Philosophy of Life as per Phoenixritu

This is Life



Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder about life and its meaning.  Mercifully, I do not like to drink deep from the well of wisdom.  I am sure my brain cells thank me for not overtaxing them and so does my giddy heart, which has a healthy repulsion to pain.


Don’t get me wrong guys, What I am trying to do here is rationalize I guess.  People do profound things; they go and sit with Anna Hazare who is protesting to get the Lokpal bill passed.  People start the CSA movement, fight for women’s rights and so much more.  Much as I admire it all, I don’t seem to have it in me to participate actively.

Yeah, the quintessential rebel MOI, my all time favorite hindi song, from the movie Hum Dono sums up my attitude beautifully …


main zindagi ka saath
nibhaata chala gaya

har fikar ko dhuen mein
udaata chala gaya

barbadiyon ka shok
manaana fizool tha

barbadiyon ka jashn
manaata chala gaya

har fikr ko dhuen mein uda


Yes, that song is my philosophy in life.  Nothing lasts, we won’t either.  The world will keep on spinning on its slightly tilted axis, when I am gone too.  I hope and pray that it will be a better place, but I have my moments of cynicism, when I wonder …”Will we make a difference?” and I wonder “Have human beings changed since the times of the Dropas, the Mayans and those chappies who painted on cave walls and cut hieroglyphics on stone?”

I don’t know if things will improve or not.  I don’t even know if people will remember me after I’m done with life.  Frankly speaking, it does not bother me much.  I know we are here on temporary visa anyway.  In my understanding, this world and the life we live is an obstruction course, where a whole lot of challenges are thrown at us.  There are folk, let’s call ‘em higher beings, sitting somewhere and watching us, much like Romans sat and watched the gladiators fighting.  Oh no!  They aren’t moralistic or prim and proper.  They are watching us tackle the obstacles, munching the higher beings equivalent of popcorn and chips, drinking the higher being equivalent of Pepsi and booze.


They possibly have a whole lot of money staked on their favorites.  I know I am one of the favorites.  I provide them wholesome entertainment.


I can just imagine conversation between Higher Being 1 and Higher Being 2, sitting at a tabernae and watching us little beings (actually me) on a screen …..


H.B.1 : Oye, the female over there, you know that short chubby one?  I just threw a googli at her.


H.B.2 : Pass me the HB kurkure and a HB beer.  Which one?(HB1 points with his mouse)  Oh that one!  And what did she do?


H.B.1 : She fell.  But then she got up, smiled and managed to go through.  It was fun watching her.  Good 3 earth years she took, but she did it.  Very entertaining.


H.B.2 : She did that?  Let’s throw a more twisted one at her.  Bet she won’t manage that with a smile.  Bet she quits.


H.B.1 : That is two bets.  What are the odds?  And how much are you willing to wager?


No wonder I wade through muck, get to high ground and then land in more muck


Keep smiling.  You never know who is watching   😛 😀







35 thoughts on “Philosophy of Life as per Phoenixritu

  1. I so love this post…. This is exactly some of the things I feel and wonder at times 🙂

    Ps. I love the song and it’s my philosophy too though I don’t smoke 🙂

  2. Your thoughts on HBs watching us coincides with mine. Sometimes I feel, its the same as we study ants, their habits etc. We are in this giant huge lab and are being studied for how we react and how we will evolve through it all.

  3. says a person who has studied asrology?

    life all smoke n dhooya?
    c’mon Ritu,,,u’r deeper than that.
    btw,do you think watevr happens,hapens for the best?

    • Life is not all smoke and dhuan (cuff cuff choke sneeze) Trying to make sense out of life is. And you know, there are times when life throws me a googli and I am knocked out, I sit there on my butt (happens very often) I wonder if I am providing them HB’s some perverse amusement.

      And more often than not, I find that something I thought was misfortune actually did happen for the best. But that comes much later

  4. I love that song in Rafi’s wonderful voice…. 🙂

    Its so true – ur post. I always think that we are running thru a maze like how we make mice run thru maze for research purposes !!! Those are our life’s tests and we need to reach the end of maze to get a pass from the HBs, thinking that’ll make HB happy. But alas, what we dont know is the end of one simple maze is the entrance to another complicated one….

    Its the philosophy of everyone’s life….just that u decoded the part that there are lots of mazes. 🙂 🙂 Hugs Ritu. 🙂 May u come out of every maze in flying colors. 🙂

    • Oh we have control over our situation, but not on the obstacle race. And we have complete control over our moods and attitudes. But all said and done, we do provide the HBs a lot of entertainment

  5. Great piece of writing.Aren;t we all puppets out to entertain the Higher beings. Reminds me of Cat Steven’s ” Sitting”.
    ‘Oh life is like a maze of doors and they all open from the side you’re on
    Just keep on pushing hard boy, try as you may
    You’re going to wind up where you started from
    You’re going to wind up where you started from’

    we are all going to wind up where we started from. May the force be with you. 🙂

  6. You remember that Rajesh Khanna song:

    Luch toh log kahenge ,logon ka kaam hai kehna

    Chodo bekaar ki baaton mein kahin bheet na jaye raina

    It is a song tht gives me comfort when I a forced to open my trap and then get blamed for opening it! And I think this makes good sense in your case too! Chill Ritu, you are just fine as you are!

  7. This is so much close to where my thoughts stand today . .. though i admit it took me a few years of crawling but today I walk proud !!

    And I so much feel that i provide a lot of entertainment to the people who know me good.. Though my online profile sounds just too poetic 😉

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