Damn you, Cupid

Come Valentine, I start seeing fat cupids everywhere, market places, television ads, newspapers. The world turns pink, with outsized hearts and fat short pink angels and then the world turns mushy or combative – given the Indian context. Our country won’t forget the spoil sports who campaign against Valentine Day. There is no cultural or moral basis to their vendetta, it is just that they don’t have girl friends/can’t afford to celebrate valentines, so they won’t let any one else.

We have Kamadeva in our mythology – the culturally appropriate version of Cupid. I know, I know, he is not the same. If anything, he cuts through the bullshit. He is the God of Sex, and since he is married – to Rati, as per the Muthalik types, he is respectable, perhaps.

But that is not what I want to say. What I want to say is simple. Cupid and the huge pink hearts piss me off. Actually Valentine’s Day pisses me off. Its over done, it is commercial and it is too forced. It is like egging on people to have an affair or a date – just because it is V Day. It is so demanding!

But then, this is just my opinion. I wouldn’t push it on others.

Cupid does not anger me much, those hearts do. They are effin obscene. As the ancients knew – and so do we, the human heart looks like a fist. You can open any science book and check that out.

It definitely does not look like this

There is only one part in the female anatomy that looks vaguely like that. Cant elaborate – this is a family kind of blog. And, well and then the arrow piercing it- does not leave too much to the imagination, does it?

Just saying. Don’t kill me for it!

Even Kamadeva carries a bow and arrow

So people – V Day is not about emotions – its more about fertility, reproduction and the likes. Yup a good session with your partner in bed is more like it

Can we tone down the mush, please? Wouldn’t say stop spending, though. Chocolates, wine and flowers just add to the ambiance, so do perfumed candles.


63 thoughts on “Damn you, Cupid

  1. LOL! Bang on, Ritu. I meant, you hit the nail on the head. Delightful read. I actually like those little pink hearts. I think I enjoy the immaturity and innocence of it all. Of innocently believing in ‘true love’ and so on.

  2. ROFL is all I can say…makes sense about the heart shape 😉 This cracked me up and no I’m sure no one’s killing you for this 😉

    I certainly agree on the much ado part…it’s surely all about commercialization than love and emotions 😦

  3. Come on Ritu.. even if the Valentine week is commercialized with a specific day for roses, kiss chocolates etc building up tyo the grand finale on 14th it is fun. The youngsters love it and as for us who r middle aged it is one mote occasion to celebrate life. the day is not just about romance but “LOVE” . And it can be a gr8 family get together too.

    So forget the vendetta and join the festivity!

  4. Lol, Ritu, thoroughly enjoyed your post. Yep the heart and the piercing arrow does not leave much to the imagination!! 😆 But incurable romantic that I am, V-day for me is not on 14th of Feb alone, but all of the three hundred and sixty five and a quarter (no I won’t leave out the quarter even) days 😉
    Now you are going to banish me from your blog for fear that I might break into mushy poetry like a rash! 😉 Yep, I am real bad. 😛

    • LOL! Am awed by the mushy poetry – leaves me speechless when you upload one of those on your blog. Won’t banish you – since I do feel that your prose more than makes up for the mushy poems

  5. Lol Ritu… trust u to annihilate poor ole cupid… I think this year he might jus shoot @ u wth the arrow of his , so beware !
    That description of urs abt the heart wth the arrow was hilarious nw wenever I c a Heart… my imagination is gonna take a fun ride … u do hv a way wth words
    Actually all Humans howmuch ever cynical v may hv bcum … r mushy @ heart, romance touches our souls… n as for Love it can b btwn Ma n Kids.. wth our Bestfriends, any1 for whm v fl the selfless flg….
    Actually Love shud b celebrated thru out the year…
    But tell u wat wen ths Valentine day cums each heart is filled wth hope…
    watever bitter expierences we may hv had or seen….


  6. and v-day is why children’s day is celebrated on 14 nov?
    only for teens,this puppy love-shv
    commercially driven days never competes tough lasting love.

