Diwali sans the sweetness

I surprised myself! This was the first Diwali of my life that I did not eat sweets. Seems like the brat is growing up F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!

I never was figure conscious – let me correct that. Sure I was figure conscious but I am a lazy bum. It seemed to me that there was a hell of a lot of work involved in being slim, and it really wasn’t worth the effort. And I happily coasted through youth looking nice thanks to good genetics, a smile and my million dollars worth of an attitude.

Whadduknow, it worked.

Now I am on low carb, no sweets diet. It surprises me. There is no pain, no sense of deprivation! Have I finally grown up? Or being diagnosed diabetic has scared the shit out of me?

Would have been slim and svelte had this level of maturity hit me when I was young!


Can you see the halo around my head people?

I have become a saint!

And how was your Diwali?


50 thoughts on “Diwali sans the sweetness

  1. Hail Saint Ritu! 😀 The halo around your head blindeth me eyes.
    Whaddya know, sweets have stopped being appealing to me 😦

    I watched Endhiran (late night show) OMG if I write anything about it, I am sure there will be different sort of patakas being burst ushering in a second Diwali this year 😛

  2. Hehe.. it makes so much sense. My mom is a diabetic, and though she slips off her diet plan sometimes, mostly her mantra is to eat healthy and therefore be able to steal these little treats for a longer time 🙂 Did you compensate for the mithai with patakas and diyas?

  3. I think once we decide we aren’t going to have something it becomes easier… I hope. I switched to Green tea two days ago and hope to stick to it. Green Tea will be a blessing during the winter months when one wants plenty of warm drinks – but not too much sugar.

  4. yes ritu bhen the SAINT….

    the saint was a spy tooo 🙂 and roger moore played him for a long time he hehehe 🙂

    I am glad you are enjoying 🙂 i wanted to pull your leg but i guess i have already done that on FB so i shall leave it from ehre dont want you thrashming me now he hehehe

  5. Wow I need to learn…..sweets and me are like twin sisters….if nothing works I bake cake……..considering I make my guy from not a sweet tooth kind to sweetest tooth one ……I wonder I can ever lose as leaving sweets seems too far…..Though I maintain my no sugar tea always…….sigh….But amazing u have the control…..All the best to it.

  6. There’s no Halo. This is the Devil’s work. You need exorcism! I bhill perform. Let momma come back from spiritual vacation. Methi ladoos help bring down sugar drastically! 🙂

  7. It seemed to me that there was a hell of a lot of work involved in being slim, and it really wasn’t worth the effort. I’m with you on this one 🙂

    LOL Ma Ritu Devi 😉

    Oh according to this logic I’m yet to grow up then…ate all the sweets and chocolate that came my way this Diwali 😉 *not feeling guilty to admit it*

  8. I’ve been seeing you around on almost all the blogs I read. I finally decided to check your space out, and I feel sorry I didn’t discover it earlier. I loved reading you. And I am sure to come back 🙂

    And wow! You stayed off sweets this Diwali? Not even chocolate? I don’t think I am programmed for such a possibility. Lol!

    • Even diabetics in my family (and my family has a whole lot of them) said so – Oye kuch nahin honda ee, aiwain he dar lag reha hai tennu. Vekh main vi dhodha kha rahi aan!

      Even then I stuck to my resolve, that is the reason I am feeling saintly

  9. Good i shuld take inspiration from u to stop eating sweets and non-veg.I am not supposed to eat sweets and non-veg as i am on a medication,i stopped eating non-veg but i am not able to stop myself from eating sweets.When u r told to not to eat something,u crave to eat that.I am having halidram rasgulas with me since yesterday,today at any cost will open it and eat off.

    But i don’t like sugar in my green tea,try it u will love it if u have not tried it.

    • My God! What I did was pack off all the chocolates to DIL and son’s room. That took them far away from me (their room is on the first floor). I don’t like mithai too much. It worked

  10. Proud of you Ritu!!! Btw, when you said ‘brat has grown up’ I was wondering why you didn’t use the words ‘Kid 1’ or ‘Kid 2’ 😉 until I realised you were talking about yourself!!!!!! Happy Diwali!!!
    PS: Me loves your attitoode too, you rock, Ritu!

  11. (((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

    Ritu you seriously seem to have turned a new chapter in life… !!!! 😀 😀 😀

    If it makes you feel good, for a change this diwali I didnt gorge into sweets. Just a few Kaju Katli’s here and there but they dont count considering I normally eat 3 at a go and about 10 times a day !!! 😛

    I certainly see the angel halo about !!!! 😀

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