What a Match!

We began with the star studded cast …. off field!  Indo Pak matches are more than cricket!

India was represented by the empress in the shadows, the decoy emperor and the future emperor

Our friendly neighbour was represented by the decoy emperor.  Were the real emperors of our neighbour present?  I did not see the ISI chief any where … so I guess there must have been minders in the shadows.

Bollywood (yes its a separate country in itself) was represented by Amir Khan, Priety Zinta and Sunil Shetty.  Oh there was Vivek Oberoi as well.  Did not spot Deepika Padukone.

Speaking of which, Money was represented by Vijay Mallya.

Thanks to the presence of such an august audience, the players played their hearts out and did not let their tongues run away.  There was not even a gentle “Teri Ma Ki” from either side, forget about a Bh*&^Ch*d or variants thereof.

Sigh!  And no one ripped his shirt off like Ganguly did once …


The good thing is that we won.  Hello Sri Lanka!

I won too!  Hey J.K. you owe me a grand, and lady I am not letting you off the hook.  We both can get together and party like silly on that money.  You know how much I’d like that!


What this match will be memorable for is the drops and the misses.  Pakistan missed winning thanks to their fielding. As Midday scathingly put it, if ever Shahid Afridi wants to change careers mid-stream, he could try his hand at writing books. “How To Drop Catches and Lose A World Cup”

Sachin missed reading the off spinners well, may be he was having an off day, but God sure smiled on him.  He could give Rajnikanth a serious competition, considering the amount of times he came back from the dead.  A twitter remark was that Sachin the God came back from the dead 5 times, Jesus came back only once!

And all of us missed Poonam Pandey.  This Kingfisher calendar girl said she would run through the stadium in the buff if our boys won.

Kya hua …… tera vaada?


24 thoughts on “What a Match!

  1. Ah what a match it was ! I love that line about the future emperor and the empress in shadow !
    And Ritu, I think this match was made even more memoriable by the fun we had on twitter. It was like sitting with a whole crowd and watching the match ! R u ready for saturday guys 🙂

  2. She would strip when we win the World Cup….

    I was discussing her stripping with a twitter friend and this was the conversation-
    Friend- Poonam Pandeyji yeh publicity paane ka accha tareeka hai, waise what will your stripping help in???
    Me-Supposedly she says it would motivate “The Boys” to play well
    Friend- I am sure any of the ‘boys’ can have her naked whenever they want it, wht will it cost, a dinner? coupla thousand bucks…!
    Me- ROFL!! But its motivating all the boys all at once… Quite a daunting task your way 😛

    • I can imagine saree manufacturers drooling over the prospect of an advertising gimmick

      “Is saree mein Poonam Pandey ne strip show kara tha, magar uski izzat ko saree ne sambhal liya”

    • The whole nation is on stand still, girl! Even Arnab Goswami has declared a cricket holiday on Times Now! No scams and no histrionics till the World Cup is played out

  3. the match lost considerable punk-no gaalis n glaring, sachin ‘picking’ through dropped catches,riaz rising,and yet dud-duck-punjabi yuvis anda cynically smiled in retribution to his amplified confidence.

    slapped forehead when nehra didnt catch,yet gods smiled on his honesty and gave d guy tail-end wickets.afridi aggression turned diplomacy,dhoni-babas rare watts smile in the end worth all.

    and chulbul pandeys sistah-this is kaliyuga,dime a dozen for a15 min shine,
    let her cavort,rituji,we’ll peek,if u will,from behind the curtains.

    • Oh, I am a complete sensation hungry being! I want drama, tamasha and all that seeti bajao stuff. I found the match tame without all the sledging. Now since our boys are well behaved, its time for Poonam to strut out her stuff

  4. A promise unfulfilled…..

    Now there was this kingfisher girl
    Who had the country all in a whirl.
    By promising to strut her stuff
    And running around in the buff
    If on the field our team did swirl.

  5. And maine to sara match record bhi kiya Hoping this Pandey would do it .. haye re kismat …

    But I did google and oogle on her i did not find anything worth watching so waste of my hard disk space recording the match 🙂

    and ritu bhen tomorrow on twitter we shall meet yet again … 🙂 it was fun watching TV and laptop screen tooo

    Mumbai here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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