My son, the writer

If any one told me six years ago that Ishaan would be a writer, I would have concluded that the person was delusional.  If someone told me six months ago that Ishaan would write a book, I would have concluded that the person had a bit too much to drink.  Which is exactly what I thought when Kartikeya came and told me that Ishaan has written a book….

Me : No way, I am the writer around here

Kid#2 : He’s a better writer

Competition reared its ugly head ….

Me : I wanna see. I don’t believe you.

Kid#2 : What don’t you believe

Me : (Getting more Drama Queenie by the minute) Both!  Show me the M/s

Kid#2 : I am his agent, and I have to talk to my client before I can show his manuscript to you.

Me : (Trying very hard to control the urge to kick his braces off his teeth) Dude … you are a mechanical engineer – not a literary agent

Kid#2 : Raising his brow in a superior way

Editor’s note : Ever seen this ad by Birla Sun Life?  Seems to be the story of my kids … sigh!

Well, I read the manuscript and was blown out of my mind! Its racy, readable and … damn, when did the brat who did not want to finish school, dabbled in a whole lot of crazy things like Tai Kwon Do, Gemmology, Travel, trading of mobile phones, Aviation, Badminton … ever learn how to write like this?

I confess I was a wee bit envious. Heck I am a wee bit envious. My book will come out when my esteemed publishers deem fit, here he is – a published author!

Ishaan thinks I am too patient. He is a man in a hurry. He wrote the book, chewed out his publisher, Prashant Karhade’s head. The editing was done on war footing. So was the art work for the book cover. God bless Prashant. He was so patient and efficient. I realize, Prashant that it was an impossible deadline that Ishaan imposed upon you. But kudos to you man, you pulled it off.

Guys if you want a great publisher who walks every step of the way with you … check out Prashant at APK Publishers. I have found him very approachable. Ishaan swears by him. Thanks mate!

I will write about the launch in the next blog post.


45 thoughts on “My son, the writer

  1. Nice one mom.
    And yes I am impatient but I still think you are too patient. In this age where an email is delivered every thirty seconds how can you be patient.

    Prashant you are the best. If you want a no nonsense publisher who calls it like he sees it Prashant is the man. I swear by A.P.K. Publishers.

    Ishaan Lalit (Author of The Bracelet)

  2. Ritu,
    Pl convey my congratulations to Ishaan.
    The front page is very cool. story line seems very unconventional and full of surprises. When and from where can we lay our hands on the book?
    What is the progress on the front of your book publication?

  3. I ma positive he wont publish my book 🙂 how can he publish soemthing that i am no good at he he he

    and congrats to Ishaan .. CHAKK DE FATTEEEEEE 🙂

  4. The proud mom seems to be going on and on, right ??? Am so happy Ritu. Its a wonderful moment in a mom’s life and glad u are enjoying it all. Congrats Ishan. Keep the books coming…. 🙂 🙂

  5. Thanks Ritu….for hinting on just the Mr WRITE publisher 🙂
    I am sure many would benefit from this..
    No me though; am still happy with on raunchy one liners …LOL
    Be Smiling 🙂

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  7. Tell you son he sure did a GREAT job with the book !!!
    After ages I finally got to read such a thriller from an Indian writer !
    Is there a psrt 2 ? or a new book ?? i would keep my eyes on IHM’s blog .. got to know of the book first from there only 🙂

    • Thank you everybody for the great reviews and likes!!!
      And to answer everybody’s questions, yes there will be a part two of “The Bracelet” but currently I am working on another book called “Hexagon”. I plan to release a couple of pages of the teaser/prologue exclusively on Mom’s blog.
      I will start working on “The bracelet” trilogy after I finish this book.

      P.S. I find the new book “Hexagon” absolutely awesome and it will blow everybody’s brain off!!!

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