Adventure at Fifty Plus

My timing sucks!  That I have known for a long long time.  I married and became a mother when girls my age were dating, studying and building a career.  That is another matter that I did all that too … after getting married and having Kid#1.

As you grow older, you stop having adventures.  May be it is because you get wiser and stop trying to break walls, and burn bridges.  At a certain age adventure means eating butter chicken and butter naan for dinner and (wonders of wonders) having a good night’s sleep!!!  Or that you sat in a car that your younger son was driving without wearing a seat belt and did not back seat drive.

Well, apparently Godji has a wicked wicked sense of humor when it comes to me.  Yesterday I had a grand adventure.  I was in office having a routine Monday.  During the course of the day, I went chasing a file.  My cabin is on the first floor and I took the lift to the ground floor.  The damn lift got stuck.

I suffer from claustrophobia and vertigo …. and my son is a pilot.  Godji and his weird sense of humor!

Well, to say I freaked would be an understatement.  The admin housekeeper prized the lift door open at the first floor and dangled an arm in, thinking he could pull me up.  Hellooo!  I am a plus sized Punjaban.  The only thing he could have pulled up was my arm from its socket!  Naturally I screamed expletives I refused as politely as I could under the circumstances.

Somehow they activated the emergency mechanism and the lift went to the ground floor.  I tumbled out, sat on the sofa in the reception and drank gallons of water.  Then I hauled me up and walked up the stairs to my cabin.

On the way I saw the housekeeper and his minions tying ropes to a cane armchair which they were planning to lower into the lift to airlift me.  G.R.O.A.N.  !!!!

I gave up any semblance of doing work and came home.

Once home, I told my first born, the tender fruit of my womb, the boy I birthed and nurtured, even breastfed, the horrors that had befallen me.

Well, he laughed until tears fell.

Kid#1  (on his mobile to Kid#2) : Oye come downstairs, Mom is home, you gotta hear her story!

Kid#2 : Down in my room in a jiffy : Tell tell!!

So I repeated my sorry tale to the apple of my eye, my baby …

Kid#2 : ROFL, was the rope strong enough, did you check?  And who would haul you?  They’d need some pehelwaans.

Me : Go away guys, I better sleep this off!

Both : Bet she will start taking the stairs, after all its only one floor!



48 thoughts on “Adventure at Fifty Plus

  1. Lol! I feel your pain sister! But it is only a teensy bit funny 😀 (coughing to hide laughter)
    Plus one floor is not bad… I climb three to my office despite lift. Makes me feel good about the chocolate after lunch 😀

  2. Oh dear…I hate to get stuck in the lift…so far escaped it by God’s grace, I tell you….everyone else in the family have got stuck at least once. 😉

    LOL @ ur plus sized punjaban and the kids talk…I tell you, Ritu, the children need only a tiny weeny bit of slip-up from us, and they laugh their heart out at us…Naughty ones… 😉 🙂

  3. ROFL! I bet the stairs will look real attractive now 🙂 But it must have been scary being stuck in a lift – I mean, I would count that as one of the scariest things.

  4. Why are boys so rude..I must ask..and the incident was indeed not at all funny, for it told about how slack the admin dept are all or the country, irrespective of time, place and age group…arm chair…so what if you are a punjabi…that was rude of them indeed.

  5. ROFL completely unfair of your boys to treat your traumatic experience as a kind of a funny story and laugh it off…
    How about treating them to veg dishes as dinner for a week? 😛
    Well on a serious note, I’m glad you were able to get out of the lift without any significant delay and unharmed.

  6. Oh I have similar issues with timing. Had a kid while all my friends were building their careers. Did everything with these two tagging along and will probably go back to work full-time when my friends will be retiring.

    And I have got stuck in different lifts so many times that it’s just not news any more.

  7. he he heeheh that was bad..
    bad i mean the experience you had the Boys WICKEDddddddddddddddddddddddddd 🙂 good one boysssss…

    If i was there I would have said the SAME exact words .. I guess all boys think alike he heheheh

    ok dont get angry but will you use the stairs now he he he 🙂 ritu bhen

  8. A gr8 anecdote …. the part i have in common is the punjaban bit 🙂

    Good u were rescued soon as it could have been an ordeal. I am sure your boys know ur spirit is not easily lost , so they were not alarmed 🙂 .can imagine you drinking gallons of water 🙂

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