Just good friends and other damn lies

I am sitting in my bed and watching television. I love watching cine awards. Yes, you may scoff it but I enjoy it. And no I am not pretentious, and I am very proud of my non-intellectual bad taste. I enjoy music chanels too, all those hunks and babes shaking their tush for our entertainment …. do you know you had to be a King to enjoy all this in the olden days?

Well, I digress

An actress comes with her equally gorgeous paramour, and then says 😉 “We’re good friends”

Hain jee?

And he was in his undies, rubbing his sleepy eyes when he opened the door to the Income Tax blokes who raided your apartment?

Who are you kidding?

You are a young, rich and successful woman, the epitome of liberation and women’s emancipation. It took guts, sweat, determination and a fair amount of street smarts to reach the position you have.

You have talent, intelligence, in short, you rock. You are someone girls should look up to as a role model.

I thought that dalit girl in U.P. who took on the MLA who raped her showed more guts. I fall on my knees to her.

Lady, please …

This is the twenty first century. No one is shocked if you are spending the night with your lover. Heck, he is such a good looking chocolate boy, some women may be jealous or spiteful, but scandalized? No!

So stop insulting our intelligence.

And relax!

Today, a poor girl lies miamed and near death. Her fault? She is a dalit, she is poor and she had the guts to resist rape. The goons who hacked her and left her to bleed to death roam free.

Lady, she has the courage to breathe even today. She has the courage to be honest and name the goons who did that to her. She knows what it means to take on the U.P. criminals. But she is honest.

Don’t hide behind lies. You owe it to women of this country


23 thoughts on “Just good friends and other damn lies

  1. I don’t understand either, why some people are so aggressive about maintaining that someone is ‘only’ a friend. Its dumb, really. And annoying too. Like you said, Ritu, the poor Dalit girl is so much more courageous, I’d also say respectable!!

  2. Absolutely agree to this one and honestly didn’t see the post taking that turn…Took me by surprise. Was listening to this disgusting news since yesterday and wondering how gross & beastly can people be.

  3. These actresses aren’t role-models at all. Atleast not to me. They’re just thinking of the number of endorsement contracts they might lose if their apparently ‘single’ status is lost for good. Much of a particular actress’ popularity depends on their relationship status. This is why they’ll only marry at the fag end of their career. So at the end of the day it’s not about whether they have courage or not but how much money they’ll lose out on.

  4. you’re right…this we’re just friends policy doesn’t work now a days…at least these star girls should face it or find another excuse,whatever !

    Kudos to the dalit girl for sure Ritu !

    P.S. I too love watching award shows 😀

  5. wow that is what i love about writing – its so in your face and so true. Its not just actresses who try to hide behind such facades, its our politicians, heck sometimes our own parents with whole “log kya kahengey” phenomenon …… its only then when u truly start living with all your skeletons in the closet, you become stress free … these are same people making big talk at beauty contests and speaking on grounds of social and moral responsibility but not acting one bit on that except for promotions and endorsements … may be if they go public with their relationship they will get a couples deal too 🙂 ….

  6. The news about the Dalit girl’s limbs being chopped off is just unimaginable, I hope the rapists are hanged. And hats off to the teenager from Banda who is fighting powerful and dangerous rapists and criminals.

    But I also feel if a woman does not want to discuss her personal life, that is fine too. Who a rich and successful woman, or a poor and vulnerable woman sleep with is their personal matter. The media can ask and they can choose to inform or refuse to give any information.

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