The Death of The Monster

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There once was a prince. He would have never got to rule the kingdom since there were too many princes between him and the throne. But that did not bother him much. He wanted to rule the hearts and imaginations of the people of his clan. In these days of electronic media, that was far better a franchise than just sitting on a throne. Even that was not an original idea; a certain princess of an island nation had aspired to and become the “Princess of Hearts” until she died when her car crashed in a tunnel. That princess was beautiful, so it was easy for her.

But he was a tribesman, not too hot in the looks department. Becoming Prince of Hearts was not exactly his cup of tea. So he decided to do something different. He sought to destroy egos. That would hurt and that would leave a lasting impression. It would be his legacy.

So he took looked around for a soft target, among the land of unbelievers. He zeroed on a nation that was egotistical, overfed and pompous. The infidel ruler of the nation, who people called Potus was so full of shit. He kept talking about national pride and convinced his people that his nation was untouchable. The prince gathered around him some tribesmen who were restless.

“I am bored” they complained.

“You wanna do something fun? It’s risky and can cost you your life?” he asked.

“Yeah, why not?” said some of them. Others dropped out. They weren’t that bored!

So he got them to fly planes into the totemic symbols of the proud nation’s pride.


Citizens died in the crash, the proud nation wept.

The prince became famous. He, like Gabbar Singh, became the monster mothers scared their kids with if they did not drink their milk or sleep at bed time.

The proud nation peed in its pants, just like Golaith’s supporters when David took him down with a slingshot. It realized that it was not untouchable. It also realized that other countries hated it. The nation did not like that. It dethroned its ruler and crowned another Potus.

This Potus knew that he needed to stop posturing and prove a point. He had to kill monsters. Like all corporate honchos, he had to show results.

He befriended other rulers, some of them simply so that he gained knowledge about where these monsters lived. Meanwhile whispers maligned this Potus too. Some thought he was weak, others thought he was soft. Still others distrusted him. He got worried, he could get dethroned like the last Potus and become a joke on late night talk shows. His wife and daughters would not like that!

He consulted his trusted aide, a sorceress with more ice in her veins than blood. She went online with her crystal ball.

“King, here you are in trouble, and the monster that destroyed our totem pole was found living a cushy retired life with his youngest wife”

“So what do you suggest Sorceress?”

“This monster destroyed your slanderers loved ones. He killed them. He destroyed our pride. If you kill him, Potus, all will be forgiven.”

“So what’s the problem? Kill him!”

The sorceress said, “Potus, please sit down. You are not going to like this!”

“Tell me!” he said, unable to sit down because of anxiety.

“We already have him dead. We just did not tell people.”


“What with Wikileaks and the unstable economy, there just wasn’t the right time.”

Potus peered into the crystal ball. All he could see was grey images. “Why doesn’t Google color them?” he grumbled.

“We don’t own Google, Potus. And stop grumbling. There is more!”

He sighed and said “Tell me!”

“Thing is, we did not kill him. He got irritable, living in seclusion for so long. His tribesmen and sons were also having a bad case of cabin fever. There was a shoot out and they killed each other. We can’t claim the glory”

“Damn! Now what do we do?”

“The monster was given shelter by our vassal nation. You need to threaten the vassal nation with retribution and allow them to let us fly by the monster’s castle and create a huge noise. They will agree”

“How dare they shelter our enemies!”

“Never mind that, we can squash them like a bug. They’re already scared and will agree to sell their mothers right now”

Potus smiled, understanding what the sorceress was saying. “You must have been a good queen to your Potus, sorceress”

“Thank you Potus. Yes I was, but he always played around and got caught with his pants down eventually”

So on a fateful Sunday, when the nation woke up, they got the news that the monster had been killed. Doctored gory pictures of the monster were shown to the nation that danced and celebrated. His decomposed body was thrown into the sea to avoid any controversies.

The tribesmen mourned their prince, who had hurt the proud nation and brought it down to its infidel knees.

But a strange thing happened. The Potus and the Prince both had similar names, with just a letter that was different. To some, they both appeared similar. Both had taken steps to kill, maim and destroy to keep their name shining. Both had crossed lines to destroy pride of the other. One’s motive was controversial; the other’s method gave rise to conspiracy theories.

They say the monster is dead. Really? Which monster?


