Meeting Bloggers

I went to the Delhi Indibloggers Meet.  Actually I nearly did not.  The reasons are

1.  For a person who loves people …. crowds scare me and so does meeting people for the first time.  I hate weddings where I dont know anyone …. and normally land up really early or awfully late.  That way I can do my duty and flee fast.

2.  Blogging for me is cathartic.  I express, I vent and keep it genuine.  The day I don’t write from the heart, I’ll stop writing.  I can smell fake writing a mile away, and would not like to be fake.  Since I am truthful and put so much of me in my blog, facing the people who may have read my writing scares me (scared me?).

3.  I have no chuttis.  Imagine me asking Boss aka Mogambo “Boss I need a chutti for meeting friends”.  Well suffice to say  Mogambo Khush Nahin Hoga!

Then Indian Homemaker rang me up.  She was really persuasive. Then Abha Midha tipped the balance by saying she had called a cab.  Now office started seeming really drab.  So I rang up Mogambo and gave him some desperate story.  Sometimes old school habits don’t die, do they 😉  ?  “Miss mereko fever ho gaya” and other such excuses still work, by golly!!!  Ladies I thank you for changing my mind.

For all my misgivings, it was a wonderful experience.  Thanks Vineet for being an excellent host and Shayon, hats off to you for the charity work you are doing.  People please visit Shayon’s charity, Blankets for Relief.  Great guys the two of you are!  Even though I did not get any cinnabons (hampers were being distributed but I did not win any 😦   Anyhow I met bloggers, and that was sweeter than cinnabons.  Blogging is such a young scene.  Love the energy!  I finally met Addy of Addy’s Brainwave.  He is just like my Kid#2, and he ponders over how to have three girlfriends at the same time.  Such profound and deep thoughts also addle my younger son’s brain Addy!  Tikuli and her charming son Aditiya also came.  Do check out his blog too.  He is a really talented artist.  His tribute to his younger brother touched me.

I met Zephyr too!  Arushi and Sangeeta it was great meeting you both.  I hope I havent missed out anyone…..   If I have, do let me know and forgive me.  Thing is I met you all for the first time … ….

IHM took some pics that she has sweetly mailed to me.  Guys please tell me I’m looking great 😛

Okay people, do not notice or comment on the fact that I did not upload a pic that has me standing.  I look slimmer sitting down 😛


73 thoughts on “Meeting Bloggers

  1. nice and short review… thanks for sharing! It’s fun attending these meets.. strange that these guys had it on a saturday… if it was a sunday, u wouldnt have to speak ‘Mr Mogambo’ hehehe
    personally i wish the meet was a week later so that could attend it… unfortunately that didnt happen… anyways glad u went for it… 🙂

  2. Loved the photos ! (There is a Mumbai blogcamp within a mile of me today; still wondering how to make it ; weekdays would be simpler, but Sundays are difficult ! Weird na ? …..)

  3. But this is such a beautiful pic of you…I think this more you (the person I imagine writing these posts) than the other one in the DP (that comes in comments) she is sterner and I would always wonder why? If Kamal Amrohi was alive today the classic line would have read, aap ki muskurahat bahut khoobsurat hai, isko chupa kar na rakhey, maili hojaayegi

  4. whoa..blogger meets are wonderful,aren’t they ? Have been lucky to have attended 2 of these and 1 a small coffee meet 🙂

    Of course you’re looking great in that black and red 😀

  5. I think this is the first meet where we did spend much time together. 😦
    It was a pleasure to meet you and Abha ..just like old FPR meets. Sad I came in late and missed a lot of fun. We will be planning one soon and it will be on Sunday.
    Thanks for mentioning Adi. You met him for the first time I think. 🙂 Got to meet Ishan and Isha now. Soon.
    Red suits you. 😉
    stay well.

  6. Hi Ritu,

    It was great meeting you. Somewhere down the line, I had never anticipated to be meeting you, and that too at a blogger’s meet! And well, do cherish the moments I got to catch up with you. Will try and arrange a couple of more bloggers’ meets in Delhi, so that we could catch up in real. 🙂

    By the way, currently uploading the video I shot of you and Abha to YouTube. Shall share the link the moment it’s up and live! 🙂

  7. you look awesome I am thinking should i write
    you look lovely Ritu

    you look lovely ritu bhen 🙂


    Mogambo khush hua 🙂

    I hope one day i can attend one of these meets ….

  8. Ritu you look absolutely fabulous !
    AaaaHhhhhh I missed the meet. I am in chandigarh right now. – I so so wanted to come and meet you and Tikuli and IHM. Not happy at all 😦

  9. Oh like u I shy away from these huge meets too never gone in one, 1 2 or maximum 10 bloggers that I know is different but when it comes to a meet like this I get scared a funny feeling happens

    looks like u had a great time awesome

  10. Envy you big time! You have a boss whom you can make excuses to and take a leave! 😦

    What do I do? Who do I make stories to if I have to take an off? 😛

    Yeah, yeah! You look great, like always. Haven’t I always told you that? 😀 😀 😀

  11. This is the first clear photo of you that I have seen. You are not merely pretty, or cute. You are beautiful. You have such a “tejas” that radiates from within. Thanks for posting the pic and thanks IHM for taking it.

  12. Hi Ritu, You look fab !! sachi ! no fake writing here 🙂 I so wanted to attend this but then I thought I am such a small blogger , and also your reason no.1 goes for me as well…

  13. Ermmm….one thing regarding your look… DONT look like a Mother-In-Law 😛
    Seriously, you look way , waaaaayyyyy younger than what that tiny profile pic depicted 😀
    And you also look so cheerful, I’m sure it would be a pleasure to meet you 🙂

  14. Really nice meeting you too, Ritu aunty.. 🙂
    And trust me you didn’t miss anything not getting those Cinnabon rolls. They were SO sweet, my tooth fillings were gasping for air and it took me nearly a bottle-full of water to get rid of that sick feeling in my throat.. 😐
    After having one, I didn’t have the guts to have a second go at it and I finally gave it to my neighbour as an advance Christmas gift.. 😛
    Anyway, It was great fun meeting everyone. And I hope we have a follow-up of this sometime. 🙂
    And thank you so much for the mention.. 🙂
    Hugs.. 🙂

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