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It was Saturday night and Param was getting dressed.  His mother came into the room and said, “Dont go out today, I have a bad feeling.”  He grinned at his reflection as he ran a comb and put on some perfume, “What bad feeling Ma?  I swear you’ve started behaving like those news reports, its all doom and gloom … bad economy, floods and earthquakes!”  She looked at him sadly and said “Beta, I keep getting scared that one day you will go out, and then you’ll never return.”  He smiled and kissed her on her forehead “Ma, I’m just going to a party, that’s all.  I’ll return, I am like a khota sikka (counterfeit coin), no one wants to keep me, they just return me back”.  His mother sighed and watched him go.

Param was a typical Delhite, young and a party animal.  He forgot his mother’s anxiety the moment he drove the car out of the lane.  He was young, single and it was his time to party, have fun.  He met a group of friends and they went to a discotheque and wined and danced the night away.  At about three in the night, he along with his best friend Sikand and Sikand’s fiance Richa left the party.  The plan was to drop Richa home and then return to drink and party some more.

They left the disc and hit the highway.  A Gypsy stopped their car.  A man got out and said in an officious tone  “We are a special task force from the Delhi police.  We need to do some investigations, follow us.”  Param remembered his mother’s anxiety.  He was scared.  He protested “Ask us your questions here itself, we will not come with you.”  The man looked at them coldly and said, ” You have to come with us.  You have no option.  We need a lady police woman to ask the woman questions.  Do you want me to send a police man to interrogate her?”

Sikand was drunk and he was shaking.  He said “Param don’t get difficult, let us follow them”.  Richa was sobbing, she said “I dont want a police man in our car.  I want to return home safe.”  Param had some misgivings but he reluctantly started following the Gypsy.  He saw another car following them at a safe distance.  He felt trapped.  He kept wishing he had listened to his mother.

They were taken to an abandoned stretch on the Gurgaon road and ordered to get out of their car.  They complied.  The man took out a pistol and placed it on Param’s head and said “You want to return home?  Hand me your licence and any other identification you carry.”  Param said “I dont carry a drivers licence.”  “The car’s registration papers?” asked the man.  Param reluctantly gave the car’s registration papers.  The man took Sikand’s and Richa’s identifications.  Richa was crying “Please let me go home”.  He said softly “Go!”  They quickly got back into the car and returned home.  Once the boys dropped Richa, they tried to make sense out of this strange theft.  They then, just to be on the safe side, went to the police station and registered a case of theft of their papers.

They did not want to remember the incident, but the incident returned to haunt them after a week.  They were called by the police.  The police took both the boys to a place in Rohtak.  A woman’s body was found, shot twice and the face was badly disfigured.  The car in which the body had been found had Param’s car’s number plate.  The dashboard had Sikand’s drivers licence and the hand bag of the murdered lady had Richa’s I.D.

“God! It is going to be difficult for us to return home easily now” thought Param, badly shaken.

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82 thoughts on “Return

  1. This is a story that will remind our youth not to be hard-headed, though quite sad, the lesson is really good!

    Mother’s instincts I believe seldom fail as I am a mother too! May young people read this and know the consequences of being hard-headed kids!

    Goodluck Phoenix! A beautiful story packed with moral for the youth!


  2. Beautifully narrated. Actually when I lost my purse with my election id and car RC book, I actually had the same fear – that some terorist organization would use my identity. Interesting how you used the concept in a story.

  3. Ooh this story kept me engrossed throughout. Initially I thought that the fake policemen were a bunch of terrorists though.
    But I suppose since they already registered a case of theft of registration papers….they won’t be having much trouble. 🙂
    All the best for BAT!

  4. Ah. One more thing. I think they took too much of a risk for those identification documents. Maybe they could have opened a photocopy shop.. 🙂

    And lastly – how about a Dusht perspective – what if the woman who was found dead – in her pocket could be found Richa’s ID documents??? Total confusion then,,, lol.

      • Oh! Err.. Just checked.
        Am sorry. God knows how I missed that part.

        But then – I dont get you. What is the point of the theft now? I mean they knew the real Richa would obviously be found and so no point giving her ID to the dead woman?? am I misssing something?

      • The fact that the murdered lady must have been well known (her face was badly disfigured) and the desperation of the murderers to point the crime at someone else. If the theft was not reported, the kids faced jail, as it is, they face a prolonged court case and lots of money as bribe to prevent harassment. The planning was for a fool proof murder – and it almost happened

      • Okay. But if a well known person went missing, it would obviously be known to the world in less than 2 days… so, still they dont really hide anything…

        Dont kill me Ritu… now that we know that both of us belong to Dilli 🙂

  5. Damn Ritu-u just confirmed the potency of a mother’s intuition,leaving me with the need to listen in carefully the next time my mom frets about another of the billion things that she thinks the universe is conspiring against me for !!
    And what better proof can i proffer for the beauty of your writing !!

  6. how did i miss this, I am sure i checked your site ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my blog roll seems to be not working at all…

    but what a chilling story .. Now how do they return.. But then they had put a report earlier a week ago about theft of papers.. maybe just maybe they can hope on that

    but then its indian police they dont leave innocent people so I do hope Param gets a helping hand from someone to RETURN…

  7. wow very well written and u know it reminds me of a incident which happened with a cousin sometime back… its too long to write here, I think I will just do a post

  8. A case of highly organized crime. Of course, we don’t know yet why the thieves/murderers wanted to kill her anyway. I hope there’s a good reason, otherwise the story isn’t making complete sense. I hope you will bring it up in a sequel!

    Loved the narration. John Grisham’s books are as gripping as yours.
    All the best for BAT.

  9. Scary tale but says a lot about extremes of organized crime going on and a mother’s instinct. Loved your narration. I hope there’ll be a sequel to it, to see what happens next !!

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