The super moon and I

I climbed upstairs to click pics of the super moon. I mean, how can I not have a photo of that mysterious white ball that hangs around the earth? It is supposed to cause a lot of havoc by swinging so close to the earth. In fact some astrologers are going around crying themselves hoarse blaming the tsunami in Japan on the super moon.

What? Haven’t you watched India TV in the recent past? 😛

All at once I started feeling like as though I am shooting a horror flick or something, and I hesitated.

As older readers of my blog know, I live on the ground floor in queenly isolation and splendor. The kids live upstairs and so do the dogs.

I stopped at the landing and promised myself that I will climb the stairs more often. Its good work out. In fact DIL was complaining today that I never come up. She is right … but then I thought she would be happy to have such a non-interfering MIL. Women! One never knows what will please them!

Well DIL was sitting on the bed laughing her guts out watching Oscar. She did not even acknowledge the fact that I came upstairs. So much for that!

Kid#1 was sitting in the lounge upstairs writing his novel no. 2

Kid#2 was in his room watching Prince of Persia

No one was even bothered.

And it occurred to me that Super Moon can come and do its darnedest. As long as Tata Sky is giving us stellar service, we ain’t gonna go anywhere in a hurry.

In fact we won’t even notice if the earth stops spinning on its axis

I commented on this fact

DIL said “Huh? Babe what is Mom talking about?”

Well, she definitely does not watch India TV

Kid#2 : Ignoring my comment : Its on UTV, Mom. Should I come down and put it on for you? The movie is awesome!

Kid#1 : To his wife : Never mind honey, you know she is a bit like Luna Lovegood.

Wish I was, then I would take a wand and zap sting bombs at them

Or fly on a broomstick to take a closer look at this lovely thing

By the way, if Gods were aliens, the moon would be their outpost, the observatory from which they keep a watch on us puny humans and our antics …

Now, have I made you uneasy?

👿 :mrgreen:


22 thoughts on “The super moon and I

  1. ha ha…the broomstick and the witch are missing….the prose makes up 🙂
    I dint get the marks of this silver plate hanging there 🙂 Mine was just a shining plate , hazy too.

  2. He he he, that was a lovely and interesting write-up 🙂 preceding the gorgeous pic of the super moon! I didn’t know anything abt it, until I saw IHM’s post!!! Btw, Ritu, if only the Gods sat so close, I think we would all attempt to be better people 🙂 or atleast threaten the ones who are behaving badly, about complaining to someone really nearby 🙂

    • My theory is that Gods are aliens who planted us on this planet and then left us to our own devices. The moon must have been an observatory. I can just imagine them sitting there in a tower, watching our antics on a screen and laughing themselves silly. This feeling gets stronger when I watch the Parliament in session.

  3. I know just what you mean by the outpost of Gods. Hehe.. Being a Neptunian myself I have such thoughts too, sometimes weirder 😛
    How right you are, as long as there is something good on TV, no one is bothered about supermoon or whatever! L & M belongs to that jet-set 😆

    • Yeah. The response I got to the question : Don’t you wanna see the supermoon was

      1. What is that?
      2. You take the pic – I’ll read your blog
      3. Whateva …

      Tata Sky won , Supermoon lost

  4. Nice pix!And it’s the same scene here! No one is bothered and I shd thank the channels playing American idol, glee and the lot for this! maybe I shd sit down with my own shows too! i do’t mind the broomstick ride with you either!

  5. With everyone talking about the super moon, I so wanted a peek, but its was all overcast, and raining heavily. I missed it. 😦
    And yes, Tata Sky can keep us all grounded.

  6. U know I caught the Moon, today morning, when it was giving a deadly threat to the sun which was abt to rise….but that was so beautiful….couldnt capture both in one frame….but it was a view to remember…. 🙂

    Lovely pic…. 🙂

  7. hahaha ROFL at the tata sky service part 😀
    indeed who cares…
    btw the moon looked absolutely stunning yesterday…:) and thats a superb click… worth the effort 😀

    • It is true, as long as the TV is working the planet can keep on spinning – or not, and we won’t notice.

      The moon looked gorgeous. I am not a great photographer, but it still shone through

  8. 🙂 Lovely pics.. I somehow knew that you would definitely write something on this. Here, I saw the moon with my son. We just sat on the terrace, wonderstruck at the sight. He too said, he wants to go there (This was one of the loveliest moments we had together). The broomstick needs an upgrade, I wouldnt want miss your company to go up there.

    • Ahh I miss those days, when our favorite pass time was to sit on the terrace and watch the stars and locate the constellations. We often made stories about the stars. Now they are all grown up for such childish pursuits. Build those memories. The kids grow up so fast!

      Yes, we need a fleet of broomsticks

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