Fire Halp!

I have been good.  I have been so good for the last couple of blog posts that I have started to believe that those were written by a stranger.  I mean I miss the old Ritu.  Why the eff have I become so politically correct?

Am I growing old?

I am all for the kids doing their own thing and letting elderly me relax on my bed with my lap top.  Age and growing feeble is an asset, which should be used properly.  It can be really advantageous.

It makes the kids deal with crisis responsibly

Which is just what they did when a switchboard caught fire upstairs in the night.  They let me sleep happily downstairs while they combated the fire …. the best they could.

Apparently Kid#1 and DIL were just going to bed when there was an electrical fire.

Kid#1 tried to gently fan it away with a towel.

DIL snatched the towel away and stomped it down with all her might.

Kid#2, who woke up due to the commotion, stood blankly watching the fire, half asleep.

The two male dogs also reacted strangely.  The dacshund, Piper was so scared that he needed therapy.  He slept the night in DIL’s bed, clinging to her.

Baron, our german shephard sat watching the commotion dumbly.

Jeannie our female german shephard growled and barked at the fire, trying to scare it away.

DIL came down for her morning cup of milk and told me

“You know there was a fire last night”

Me : Whaaaat?  When, where??

DIL : I put it out.  It was me who ordered both your sons to get the towels.  Even then, they were being so gentle.  I snatched the towel from their hands and stomped the fire away.

Me : My God!

…. and I rushed to see it.

She told me how the dogs reacted … and how the men did.

Females of any species are far more alert and pro-active, even if we snarl and bark at dangers, even if our mode of action is not the ideal one.  Yeah!

But the last line has to be Kid#1’s

Oye!  Stop bragging.  I was the one who turned off the mains!

All said and done … females rock

And another thing …. do you think its time I retire???  I can, you know.  She can take care of my two boys well ….




37 thoughts on “Fire Halp!

  1. ha ha…no you don’t have to retire although i didn’t yet read those politically correct posts.
    Here i met the Ritu i like. But where is the witch and her broom , the old header?

  2. You have a dog called JEannie not thats WOWOWO.. and what a coincidence we had a poemrarian White a beauty called Jeannie 🙂 and she loved me to bits … I went home after years and I opened the front gate , She recognised me FROM THERE 🙂

    And clever kids well done to them all to take care of the crisis, we are taught not to Panic and everything works out 🙂

    Take care ritu bhen .. You are FINE and no where near retiring …

    • Yeah, Jeannie, Baron and Piper … all three are names of Cessna aircrafts. Kid#1 is airplane crazy.

      Arrey I want to retire, let it all be taken care of by the boys and DIL

  3. Awesome, Ritu!! Your kids are very smart and your DIL is super awesome!!! Retire, lady, but devote your precious time to other interesting stuff like the internet 😉 and your book!

  4. Only you can come up with such a post and only you can sleep through a fire 🙂
    Time to put up your feet and relax and let the kids handle things now !
    And I am sure once you let the kids take charge we will get even more of such hilarious posts 🙂

    • I slept soundly slept through it all, oblivious to the whole commotion. 😀

      I don’t know what it says about me, apart from the fact that I love my sleep and can turn into a bitch if I am disturbed way too often.

      They are slowly taking over … I’m lovin it Ta Ta Tara (sung in the McDonald tune)

  5. Retire!!! You!!!
    Most probably I will retire before you. Firstly I shut off the mains and put my hand in the fire to pull the wood cabinet out of the fire. Secondly it was my idea to get a blanket or a towel. Thirdly DIL did put out the fire while kid 2 watched goofily muttering Fire! Fire!

    And the dogs are named after aircrafts mom, not just cessna aircrafts.

    • kudos! you didn’t throw tubful of H20 over it.
      (unrelated,but Wats ur sun sign? and wats DIL’s sun sign?
      have been meaning to ask your mom)
      Same fire,different interpretations.
      Rituji should you install cctv’s ?

      • Water would have been a catastrophe. Ishaan and DIL are both Taurus. Na rey, CCTV would mean no retirement, not something one is interested in

  6. i’ve some doubts to raise
    1) who would observe the dogs in a fire scare?
    2) who first noticed the fire?
    3) ‘do you think its time I retire”-retire from what precisely and whether you mean it figuratively?
    4)” I don’t know what it says about me, apart from the fact that I love my sleep and can turn into a bitch if I am disturbed way too often”-wont you still be a female and hence “proactive’?
    5) are the two dogs in your house related to each other?

  7. my roomate slept through a fire in my bed once. Many poeple went in and out of the room. My hand was burnt trying to douze it. I slept off while reading an MB novel in candlelight kept over a mug in the hostel. It was a bunk bed too 🙂

    • A friend of ours went to sleep smoking a cigarette in bed. It was winters. He got burnt pretty bad, the quilt caught fire while he slept. His hostel mates rushed him to the hospital unconscious

  8. post more in humour than in alarm,
    but do month of april always bide bad for your family,
    last year car crush also happened in april.
    yeahh,retire & write a buk.

  9. Proves a point ; TWO points actually. viz –
    1. Females ( any species ) are good at growling without knowing the reason AS WELL as putting off fires.
    2. Males are good at putting off the Lights …..and snuggling in the bed (with females:)
    Cheers !…. Life goes on :)…LOL

  10. Thank goodness everyone was safe. Poor dogs. Electrical fires are pretty scary- you never know when they’ll break out. I don’t think you can retire, though- you need to be the chronicler of all that happens in your house. I’m glad that your DIL is a tough cookie too!

  11. Hey, the poor dogs, they’ve never seen a fire, so you can’t expect a different reaction!
    And I am all for “letting the elderly relax on the bed with their laptops!” as even I belong to that group!

    • Yeah, the dogs have never seen an electrical fire, now that you’ve pointed it out!

      And @aneeta, its sublime, relaxing with a laptop while the babies we nurtured look after the home 😀

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