Pretty Potent Autumn Harvest Punch

Come winters one wishes for that ultimate drink that warms the cockles of the heart and banishes the shivers. One that is potent and yet has some health benefit … fruit punches fit the bill. Here is one such easy recipe that I have made for informal parties. It is an easy recipe and you can adjust it as you go with it.

Is winter and the dull depressing weather getting you down? Try the Phoenix Fruit Punch! I love it more than egg nog, and believe me, coming from me that is saying something!

Step One

Buy two new plastic buckets (with lids) and matching mugs, and a plastic soup strainer.

2. Buy a bottle each of orange juice, lemon squash, pineapple juice, ginger ale and empty into one bucket. Add a cup of sugar and 4 cups of water. Use the new matching mug to stir the liquid until the sugar dissolves. If kids are not watching – take a sip, Ewww too sweet 😉 Add some grated ginger (100 gms should do)

3. Add 4 cinnamon sticks, 10 or 15 cloves, lemon rind (one tablespoon) and juice of 3 lemons. Peel one orange, two apples (if large, otherwise 3 will do), one can of pineapple slices, wash to remove excess sugar, two sweet limes (mausambi). Cut all fruit into chunky bits apart from the sweet limes. Those you cut into thick circular slices. Add fruit to the mix. Add a bottle of dark rum to it. Cover it with the lid, hide the stuff and go to office.

4. On the way home buy a bottle of bacardi. Take out the other new bucket and pour the whole bottle into it.

5. Now comes the tricky part. Carefully transfer all the fruit bits into the second bucket. No, don’t eat it all, greedy pig! Wait till the guests come. That fruit has rum in it and will hit you. You don’t want to be giggly and not able to carry out step 6.

6. Remember the mug that came with the second bucket? This is the time to use that and that new soup strainer. Carefully transfer the contents of bucket 1 to bucket 2 a mug at a time, straining out all the spices. Stir well.

7. Take a punch glass, pour that well stirred mixture into it, taste it. Chances are that it will be pretty potent. Add water to dilute. No, not just the bucket but even your glass damn it. You’ll be drunk before your guests arrive! If it is not potent, add half a bottle more of bacardi.

8. Transfer some of the contents into that pretty punch bowl with crushed ice and set it on the table.

P.S. One can make this without sugar if one needs to watch sugar intake, I guess. I have always used sugar though.

LOL!!! Check out the tipsy oranges on Sagarika’s blog!


17 thoughts on “Pretty Potent Autumn Harvest Punch

  1. Ah, that drink looks very tempting. I love all that has gone into it and the way it has been put 😀

    The drink seems to have multiple benefits and will work perfectly for me. 1) Have a few sips and stay calm. It’ll help you handle an elevated level of stupidity and annoyance. 2) Serve the guests and inebriate them. The buzz will limit the peskiness. 3) Stuff them with this drink and they’ll hardly have any appetite left for dinner. You get away without cooking an elaborate meal.

    Thank you, I am definitely trying this 😛

  2. Ritu…

    What about NOT fooling around with a lot of fruit and just focusing on the Bacardi…? I mean… why pollute the stuff…?


    • LOL! Dagny you have a point. Thing is … with so much alcoholic fruit you can still say that it was good for health! Besides, you feed this to folk and you don’t have to cook elaborate meals. It is really filling

  3. Ritu bhen chakk te fatttte 🙂 i missed this and i am curseing myself now WHY DID I DO IT.. next time ton can you please EMAIL me this stuff

    Jatt risky after whicsky you seeee

    to bering it on he hehehehehe

    and next time INVITE ME .. very bad you had it all without me not FAIR IS IT NOW


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