  7. I understand your irritation. I am sure it does pressurise young people to have a Valentine too, which is probably why, I heard now it is also going to be celebrated as Single’s Awareness Day(SAD) too.


    But I feel now all days and celebrations are commercialized.

    The only thing I dislike about V day is the opportunity it provides to gangs of S.A.D.(Single, Alone and Desperate) ‘wanna do ‘Frandhsip’ with anyones’ to get free publicity.

  8. ROFL! Bang on, Ritu!
    You couldn’t have been more correct, and to-the-point.

    I think its just the commercial world’s way of getting more sales done! I dont htink one needs a special day to declare love: and anyone who fall in love on a Jan 5th and waits till Feb 14 to declare it…is a beeeg loser! 😛

  9. – then considering our population explosion, it definitely is a matter of concern 😛 Jai Muttalik ! Pink Chaddi murdabad 😛

    And about the shape of the cupid , I never gave a thought about it so far , this valentine you gave me a food for thought err shape for though 😉

  10. hehehe, this is like slap in the face kind of a post.. and so true more than the emotion it is the commercialisation in trying so hard to sell those feelings that irks me. SO if a guy bought you a diamond and didnt maintain your self respect you still love him – all the real romance is lost in these vagaries that sell as LOVE.
    And just as you have pointed out this is only my opinion – some people might actually enjoy such activities ……

  11. hehehehe…that was so funny Ritu…although I know u were angry dear! Very angry espy at those fat cupids and hearts tht don’t look like hearts…I totally agree! And loved this very good observation: It is like egging on people to have an affair or a date – just because it is V Day. It is so demanding!

    You said it! 🙂

  12. Your blog does give you the liberty to write, define, describe what you wish to… so long as it isn’t going over-board in being offensive. But then, when was creative writing bothered so much about inane entities like ‘offense’? So you shouldn’t really fetter yourself with: “There is only one part in the female anatomy that looks vaguely like that. Cant elaborate – this is a family kind of blog.”

    Feel free when writing.

  13. 🙂 he he hehe haanji point taken and 100% true the HEART does not look like that at all in actual sense.. in reality its very ugly object in our body.. and a then a arrow going through that is supposed to hurt and bleed and if heart bleeds a person can die .. HENCE I think its more like to hell with love that doesnot exist and it ends up in death or something like that .. 🙂

    look at the pic it shows it ..

    I was laughing reading this Thanks 🙂

  14. Spot on! Couldn’t have agreed more:)
    V-day remains a day that media and marketing created and MTV generation blindly fell for. With no biases against those who believe in the sanctity of the day, cupid to me is over hyped.

    Lure me not into love for ages ago I have killed the dove:)

    • Lure me not into love for ages ago I have killed the dove:)

      Love that line! Oh I believe in love … but it isn’t something that comes just for a day. It is something that needs to be built and strengthened every day

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  16. I really fail to see why people are idiotic enough to spend $50 on roses (that cost $5 otherwise) and fight over tables at restaurants that are overbooked and understaffed on that day!! It’s just insane!
    But, men who give us chocolates and stroke our egos do get amazing sex!! 😛

  17. The sex – yeah, I am all for that. What I can’t get is the turned-on-for-the-occasion-mush! Lets not fall for that, shall we?

  18. Somehow the hearts are too much…Though I am the hopeless romantic kinds….but V day is somehow waaaay tooo cheesey for me….

    And heart and reproduction…..Best best 😀

    V day commercialization turns off everybody so I wonder how it can turn them on 😛

    • Ya true its a mixture of hallmark and archies conniving to create sum mrkt bt like Abha says its funand rekindles ur romance. But in reality my hubby brings me flowers evry nw and then bt sumhw on V day he sumhw nvr sees the need.donno wat to mk of tht?

      • @Jayshri Dr. K is smart. A Rs.2/- rose sounds reasonable. One stem of rose is selling at Rs.100/- today. So why buy flowers on V Day?

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