I shot myself in the foot

As long time readers of my blog know, I suffer from foot-in-mouth-itis.  Foot-in-mouthitis can be described as a common affliction of extrovert, irrepressible females of a certain age who end up speaking or doing things without thinking of the consequences.

And one thing that readers of the blog don’t know is that Kid#2 suffers from “Me-want-Me-Grab” syndrome.  And that he thinks that “Ma-ka-maal” equals “Mera-Maal”

It leads to interesting stuff.

Case 1 : I sleepily walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth in the morning.  Pick up tooth brush and grope around for tooth paste.  No tooth paste.  Switch on light and confirm, No effin toothpaste.  I distinctly remember having a tube on the shelf.  Give up and fish out a fresh tube.  Later I investigate and find that Kid#2 has taken it upstairs.  Damn!  Don’t even ask why he did not open the spare stuff cabinet and take out a fresh tube.  He wanted – he took!

Case 2 : “Borrowing” my Ipod and ear-phones.

Case 3 : Sigh … my Blackberry

Enter sad doleful veena sounds here

Folks, not too long ago, I owned a Blackberry.  But then I had Kid#2 some twenty years ago.  Ergo, I now have no Blackberry

And dumbass that I am I did it to myself.

I kept grumbling.  See, the thing is that I wanted full BB services.  I even offered the honchos in command of telecom services for office to pay for them BB services.  They declined for reasons best known to them.  Hence I could not get the darn BB services on my phone (its a corporate connection).

I bitched about it, said “Without those services BB is a piece of shit”

Never ever ever ever say such things in front of your kids, because they are wondering how to use such stuff in their favor.  Purrfectly understandable, as long as you are not the parent!

Especially kids who are glib and excellent at marketing spiel.  Why the shit is he training to be a mechanical engineer I wonder!

Well he discovered that I had a Nokia E66 in my drawer.  He scented blood.  He sales talked me into handing over my BB to him  willingly!!!

I could kill myself!

I still could not see what had happened.

Then he activated my much longed for BB service on the said phone.

He showed me the screen that now looks so smart.

Then he said, “Thanks lady, its been a pleasure doing business with you”

Its then that it hit me!

I’ve been HAD!!!!!!



51 thoughts on “I shot myself in the foot

  1. Next time around Ritu… I choose you as my mother. No no… nothing doing. Its the brat that gets to choose the parent… didn’t ya know….?

    Is that a groan I heard…? What are you groaning for already… wait until I am born to you. 😀



  2. Those BB services are so freaking expensive! Who’s paying for those 800 odd bucks a month monthly plan??? I have been putting off the BB just coz I find the monthly plan slightly over budget for me.

  3. ROFL. Kid #2 sure is smart.
    I think you must discuss hypothetical situations with him and figure out how to get the toothpaste tube ..er er… BB back from him 😀

    Humorous read!

  4. Yeah, like Scorpria says, win it back from him. After all you are his mother. I am sure you have tactics up your sleeve to do the needful 😛 😉 Hehe…

  5. He he he My dad can relate to your tales, it has happened with him quite often… I would go one step further when I wanted something he won’t approve of and buy it and gift that thing to him later to smooth talk him into handing it over to me… *Good Ol’ Days*

  6. LOL. Ritu , you want yr BB back? then why don’t you buy i phone ? I am sure you can swap it with once yr very own BB .
    I can already see my future . how as a parent I am gullible and can be outsmarted at the drop of a hat.

  7. wattodo?times are such,lady.
    choose either ur Boy or d Blackbery.
    if u chose d boy,you might as well let go of ur blackbery too.
    …& is this the same kid who wished to marry you as a kid?
    make sure u pinch a sleek blackberry from his first paycheq.

    • Yes, he sat on his father’s stomach and told him (straightfaced) that “When I grow up I want to kill you and marry Mom”

      This was the straightforward answer to the simple question “What do want to do when you grow up?”

      No “I wanna be a soldier, a engineeer, a doctor etc for him – no sirrreee!

  8. LOL ! a cool post,I enjoyed reading it..You are lucky at least he asked , mine would not even do that.Its when he wants something,he plays my words against me,”you only told, we have to share “.

    • No, he did not ask. He sweet talked me into agreeing that the Nokia E66 was more suited for my purpose, and a BB was wasted, given company policy, and I handed it over – not even realizing that I love the qwerty key pad!

  9. LOL!! this scene looks so familiar to me. My younger sis (kid 2 of our house) is constantly after mom’s things. She will take her shades, her bike, her cap :D. I think mom’s cell is her next target.

  10. Lol! The Veena music was so apt here!!!You have so got to be careful with your words RITU-sigh! So the BB is gone?! This sounds so much like home! 🙂 Nowadays my eldest has been gunning from my cute small laptop, stating the need to have one handy at UNI lectures! I am holding on to it with all my limited cunning! Let’s see who wins this!

  11. I think its always with the younger ones, my brother always buys a return gift for himself first which happens to be much expensive than my bday gift !!!!! sigh… still not able to compete with him. Always a winner with his smooth talk

    • Be very careful, they strike with the most angelic smile and all the hugs and cuddles that they can muster … its later – much later that you realize what they’ve made you do

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