Balance Sheet 2010

▼   The Car that crashed and went for scrap

▲    The sons survived and came home unscathed

▼   Kid #1 tried so hard but did not get what he wanted …. broke my heart to see him facing such a hard time

▲   He discovered talent in something I did not expect.  Am so proud of you – ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’

▼   Kid #2 has no vehicle to go to college

▲  He discovered resourcefulness!  Good on ya, boy.  I am impressed.  Carry on

▼ I grew negative, unreasonable and gave my family hell.  Yes I can be such a melodrama queen …. sorry Kid#1, Kid#2 and DIL

▲ Kid#2 counseled me, he can actually talk sense, I am impressed.  But the most impressive thing was Kid#1’s non-verbal example.  If anything, he should have been the emo person, but he has achieved Zen.  He is so much in control.  He does not preach, but teaches by example.

▼ I’ve been a brat

▲ My sons have grown into mature human beings, they make me proud.  Something I have done right in my crazy life!

▼ Had a fight with “The Shoulder” really bad one.  Thought I would not have him in my life any more.

▲ Everything worked out for the best.

▼  Diabetes

▲ Lost weight.  Hallelujah and Blow me Down!!!  I actually do have a waist!

▼  Finances, sigh!!!! 😦

▲ We own our house and our cars and manage to live a reasonably good life

▼ DILs office made her work so hard, we hardly saw her

▲ She got promoted, Way To Go Girl!!

▼  My book was panned by certain book agents

▲ Sent it to Rupa since I refused to believe it was bad.  Rupa accepted it  😀 😀

▼ Unhappiness – mostly self created

▲ Friends and family that loves me and stands by me

۞  Lesson learnt, have faith in self and be more appreciative of the family that stands by me and the friends who love me.

Love you guys a lot

Let us see what 2011 brings


40 thoughts on “Balance Sheet 2010

  1. Ritu,
    I liked your objective and incisive reflections on 2010.
    you are a super cool person and your sons have got the same genes.
    wishing you , yr sons and dil a very successful and eventful 2011.
    wish you all the best for yr forthcoming novel. looking forward to more details about it .

  2. Wow that’s a neat well balanced Balance Sheet 🙂

    Yes friends and family always stand by one… You are yourself such a good person no wonder they stick to you…

    Congrats on the book and the ones who panned it away HA WHAT DO THEY KNOW haaan….

    and lost weight oooh la la lal nice one 🙂

    Happy new year ritu bhen may all your wishes come true in the newyear …


  3. Happy New Year to you Ritu, and to all your loved ones. 🙂 I know I am late in my wishes and the thoughts were always there. 🙂 🙂 So, do have an adventurous yet satisfying New Year on every account. 🙂 🙂

    Like this idea of balance sheet. Sometimes the way our kids teach us are the best for us…I am so happy for u, that the sons are so caring abt u. 🙂 🙂 Take care of ur health. 🙂

  4. A very ‘balanced’ sheet. Like someone said above, its a full circle with Mom turning brat and the kids being mature 🙂 I know, someone had to be mature! 😉
    Loved this so Ritu-ish a post 🙂

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