Nostalgia – College at D.U.

I was a hilly billy.  Spent most of my formative years in Shillong and Imphal.  I love the hills.  I spent most of my time in the hills running uphill and downhill with my dog and poring through each and every book in the state owned library.  Sigh!  such idyllic existence …..

Well, I was healthy, lungs properly oxygenated, ate healthy fresh produce,  walked and ran till I had thigh and calf muscles that could actually repel bullets (just kidding), my brain was properly nourished by classics and other literary works.

And I was bored …. to tears.

The thing is that however lovely the scenery you can not eat it, and if things are so good and pure you want the bad.  I don’t know if you agree, but I seriously would have gone insane if I stayed in such a boring though beautiful place a day more.

Thankfully, I got good marks, and thankfully my parents decided enough of the hills (8 long years) were enough, and they accepted a posting to Delhi.  When we landed in Delhi, I took one deep breath of the pollution riddled air – and I was in heaven.  I know, I know, there is no accounting for taste. 😉

Did you know even the air here smells of petrol fumes?  To me it smelled of freedom. …… the kind of freedom where your father and your school principal do not play bridge together, the kind where your mother does not know the mother of the boy you date, the kind in which you cut classes and no one rings home.  Yes, to me freedom means anonymity.  😆

Hello Delhi!  Here I was – barely fifteen and ready for life and mischief.  Stephens had turned co-ed that year, and I got an admission.  My Ma decided that a boys’ college was not a good option for her daughter and so I was enrolled into Hindu College.

Sadly it was Emergency year.  In my “bring it on” mood, I even wanted to be ragged.  The only ragging that happened was seniors whispering “Fuccha come here!” and then asking us to sing a song or tell them a joke.  How utterly lame!

Of course my foot in mouthitis kicked in – I told the group that was ragging me that I could do a better job than them.  So they tipped a imaginary hat at me and organized a donkey ride for the fuccha who thinks she is too smart.  I climbed on, hung on the donkey’s neck for dear life, even though donkey wanted to bite my hand.  Have you ever seen donkey’s teeth in close quarters?  Not good, not good at all!  They look like Paresh Rawal’s teeth magnified.  >Shudder<

But the donkey ride made me famous in the second week in college.  Good bye anonymity, hello notoriety.  Every girl had serious issues with me, and most guys had slept with me in their dreams.  Believe me, guys need to actually separate fantasy from real life.  The way they spoke.  One day I and a close friend calculated that if their tales were true …. I would have been making out every five minutes with a new boy – and I was in college for fourteen days – just fourteen days.  I never got to see so much action in my whole life 😉

Instead of classes, I found the dramatics society more interesting, and of course the cafeteria.  More about that in the next post.


32 thoughts on “Nostalgia – College at D.U.

  1. Oh Gosh, I didn’t mean you were not seedhi-saadhi… shucks.. I think I used the wrong word to describe myself.. can you delete these two comments, Ritu??

    • No way! Am having too much fun! :mrgreen:

      No I have not been seedhi saadhi. I have always marched to my own drummer, and hence been really unpopular with the wiser and sober youth, sigh! But then that’s me. 😆

  2. Hey, you went to Hindu, so did I! I just loved it there…The first year of college, we hardly had any classes due to Mandal Commission so I made the best of it and unfortunately, my marks reflected my new found freedom…

    • That donkey ride was awesome. I do not know who was more scared, the ass who was ridden or the ass who rode it! And the seniors banged plates with spoons to scare us both. The L.O.N.G.E.S.T. three minutes of my life!

  3. WOW…what fun !!! 🙂 I love ur excuse to choose anonymity… LOL !!! 🙂

    I think I’ve read abt that donkey ride in ur moment of madness post…but still its worthy of being nostalgic again… 🙂 🙂

    Lovely college life…keep the posts coming. 🙂

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