Why shouldn’t I?

I have followed a very simple thumb rule in life. Of course its got me into trouble, its also earned me a lot of joy and love.

The thumb rule is this:

1. Think from your heart (I know, I know, my brain isn’t there, but it works for me)

2. Say things without thinking them over (Popularly termed as foot-in-mouth-itis)

3. Apologizing unrestrained-ly when I realize that I have hurt a person I did not mean to hurt ( Normally happens when the kids kick self-absorbed me in the shins ouch!)

4. Generally staying true to my conscience i.e. praising what is good and raising my voice against what I think is wrong.

5. Always reminding myself I wasn’t born to win a popularity contest (I am not a politician or a cine diva so I can get away with it)

Now I am fifty plus and I think I have got my act together, but some things really get my goat!

I put this as my status message on Facebook

At least Lalit Modi and IPL did not shame us like Kalmadi and Co.

and this on Twitter and Buzz

In any other country Suresh Kalmadi would be held and prosecuted for treason.

And I get this message on my phone

Avoid negative comments about CWG at this point on social networks as many foreigners read this

Hello, I am angry. I will speak out – the whole damn country has been taken for a ride by some inept and corrupt bunch of jokers. People in power are shifting blame. These guys have undone all the hard work done by the common man. People have gone abroad and won a reputation for being hard working and intelligent. People in this country have worked hard (no not the leaders but the common man). Yes, progress in our country has happened in spite of our politicians and leaders. You and me and our neighbors and co-workers have done it. Our money has been robbed and we have been shamed.

Keep silent? No I can’t.

Why shouldn’t I speak out?

Rant over!


53 thoughts on “Why shouldn’t I?

  1. Exactly, why shouldn’t you?? Rant all you want, Ritu!! This whole CWG fiasco has garnered us more shame than we could ever imagine, thanks to a bunch of corrupt politicians. Speaking out is the least we can do. We should actually be demanding for Kalmadi & co to be put behind bars!

  2. Yeah, why ever not??! You should speak out, we all should and feel the shame too. This mentality of ours about the ‘honor’ which has to be maintained at all costs reminds me of what happens when child abuse happens. Instead of confronting the culprit, talking about it, families prefer to sweep things under the carpet preferring to keep their ‘izzat’ Who does that help?? Not the victim any way, but the perpetrator.
    Here the whole population of a country has been abused by a few and we are supposed to sweep that too under the carpet and not talk about it for the sake of our ‘izzat’, …so that those responsible can do it again the next time around.
    I saw a status message that said such criticism is not going to help. Well, is blind support going to make the substandard and shoddy work magically alright?? I don’t see benefit in either. But at least in the former case, one is not resorting to pretence! I wonder what the person who messaged you would do if he/she were mugged and robbed?? Make a hue and cry to have the person arrested or say, ‘neighbors are listening, let me not complain’

  3. forget foreigners reading social networks, the CWG fiasco is all over international press anyway – I even had colleagues from Japan asking me about it (they read it in their papers). And when you post such msgs on social network sites at least any foreigner reading it will realize that there are people in India who are actually ashamed of what’s happening and the whole country will not be judged poorly thanks to a few idiots who didn’t do their job well !

  4. I am glad that so many of us are in the social networking sites / blogs to voice our views…if we cannot do it, then whats the democracy that we enjoy ???

    I actually loved ur status msgs… πŸ™‚

    So, there are ppl who read these msgs, but arent they ashamed to send u a msg like that ???

    Keep up the courage Ritu…I am loving this. πŸ™‚

  5. Shail’s comment comparing it with silence over child abuse hit the nail right on the end. It is our money that has gone down the drain, an issue of national shame, and we are supposed to keep quiet out of some misplaced notion of patriotism.

  6. Very well said Aunty. We should remain silent because the guests are keeping an eye, what non-sense is that?! Whom do we want to please by ‘appreciating’ the disaster in progress in our country? And why should we do that? Is this democracy?

    This is why I support media and common man’s outburst against the CWG preparations, officials and the corruption! Blind support and appreciation cant hide the true facts. Asiad in ’82 was different, CWG ’10 has only robbed the common man!

    P.S.: Loved this post, I’m sharing it on FB! πŸ™‚

  7. Ha typical reply FOREIGNERS .. I hate it when we as INDIANS are more bloody worried about what a FOREIGNER will read.. TO hell with him and to hell with what they think…

    This irks me so much thats why my posts are as they are.. ARE PEHLE APNE DESH WAASRIYON ka to SOCH LO.. UNKE BAARE main kuch to karo.. Unka dhyan rakho fir jaake foreginer ke aage jaake DUM hilana..

