The story of the two launches

Has any thing done by the residents of the Phoenix House carried off without a hitch? Naah! So how would the launches go off without the mad hatter behind the scene freak outs? That would not be like us, right?

Of course, it started with the eternal question, what do we wear? Ahem, actually, it was – what am I going to wear … which entailed a mad dash to Gurgaon for clothes. The heavens were extremely kind and smiled down on me, Marks and Spencer had a sale. So kind readers, I shopped! Something I don’t normally do, because, …. well because I do not party. My idea of a party is cooking divine grub at home and inviting folks over, and presiding over the meal in daily wear. The invitees are kind enough to ignore my appearance and concentrate on the food on the table, thankfully πŸ˜‰ The boys and DIL actually (gasp) liked my clothes! That is a first πŸ˜†

The boys also looked well put together, credit goes to DIL, who is quite a fashionista. I can go on through life in a pair of tattered jeans and shirt. She is a blessing, I tell you.

Like I said earlier, Ishaan is a man in a hurry. He bullied his publisher, Prashant of APK Publishers to deliver the books in a hurry. The poor guy actually deputed a man to deliver the books on the morning of (hold your breath) the day of the launch! I was in a tizzy. All the death and doom scenarios playing and replaying in my mind. But this is a changed person, people. I swear I have turned into a saint. I sat in my room mindlessly surfing the net, but never did the horrible words “What if?” ever slip out of my unguarded lips.

The Kid#2, (self appointed manager/literary agent) hot footed to Delhi at 6 am on the morning of D Day to take the delivery of the books. I was fast asleep at 9 am when he barged into my room with a “Wake up and see what your son’s book looks like!”

I fell in love with the cover. It is so colorful!

I had bullied my boss to preside over the launch in Faridabad. The man was kind enough to agree. The press lapped it up.

This is my Page 3 moment πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Of course the rest of the photos were just centered around the big man, the author and the author’s wife

The Delhi launch was less formal. Friends, relatives and a young author Upneet Grover, whose book Cricket Till I Die has just been launched. I realized at the last moment that I had no writer to launch the book in Delhi. Some tears, some frazzled moments and some tantrums later, we gheraod poor Upneet to launch it. He was deeply embarrassed but blushed and did the same.

P.S. He looks cute when he blushes

I need to thank IHM who not only drove down to Delhi but also took a lot of pics. She also wrote a review of the book. She also brought Sangeeta Khanna and Ruchira of Nirjharini. I was so delighted to see blogger friends at the launch. Thanks ladies for coming to the launch of The Bracelet.

Last but not the least, dear readers, The Bracelet is available at Flipkart. Please buy it. It is written by my Kid#1


22 thoughts on “The story of the two launches

  1. Lol!!!
    Most of it is right but since my mom panics quite a lot and says “What if” a lot, I decided to keep things from her.
    And I had both the launches completely in control. No nervous moments, no “what ifs”, only smooth sailing. The whole launch was getting planned three weeks before. Although we had some scare from the cover designer but Prashant being the best publisher and a hands on guy solved it and therefore he had to dispatch a guy from Pune.
    Mom kept on saying you are going too fast. I say ‘Mom you are going too slow.’
    How did the nobles get their nobility?
    They took it on a tip of a sword.

    Ishaan Lalit (Author of The Bracelet)

  2. How exciting reading about it all! Wish I had been there at Delhi to enjoy the moment with you guys. I have already ordered my copy of the book πŸ™‚ Waiting for it to arrive!

    Ritu, one wouldn’t think looking at you/reading you that you are a ‘What if’ person!!! Sach mein. *grin grin* I myself am just the opposite! πŸ˜‰

  3. Its all a wonderful moment….seeing the picture in the paper and all….feels gud to know that I know u guys (thru blogs…yeah)… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Congrats and wishing u author many more books, Ishaan !!! πŸ™‚

    Ritu….agree with Shail….missed being in Delhi for the first time in life. πŸ˜‰ And of course, u dont look like a What If person…. πŸ˜‰ U are uber cool. πŸ™‚

  4. Ritu,
    congratulations to you and yr family. It must have been agreat team event to arrange such a magnificent launch at two locations.
    Can’t wait to buy the book . 2 months from now , I am reaching India.
    you all look awesome . wishing you many more books .

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