28 thoughts on “The Death of The Monster

    • Oh they are so pompous. One good thing Osama did was puncture their pride. “American way of life” , “God Bless America” sounds so wierd. I mean God blesses everyone good, its God’s job description

  1. 🙂 what a story and for some reasons the OSAMA and OBAMA one character did not stike to me till I read the line .. strange ..

    I loved the story.. no wonder the monster will be a hero for a lot of people and thats the reson to put him to rest in sea so no shrine is built and his legacy remains …

    regarding the conspircy theories well there always will be, but in the end the big picture is the brain behind the massacre is killed, how is no tthe question, it was required as justice to the thousands who died.
    If the legacy or the terror will stop as it did by killing Gabbar singh well the answer to that is NO, that will not stop as this monster was not anymore the leader he was jsut a figurative leader whom as usual media had taken to such heights , this monster was in hiding saving his skin.

    I do hope that Our great nation also takes some lessons from this, and faces and treats the monsters the same way, in todays world its time we understood that If we offer our other cheek we will be slapped harder.. so its time for an eye for a eye.. the earlier we understand the better off we will be.

    No time for the Gandhian way anymore as the Americans have proven and the way people have reacted to the news all over , It was great to see a LOT of Asians Brown faces amongst the white celebrating. We have tried the Gandhian way for a lot of time when gandhi was alive and now that he is no more .. Now lets try the other way too for a short while .. whats the harm .. at least we will know the answer.

    Loved your post.

    • Terror will not stop. Just like jailing Kalmadi will not stop corruption. Heck I don’t believe that Osama died so easy. There has to be some other reason, some other story. May be he was killed earlier, may be he is not dead. With no body, no recorded evidence … conspiracy theories will always be there. We will never know I guess.

    • “no wonder the monster will be a hero for a lot of people and thats the reson to put him to rest in sea so no shrine is built and his legacy remains …” I agree.

      I don’t think Gandhi would have advised handling terrorism by showing the other cheek. America and most of the West have also initiated and very firmly, other safety measures too, killing Osama was required as just one more measure, I didn’t think it deserved such massive celebrations.

      • I agree on the massive celebration but if you see and take other things in perspective then it was Valid the euphoria.

        I myself feel that a human was shot and dead s ohow can one rejoice but then got to see the other side tooo the suffereing and As our 10th Guru said Its no CRIME to kill a person who has done so many atrocities over others …

        this was the need of the hour.. I hope India as a country takes some lessons from this …

  2. india’s world cup,japnese earthquake,royal wedding,osama bumping,saibaba dying…
    2011 is here indeed.
    in the time-space continuum:
    *sab maaya hai*

  3. Excellent write-up, Ritu. Bang on dot. ‘Terror will not stop. Just like jailing Kalmadi will not stop corruption’ – how bl00dy true!!!!
    I find the entire news so shady. Its like I’m watching ‘Independence Day’ or something on a huge telly and the world is cheering the ‘heroic stunts pulled off by United States’!! I don’t believe in what is being publicised!

    • Oh yes, but dont you find this too plausible? They want to leave Afghanistan, their troops are pulling out, so they don’t need Pakistan any more. So what do the Americans do? Kill Osama and turn the heat on Pakistan. They need us now, Gawd help us

  4. That was brilliant. i too wondered if Osama had been dead already and all that the Americans was to dump his body in the sea. I mean suddenly they show a drugged defenseless Saddam Hussain and claim that they have got him and again they claim that they entered a country without the knowledge of its establishment and carried out midnight raids killing the most wanted terrorist who strangely is totally unprepared to deal with the situation. I thought that he would at least have some cyanide capsule with him and end his life by consuming it rather than hiding behind a woman. The whole story seems very inconsistent.

  5. It makes me proud I’m a Canadian. Proud by default, anyway.

    This was brilliant.

    About monsters. Some of them hide in the dark. Some of them roam about invisible. Some rise like the phoenix – you know the phoenix – from their own ashes.

    But I think most of them are just men – and one or two women – who lost their way in the muck of Maya.

    • Yes I know the phoenix, I use the name Phoenixritu, I identify with it. History is written by the conqueror, and the survivor. If Osama won, he would have been the symbol of Islamic pride. His timing was off, sadly for him.

      Yes Monsters are men and women who do things that are out of tune with times

  6. I loved your post! Literally, it exceeded all the expectations I could have had from someone writing on this particular topic. Almost a masterpiece…good going!

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