What Men Want

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I actually researched for this blogpost! In simpler language, it means that I asked my sons what they want in life ….. (and from the ladies in their lives! 😛 ) Damn, the replies were interesting!

1. Peace and quiet …. humph! Considering that both the women in the house go out to their respective offices, the only noise in the house is made by them and them dratted dogs.

2. A simple life. Now this one was a hoot. A simple life means a 70 inch TV in the bedroom, with Sports on, beer and chicken tangri on the side. Oh yes, the wife and mother are not allowed to get to the remote.

3. Men want to scratch their balls without their women cribbing about it. Yes, it is a physical problem and they are dealing with it in the only way it has to be dealt with, so look the other way ladies!

4. Men understand that their women are not little girls. They can open doors and even put the toilet seat down when they need to use the loo. Stop cribbing.

5. While on the subject of cribbing, men would like it very much if they asked a girl “How was your day?” and get a one word reply “Fine!”

6. Men think that today’s women are strong, bold and beautiful. They would not mind it if they also paid for some of the meals they ate together. While on the subject of independence men want a woman who is not demanding, does not get clingy all the time, has her own life and likes it that men do too.

7. Men would like the woman to not nag, which means that not comment about the weight gain, back seat drive or even doubt their ability of getting anything done.

8. Ultimate desire for male equality ….. GPS in a male voice.

9. Men would like to be able to buy the latest Gizmo without having to explain to their women why they need it.

10. WWE and TNA is not Neanderthal. It is sport. Guys would like ladies to please understand that.

11. Men want women to learn how to accept compliments. If a man says that you are looking hot, the reply is not, “Oh, but I have put on weight”, or, “Oh but this color is so dull.” The correct reply is “Thank you”.

12. The only thing that looks good on the German Shephard is a collar with spikes. Do not dress up the dog in a cute poncho or make it wear ear rings and tiara.

13. Shorts and tanktops in the bedroom=Ossumness, second only to wearing skin and a wide smile. No granny nightgowns please

14. Porn is good for mental and emotional health. Do not make a face.

15. Men want to be able to check out the hot stuff in the room without their partner throwing a hissy fit. It is just like window shopping for women. They are just programmed that way.

16. Please pick up some recipes from my Mom! (This one is from the foodie in the Phoenix House aka Kid#2)


20 thoughts on “What Men Want

  1. aaah kiti sirre di gal

    VETO to all the points you have written
    I love all of them he he heeh nice one … I am going back to read all of them again 🙂

    i am not going to participate now cause you have mentioned all the points that i would have written he he heeheh

  2. Interesting research and straight from the horse’s mouth too, which makes it all the more interesting.

    I so agree with point 11. I wish people (men and women btw) learn to say a simple thank you when given a compliment.would
    Dressing up a German Shepherd, that majestic dog?? :O *shudders dramatically* Whoever does that should be prosecuted!

  3. This is the best
    “A simple life. Now this one was a hoot. A simple life means a 70 inch TV in the bedroom, with Sports on, beer and chicken tangri on the side. Oh yes, the wife and mother are not allowed to get to the remote.”

  4. ROFL…..that was one good want list…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    GPS in male voice will be considered as equality….but they might not follow the route by a male voice…. 😉 But tell me, do men need directions ???? Do they follow GPRS ???? 😉 😉 Just curious…. 🙂

  5. great research and I agree to almost all of them..I always get irritated with their simple life:)..and yes accepting compliments gracefully is an art which most of the women lack…they get apologetic:)

  6. To see a hilarious writing with the seriousness in the message hidden is always pleasant to read. It makes reading interesting to the readers, isn’t? And it needs a nac and really a humorous disposition of thinking and perception to pen down that way. Loved the post! Best wishes!

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