Dear Dr. M. S. Dhoni

We are the champions – my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
We are the champions –
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions – of the world –



My fan letter to Dhoni and the boys

Dear Dr. Dhoni and the rest of the team

Words fail me.  They truly do, and since I am a writer, it does not make me feel so happy.  But I cant stop smiling, haven’t stopped smiling since 10.52 last night.  Kya baat hai boss!  I even smiled at Siddhu paaji’s stoopid yakkety yak.

You won!  Sigh!

And this win meant the world, dammit it is the world cup!

I am feeling so happy and mellow!  It is such a lovely feeling, even though I don’t have Orient PSPO at home.  But, I am gonna buy them soon. Pakka, world cup ki kasam.

I shall also get blue clothes, shirts in bleeding Madras, that will bleed blue.  And I shall drink Pepsi (but only diet!)

I have to thank you, you taught me a valuable lesson in life.  In future if I have to answer critics and quell all kinds of uncomfortable questions, I shall let loose a 6, one helicopter shot and sabki bolti band!

It is gonna come in useful, considering that I make such huge decisions without thinking them through.


Kya baat hai boss.

Please give a hug to Yuvi from my side.  Tell him that I am getting Revital.  I can see that it worked for him.

A chumma to Chawla, and two for Virat for being such a fan of Sachin.  His explanation for carrying Sachin on his shoulders made me go aww.  Kinna bhola munda hai yeh!

I read Poonam’s letter to the BCCI.  Since you guys have to suggest time and place for the strip show, please do give Nehra and Munaf an exclusive lap dance by Poonam Pandey.  It will make Munaf smile happily and get the “Main kitna depressed” expression off his face.  Who knows, it might energize Nehra and put some strength on his bones.  Injury problem solved.

I hear that you are Dr. Dhoni now.  Dr. sahib, I love this.  But doctor of what?  Cricket???  I know that cricket is our religion.  But I never knew that it was a course to be taught in Universities of the country.

Khair chaddo!  World champions can get everything, including lap dances by aspiring starlets.  They can even get saat khoon maaf.


BTW Shiney must be thanking his stars.  Thanks to the world cup, Arnab Goswami and Barkha Dutt were not holding talk shows frothing in the mouth about what he has been convicted of.

No, I am not suggesting that you send Poonam to give that man a lap dance.

No, never!

Tell the boys that I love them.  I even took two leaves to watch the world cup and drink vodka.  Enjoyed it thoroughly.  Even the bijli walas did not give us long power cuts thanks to you.

My regards to your respected parents, my hello to your wife, and Muah to you.  I love that bald look, waise bhi, they say bald men are sexy.

Love and stuff



P.S.  Tell the wifey she has nothing to fear, I am all talk and no show …. 😉


And to all those who said India was dead after Sachin and Sehwag got out




24 thoughts on “Dear Dr. M. S. Dhoni

  1. Oh! What a gorgeous post. Good thing I read it, since i have been frothing in the mouth myself since morning, and usually avoid cricket related posts, really put a smile and some joy on my face! And honestly I was really concerned when Sehwag went for a duck! Just teaches me, that its not 1 player that counts, but the entire team! And cheers to team India, thanks for making us proud indeed!

  2. What a match it was…. I was one of the people losing hope after quick fall of Sehwag & Sachin but then they proved my skepticism wrong…

    Ps. I love the photograph of the newspapers. I am also wondering how many newspapers you read and subscribe to?

    • Agreed! What a match it was. Even I was speechless. Bit my nails right down to my elbows. Such anxiety! But then what is a win without some paisa vasool drama? Oh that pic of newspapers is from the net, I loved it!

  3. nice post..i enjoyed the match and this letter….
    err… that explanation abt carrying sachin on his shoulders was from virat kohli..woh hain sona munda


    so truly said … and you went to sleep how could you.. I remember ha ha hha
    we had fun on twitter and later on after the match I had more fun .. It was PUNJAB on our road burning crackers and I woke with a Headache next day …

    Well done to the indian team .. and The bet i liked in dhoni apart from his leadership and runs in last match.. Was that he put his hand up and Accpeted that he made mistakes Now that to me a BIGGER MAN..

    how many of us do that … each one was slandering and abusing players I still do but he put his hand up and accepted .. thats the best thing 🙂

    Well done to the team Made us proud…

    • Bikky nahin! How can you. Alright I admit I went to sleep when Sehwag got out, was half asleep when Sachin went. But the boys woke me up when Virat and Gauti sambhaloed the innings. Uske baad toh it was balle balle all the way. Such utter fun!

  5. I am sure you should actually send this to Dhoni! And hey despite not knowing the difference between and over and a maiden , I am happy we won!

    • LOL! I have a history of writing letters to celebrities and not posting them … my first one to Amitabh Bacchan just after his Zanjeer was released made history. It also got me a spanking if I remember right!

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