminds me of my parents… and how they are coping up after i and my siblings left home for studies … i can understand… part of them wants me to be with them… and part of them wants to see be established independently 🙂 Parents will be like that 😛 very warm post 😀

  13. Awww… Ritu, I just loved this for all the reasons there are to love reading about something so close to one’s heart 🙂 Have two boys, both out of the house for now, and missing them so!

    Indeed one wishes for that clingy kid again, hanging onto every word of yours, and at the same time, one wonders when they will give you space. And when you get that space, you want them back in it :D!

    Tough! But then I guess we just need to let go, and hope they will always be there, which they will… 🙂 for it is love we have given, haven’t we?

    Did I say? Love the humour that shines through, and the self-evaluation, that rocks! Woah! Go, girl, go!

  14. Kid#1 : Chotey, leave it! She has been normal for a while. She had to find something to fight about.

    Kid#2 : She becomes drama queen after every two days

    ROTFL. Can’t stop laughing 😀

    PS. Nice new look! 🙂

  15. LOL!!!! The new theme is stunning! And so was the drama thrown in 😉 Can totally relate to having a house filled with children and having some noise around. Was in Chennai for the last two weeks, and once my sis also landed it was awesome!!! So yeah, I wish kids didnt have to grow up and fly away so soon!!!

  16. Did it work 🙂 and you have not sent me those links you promised now i need a veena with my moaning 🙂

    Hope you get over this drama queen stuff now .. leave the kids alone he he he he he hehe Joking joking

  17. look what you did- threw a tantrum and caused a flood n delhii.
    learn to behave drama queen.you can not play with thousands of lives like this

  18. Wow! U people have at-least not forgotten to express ur self. There are many families which get broken up because of this non- communication. Do tht it helps bonding.
    I remembered the time (While reading this) when My house was a full fledged DRAMA HOUSE! (Emotion , tragedy n story included). But, learned to except things and guided my children to give ‘attention’ to the seekers. Evrything’s fine now. My son and nephews (Bhatijas) now cling to their grand parents and they are ‘throwing’ them away fully enjoying the ‘drama’.
    Enjoy. Love u for the post.

    • My home is the theatre, yahan full fledged drama hai, emosan hai, tragedy hai, comedy hai, that is how the Phoenixhome residents live. ROFL Aur to aur, ismey Ma bhi hai.

      Won’t exchange it for anything else.

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