How much is too much?

This is a long and rambling post, a lot of what is happening in this country is pissing me off. Yeah I guess you may call this a rant. Times have changed so much – and sometimes not for the better, sadly.

1. When I was growing up, one of my grandmother’s reprimand for rudeness was, “Do you know why the tongue is in the mouth? So that the teeth can bite it if it says something nasty. Go bite your tongue!” Parents often said “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything”. Agreed that it made one a pushover and we did say a whole lot of things to each other in a round about way, but never direct. Sometimes the rudeness of the youth disturbs, but I can understand and appreciate the honesty and confidence they have in themselves. No hiding behind smokescreens and webs of words for them.

What I can’t understand is the reality shows … like Sach Ka Saamna, Rakhee Ka Insaaf. That woman Rakhee is horrible! Why did she call a young man with self esteem issues “Napunsak” and “Namard”? The fella went and committed suicide! Sheesh!! Why do people have to wash their dirty linen on national television? What’s with this world??? Did she think she was being ‘frank’ and ‘honest’? Why is she so much “in-your-face”. Why do t.v. chanels give her so much airtime? That woman is toxic.

2. Another person who is making my blood boil is SPS Rathore! Actually it is not the Police officer who is bothering me. He is what he is, otherwise he would not be accused of such heinous crimes. What bothers me is that he seems to have gotten away. What bothers me is abuse of office, of the law and of the system of the land. Another product of the times – as a nation we have become shameless. We use our office as a perk. Office cars are used to pick and drop our children, something that was unheard of when I was a girl. Let us not even begin to talk of misuse of office cellphone and office net. We do that with impunity (I am guilty too). So I guess people holding powerful offices abuse them to greater extent. And it is done shamelessly, without any kind of guilt. Even if it drives a young girl to suicide, gets a little boy to be paraded naked on trumped up charges, even if it destroys a family.

3. I know that it has become a fashion to berate politicians. We are a nation full of heavy asses and long tongues. The asses we use to sit in our cushy couches and office chairs, and the tongues we use to complain about the system. Damn it, we are the system! And we are doing nothing to improve it. I can scream about Kalmadi and about Raja. I can weep about the money being looted, money that could be used to build hospitals, orphanages, provide health care and social security to the very poor. The money that could build roads …. help battered women build a future. As a citizen it is my right to demand answers …. but how many of us would actually want that job? We don’t want to work, we don’t even want to vote!

What sort of country are we handing over to our children?


17 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. I have a big big issue with shows like sach ka samna and Big Boss etc. TV influences our kids a lot and I dare not even think what such shows are doing to the thought process of our kids. I grew up in the era of Doordarshan but even then my TV viewing was strictly monitored at least till I was 12 or so … I wonder if parents do the same now !

  2. Completely agree with you on this. It’s like we have no other option other than ranting about it. About corrupt politicians I can only say one thing…the honest, hard-working people with strong values do not want their jobs. That’s why it is being handed over to people like Kalmadi and Raja. Everything’s our fault too. We just keep ourselves at a safe distance from the system and take pleasure in criticizing.

  3. Its very sad that Rathore is out on bail. Unless the youth takes a very strong stand, I seriously doubt Mother India is going anywhere near a better future for our kids.

  4. You know, as much as I dislike Rakhi Sawant, her persona on TV has been created by the producers because it sells…She’s just a gal out to make money…If viewers topped viewing such shows, they would all vanish…

  5. Rakhi is toxic but the toxic is the byproduct of the brains behind her shows. She is enacting the toxic script with her own dash of stink. So Rakhi is not just to be blamed, the channel should be equally condemned.

    Another issue that boiled by blood is the court verdict of 4 years imprisonment to those involved in the death of Aman Kachroo. That’s all the punishment for taking one’s life? 1460 days of imprisonment (may be they would be out before that in bail too like Rathore) for taking an young life.

  6. I hate that female and i dont understand why tv channels try to cash on others problems by showing that on the tv and usually those problems requires a expert and qualified person to solve it,what qualification rakhi sawant has???

  7. It is shocking to see programmes of this sort on prime time. I wonder how many children would end up watching all this and thinking that it is quite alright to talk/behave this way. Rakhi and the people/channels behind this sort of stuff will stop doing it only if us people stop watching them. Sadly, a lot of us still watch..

    As for SPS Rathore, it is so frustrating, to see that someone like him is managing to get away.

    The third point you make is very valid. We actually have the leaders we deserve. We as a people do not care beyond being armchair activists. And as far as the apathy continues, we will continue to have the sort of leaders(and nation) that we have now..

  8. Well TV channels dish up what people want to see and there are many people who actually like all this…even some who watch and condemn and yet don’t give up watching!

  9. I am one of those ‘children’. 😛
    For us, Rakhi is just another mode of entertainment.
    Who is Rathore?
    Yes, old people do say such kind of things. But who is interested in this politics…

    I hope you got my point!!

  10. Re: the reality shows like those featuring Rakhi Sawant- well, times have certainly changed. But as someone said in an earlier comment, it’s also true that many people like these shows…

    So true that people in High Places, like Rathod can get away with anything. Maybe it’s because corruption is so widespread. If other higher-up officials did not support Rathod, he could probably bring out some of the illegal/immoral things they have done. So they have no option but to help him to keep his mouth shut. A Rathod helps another Rathod!

  11. ok bol diya na .. gussa nikaal diya na .. GOOD now relax.. chilllax 🙂

    I agree with you on every point, but hey ask this to the people outside no one gives a damn, I am glad i read your article and feel that you think about such things and are concerned You area good person.

    wish everyone else is good too and starts to think this way .. I daere not say lest i start to get more hate emails , But no matter waht we say about how india is going so far ahead BUT as i always say this GAP that is coming up it will get so big that we all will just drown into it one day and thats gonna happen for sure …

    I dont want toi start a controversary here but WE , ME INCLUDED are just TALK.. thats what we do best, if someone bring out a point we drag them down, IF someone voices something WE drag them down,
    If someone opposes something WE drag them down

    and this is the NASTY truth no matter who says what .. end of the day if we sit down and think with a good mind .. this is the TRUTH….

    THe problem is we want to go far ahead , but if somethign effects us we ignore and want to carry on forward

    Rathore yes he did bad, well we the people are responsible for it too, cause we are so much under the thumb of UNIFORM or leaders that we dare not say anything, We let this happen, just putting rathore behind is not gonna change for there are COUNTLESS more RATHORES out there doing what he did … and will continue to do so

    I can understand the pain or what you are trying to say .. and i am sure you know me enough that i say what i feel.. but Till we the people stand together and DO SOMETHING all of us , not one or two or three TILL ALL OF US do something things will remain the same …


  12. I think in our case it is true that one gets the governance one desreves and the same can be said about TV shows…Since people watch them, they are telecast..there were many good serials, but they flopped and taken off the air but all the trash is lapped up.

  13. well reality shows and those serials are the reason we have a argument almost every week at home… I just cant stand the thought of ojas watching them yet and mil cant live without them i wonder too I think we are leaving a much worst country for our kids than we were given by our parents

    nothing seems right

  14. Thought provoking post Ritu.

    //Why did she call a young man with self esteem issues “Napunsak” and “Namard”?//
    And also why is namard and napusank considered such an insult that a man would rather die than be called one!!

    I think we had corruption all along – throughout history but now we are learning that we can even feel offended about it, and soon we will realise that we can even take action and vote against it.

    And Rathore is atleast being challenged today. In the past (even today) the family would have been too ‘dishonored’ to take action against him.
    Just trying to see the silver lining…

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