Things I love about winters

Funny thing happened today morning.  I normally wake up at 6.30 am and go out for a walk by 7.  I love the winter, I love the biting cold wind hitting my face in the morning.  It is so fresh and invigorating.  Well, I bundled up and I went out for a walk.  I sleepily noted that there was no fog.  ‘Nice” I thought, “Dont like breathing in the fog’ and I set out for my brisk morning walk.  I told ya I was sleepy?  Well I was!  About fifteen minutes into the walk, I wondered why my hand felt wet.  I opened my eyes and looked around.  It was drizzling.  Thing is that I was wearing my cap, sweater, shawl and shoes, and was so bundled up that I did not notice it.  Daymn!  Rushed home in a hurry!  But it made me so chirpy.  Aah I love Dilli ki sardi.

For a person who spent her childhood in the hills, winters is the season of joy.  And saadi Dilli gives us so much in the winters ….. ahhh BLISS!  Summers are too hot and it takes too much energy even to move a finger.  Ahh winters!

Think about the wonderful food!   I sometimes feel that even the vegetables love winters.  Carrots get redder, peas and capsicum get shiny green, cauliflower gets whiter and there are so many leafy vegies that come into their own like methi and palak.  Yeah I am a major foodie.  The distinctive winter food – Yummy! Chicken soup heads the list.  Then come steaming hot momos with spicy chutney.  Aloo tikki, roast potatoes steaming hot from the oven with a twist of garlic butter or cheese, aloo methi, sarson saag, the endless varieties of stuffed paranthas (I make do with non-fried ones).  Of course dilli ki sardi comes with its own special brand of winter food.  Roasted peanuts, tea in kulhads, karahi vaala doodh (milk flavored with saffron and full of dry fruit cooked in a karahi), besan milk, besan barfi, gajar halwa, moong daal halwa, pinnis,  I could go on and on!

Waking up in the morning to a complete white out or my early morning tryst with the drizzle- such joy!

Snuggling into a loved one or slipping into a warm razai – especially when someone else warmed it for you 😀

Rewaris, gajjak and nuts (sigh need to source sugar free ones)

One can’t enjoy clothes in any other season like in the winters, and Delhi winter clothes are so colorful.  The sheer variety … astrakhan caps, bonnets, hats, jackets, even khadi ones, mufflers, coats, wool or tweed,  cardigans, pullovers, shawls, wool blazers, capes ….. sigh one even spots people walking around bundled in blankets and wearing monkey caps. The latest thing doing the rounds is ear muffs.  I think I’ll get myself a pair … LOL

Winter is when we all move outdoors.  Open theatres, parks, music events or even sitting in the lawn on winter afternoons soaking in the sun munching on freshly cut salads, oranges and kinoos with booze.

And the flowers  … roses, chrysanthemums, sweet peas …. beautiful

Summers don’t come back too fast.  This is the season of delight!


45 thoughts on “Things I love about winters

  1. sigh I am already missing dilli and dilli ki sardi sooo much and to top it all u write this post too 😦

    I wanna go to delhi NOW

  2. Hey , After reading your post, I have suddenly woken up to the charms of the chilly winter around me… I wish I had the time like you to go for a walk early in the morning .. what with the two kiddos to be dragged out of bed, bathed and rushed to school.. poor kids and poor me 😦 anyways!! loved your post , it made me feel lovey dovey towards apni dilli ki sardi.. thanks ritu 🙂

  3. Hell yeah. Wearing warm clothes, sitting close to a fire, the variety of veggies, the list is just endless. But alas, I have been devoid of all this for the past few years. Neither Manipal nor Bangalore have a proper winter season .

  4. I agree about the veggies loving winter .. my favourite thing about winter is getting such lovely fruit and vegetables. Sitting in the sun and having oranges and then sitting in the quilt at night and having moongfali …aahhh bliss ! I am in chandigarh right now and winter there is even better than delhi 🙂

  5. Oh I love winters too….Specially the kind of food and stuff we get in north. Also we can hide our growing tire around the waist under sweaters and jackets while hogging on to gajar ka halwa, Garam Jalebis etc 🙂

  6. Kya baat hai ji.. all those memories come flooding

    Nani and maasi walking ot the fields to get fresh sarson diyan gandhlaan.. for the SAAG..

    the sitting together in a room watching tele and having a bowl of Moongfalli, and rewaris and gachak….

    I remember i use to have this grey brown pure wool, coat oooooh it was so warm, mum would knit so many sweaters for me , riding the bike to a friends house hands so coldddd and the first thing you wud get is Aunty has made a jug of hot dudh patti, YUMMMMMM …..

    the rides on the bike with the big men shawl around …

    It was same in chandigarh toooo…. blisssss I had come to india in 2008 december and were sitting at sukhna lake in chandigarh with friends and there families for 31st dec.. had so much HOT food and offocurse the daru.. the police man coming and immediately the ID cards come out of all friends and the poor policeman walks away…

    even winters back home make you go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

  7. Aah… I am missing the winters already.. Love the winters of North India, specially the ones in hills, considering that I have spent my childhood in hills.. I love it when my nose turns sooooooo cold and red, that I dont feel it exists anymore… Hands are numb… and the best thing is all the GOOD FOOD… 🙂

  8. Beautifully described……

    We are having horrible winter this year and i don’t feel like getting up from bed at all,love to cover myself with thick comforter and sleep for long….

  9. Dilli ki sardi- your post evoked such wonderful memories, especially of stuffing our pockets full of roasted mungphali and going for long after-dinner walks with my brother and sis-in-law, talking and munching along the way.
    Kolkata has a mild winter, but definitely a winter, thank goodness!

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