And We are Born Cynics

We are waiting for disaster to happen ….

All of us are buying milk and provisions, scolding wayward kids who have gone out to see a movie on this damn day (Yep all my brood is watching a movie in Delhi!)

Some of us are panicking and wanting to hang a cross on their door to buy some safety.

Not a bad idea I must say ….. since all Gods are the same and all religion leads to God ( so I devoutly hope).  Its another matter that these days it just seems to be an excuse to kill, burn and miam!

I hope and pray I am proved wrong and things remain peaceful.

A very typical FB thread

Ritu Lalit

Ritu Lalit Way to go! Spoils divided amongst all three! Khel khatam! Na tum jeetey na hum haare

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    • Monika Manchanda and isliye hum sab ladenge… now see the tamasha tmrw

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    • Ritu Lalit Hope not! But ab yehi hoga, my mandir construction vs your masjid construction

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    • Jaishree Venkat hehehe,, who builts faster, better higher??

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    • Ritu Lalit Yeah, and the circus starts once more

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    • Ritu Lalit They should have made a forest in the disputed land – go green and show thenga to all power bases

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    • Jaishree Venkat entertainment ke liye kuch bi karenge 😛

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    • Sourav C. Pandey People : “Thank God, it should be peaceful now!”
      Media : “Hell! We won’t let it be!”

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17 thoughts on “And We are Born Cynics

  1. I don’t know what to say.. will probably tie up my thoughts and write a post on this. But yes, hope there is Peace all around! The last thing we need now is massacre!

  2. I hope your prayers are heard… we had a panic moment yesterday when I rang my cousin who had gone for a meeting to delhi and was not answering his phone and the roads
    were apprantly deserted according to my other cousin…

    Meanwhile the cousin we were trying to get hold was having some beers in a pub with mates ..

    But all is well it seems hope its not a lull before the storm.. fingers crossed

    and I hope the leaders are not planning anything stupiddddd…

  3. Well it turns out that the aam janta of India are more prudent and mature than what our government or media predicts. No rioting or disturbances so far. India is one 🙂

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