    WE can never get out of this and when i wrote this I got this reply how our country has this motto of ATHITHI BHAVO well then the foreigner should behave as a ATHITHI tooo… when my friends come to my house they eat-drink and sleep where i tell them or what i can give them .. no special arrangemenst …

    Hence the state we are in we are too bloody concerned about what a foreigner would say, Does anyone give a DAMN about what i think or want … and I pay TAXES to the country …

    THis gang of Looters .. few line to tell these looters that

    Hathyaar hi sutte ne .. Haale chaluna Nahin aseen Bhule
    Raflaan diyaan Nallan de.. Aje tan Muh Rakhe ne Khule
    Jit ke Ja wad-di hai .. Pataan nahin Kithe thagaan di toli

    • I do support the Atithi Devo Bhava …. but soiled toilets and stinky dirty rooms is not what I would offer our atithi. I don’t appreciate keeping quiet about things that go wrong either.

  8. Of course you should! You should say what you feel strongly about. And as if, we we don’t speak about it, ‘foreigners’ wouldn’t know about it. It is the headlines in every news channel, here the in UK. Our CWG organizers have ensured that the whole world is talking about our inability to organize things, and even worse, our hygiene standards, which people like Bhanot clain are ‘different’ from western ones! I feel like hitting him up when I heard him say that on television. Of course we have to speak up!

  9. Oh yes, you must speak out!! It’s a shame…this CWG!
    A friend shared this on FB…
    BREAKING NEWS: Suresh Kalmadi just tried to hang himself. But the ceiling collapsed….lol πŸ™‚

  10. Who is it that worries about what foreigner reads
    while the whole coutnry burns in shame and bleeds
    does he want us to sit and roll the beads?
    while a few thugs pocket the proceeds

  11. Oh well I got a nasty message from someone too after I posted my status message saying its the first time I am ashamed… hell I am angry and ashamed and its my right to express as u say it

  12. Oh yeah totally agree. We pay taxes, work our ass off and this is what the government does with our hard earned money! We have all right to expect and criticize!
    Also, the whole tamasha is anyway broadcast on BBC EVERY SINGLE DAY, why this whole natak that everything is going fine?

  13. This is a very sad incident and on top of that even now all in our govt are sitting quite..PM,Sonia Madam all..no statement , no action…we ahving such a bad publicity abroad bringing us so much of shame. and irony is that we spent more than required and got nothing..it they wanted to pocket money, they could, but why mess with an international thing.
    I hope all those guily are given strict punishments…People who are always trying to targets Modis, should see here.

  14. Kalmadi messed it up big time. Signals of mismanagement were out eversince Kalmadi and mike hooper row was shown in media. Wonder why nobody everthought of removing the nasty guy Kalmadi .Kalmadi’s design was to-
    First ,delay the project , then to finish it on war footing , do shoddy substandard work, skip quality checks. when things are done on urgent basis , money changes hands several times .
    What could have been an opportunity to showcase “india emerging as a global super power” has been reduced to a national shame.
    Kalmadi should be hanged .
    Ritu, pls find time to read my post on similar lines…..http://housewifesrecluse-kirti.blogspot.com/

  15. Of course you’re entitled to rant about your grievances. Kalmadi, M.S Gill, Bhanot and grandma Dixit everyone are equally responsible. If one of them initiated the loot and the mismanagement then why didn’t the other one step in and set the situation right?
    But the thing is…at this moment of crisis when India is about to be globally shamed I think we should stand one with our government and those with honest intentions and pray for the success of the games. Not that we can do much ourselves. But there are numerous volunteers and common laborers working 24*7…I hope their hard work doesn’t go down the drains.

    • I agree with that – my heart goes out to our athletes, it should have been their moment of glory, instead the focus has completely shifted from them to all that is wrong with Indian Sports.

  16. This CWG is such a mess (and i just hope, that whatever is left of it goes off well!!) . I feel more than “what foreigners will think” we ought to be concentrating on removing the ‘root cause’ behind this. That is corruption, and politicians taking common people for a ride. And how to do it? Well, we as citizens of the country should start by voting intelligently and “actively” protesting against the corruption. I wish the rant on these social networking sites spreads to the roads, and people protest against the huge money drain and mismanagement. Portraying a “good image” in front of others is not needed, just improving the situation of the country is what is required.
    btw, never commented, but i love your blog! πŸ™‚

  17. Of course you have the right to question. I concur with Shail. I don’t get why some are equating this to being patriotic about your country. They definitely have the wrong definition of patriotism.

  18. I have an Indian Muslim friend who is as anti India as he is pro Pakistan … cuz his support lies with his Muslim brothers per him. I know he is just a minority … and his political affiliation does the least for me to hurt my friendship with him. He is a good guy and that’s all that matters. He moved to US when he was in his 20s and now he is almost 40. But we often have arguments about India and I am always praising India and highlighting its progress. With this CWG thing now, he had plenty to say and I had none. He is just one of the many whom I and many others have praised our native country to. hmm.

  19. plus i wish i had your guts. i had them, i would believe, but with time, they’re just getting squeezed out of me. 😦 people make you weak. hmm.

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