Band Baja Baraat, Movie Review

The moment I saw the poster at the local mall, Shocking Pink with bright blue script and lots of gold and silver …. I knew it was a movie to see.  Kya kahen, I am a Dilli waali right?  Bling and Chatak is fashion statement, hai na?  So I just had to see the movie.  So me and my fellow blogger Kid#1 urf Ishaan went off last night to see it.  Mast!

If you want to see a feel good Karan Johar kind of movie, this is not it.  If you want to see a refreshing Delhi based tale of two “Binness Partners” this is it.

And if you want to see shaadis, right from the Janakpuri small budget ones to the theme oriented Sainik Farms ones and extravagant Rajasthani palatial ones, with lots of bling, this is the right movie.

Two young people, Bittoo Sharma and Shruti Kakkar start a wedding planners business or binness has Bittoo calls it.  She is the brains, he is the gung ho attitude.  Won’t tell you more – it’ll spoil your fun.

Ranveer Singh is awesome as Bittoo.  I swear, I am all for fresh blood in our film industry.  Star sons do not have the fire or the refreshing attitude.  This boy brings a fresh energy with him, he truly lived the role.  Another thing, he is manly, unlike the full body waxed Khan boys.  I love the retrosexual male.  Anushka Sharma is underrated.  She has more talent and emotive skills in her little finger than Dipeeka Padukone has in her entire svelte body.  Please give her more movies.

Leaving you with the song Aiveyin

One proof of the entertainment quotient of the movie

Me : Loved the Haryanavi lad making it big in the snooty Delhi Page 3 types. It is so Dilli! He calls biscuit biskut, and yada yada

Ishaan : Actually thinking back, he was kinda cheap hai na?

Ishaan is very prim and proper. He does not approve of men wearing slippers. He has to be properly dressed, with shoes and socks. He looked so shocked that he enjoyed the earthy character even so ….

Me : ROFLing away


22 thoughts on “Band Baja Baraat, Movie Review

  1. I so wanna see this movie but my prim and proper and claiming to be sophistaced south indian husband of mine just wont see it 😦

    will have to find a fellow delhi walla/walli in blore to see it 😛

  2. yayyy download time then 🙂 I am so sick and tired of watching bloody crap movies … I had planned not to see any hindi movie again
    but let trust you and watch this .. otherwise i shall send the ticket stubs to you for reimbursement he he hehehe 🙂

    the song was good …

    and I dont like much of star sons , they are not that good agreed with you …


  3. Have to watch this then!

    I am a part south indian part mumbaiite at heart, I love down to earth characters which are steeped in local culture. I loved Khosla ka ghosla and other movies based in Delhi.

  4. Just finished watching this film. Ranvir singh is awesome. I haven’t seen any new comer with such style and grace after amir khan. He is now writick, but I bet he will be in the tinsel town for quite a long time. Anushka should do something about her physical features. Her acting and appearance both has improved since RNBDJ. Hats of to the director and the dialouge writer.

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