A “Nest” Meeting

And I met Shail Mohan of Shail’s Nest. Hence the “Nest” meeting.

I was sitting in office hardly working when a chat window opened out.

“Hi Ritu” popped up. It was Shail Mohan. Now I know Shail Mohan. She is someone who writes fantastic humor and is a big fan of Wodehouse. I like Wodehouse and I like her stories. Of course her poems zonk me out, but then serious poems zonk me out any way so I don’t hold such things against someone so nice as to make me laugh. Hence I replied “Hey Shail, wassup” or some such thing. “Can we meet?” was the question, of course worded ever so politely. The question should have been “When and how do we meet?” I was not going to miss out on meeting a weaver of some of the most profound tales I have read!

It turned out that she was in Ghaziabad. Now Ghaziabad is closer to my home than Trivandrum is. Which meant that if I swung in a chutti, I could meet her. Of course I am lousy with Geography and directions. When I was a kid, I remember writing that Nile flowed through Greece and then pleading with Godji to make Nile change its course. I have also driven to Apno Ghar in U.P. when I meant to go to IG airport at Palam. So I was a wee bit intimidated. I could, like Starship Enterprise, boldly set forth, but where would I reach? Thankfully Kid#2 and Google Maps stepped into the breach. We left nothing to chance. Kid#2 opened Google Maps on my … well, his blackberry and downloaded the app on my phone too. Shipra Mall, a place close to where Shail was staying was the place we rendezvoused. Ruchira of Nirjharini was to meet us there and Abha Midha of Daffodils, who lives in Faridabad was keen to go too. So I picked her up and off we went.

Shipra Mall is amazingly gracious a place. It is a mall, alright, but it has a certain old world charm. It is spacious and leisurely. None of the frantic feel that malls in Delhi, Faridabad and even Gurgaon have. I liked it.

The funny thing is that we were the first to reach even though we lived the furthest from Ghaziabad!

Ruchira was the first to come, and I spotted her far away. She can’t be missed. And then came Shail. The impression I had of Shail was (1) A thinker (2) Shy (3) Easy on the smiles. I got two out of three right. Shail is quiet, soft and easy on the smiles. She definitely is not shy! And she is pint sized 😉

In the picture above we had her standing on a stair to come up next to us. Of course we put her with Ruchira, who is tall 😈

Then we settled down for a leisurely lunch (which we forgot to order) since we had so much to say to each other 😛

The waiter was requested to take the pics, and he willingly obliged. So lets forget/ignore the fact that we did not order and say that the waiter was too busy clicking us to serve us food.

Nothing like some (as Shail puts it) “refined sunflower oil” on a hot summer day 😉 😛

The food at Pind Baluchi was good, the company better. And Shail was sweet enough to get us all books. She gifted me one called “The Male Brain”. It is a fascinating insight into the working of a man’s mind, though I do feel that its unfair to explain away everything that a person does by listing hormones and neurons … but it does simplify male thinking a lot.

Here Abha and I are holding on to our gifts standing right next to that awesome door of Pind Baluchi. Sigh … now I want my front door to be like that, its so ornate … but I digress

And I wanted a photo with the Pind Baluchi Babaji, I always did. This time Kid#2 and I got one clicked 😆

To people who have put up the question on FB … this is the younger one and he has not written a novel. But he writes the most awesome poems, most of which are edgy and serious. They stump me.

Abha wanted to go once we were done with lunch (or that is the impression I got). But my son actually enjoyed the lunch. Makes me think that we are not old biddies after all! And that we are fun and witty. He suggested coffee … and hit off totally with Ruchira, both of them lamenting the fact that they have difficult and bossy older siblings. I kept shut, I was the older sibling 😛 Could imagine my brother joining in LOL

We exited Pind Baluchi and landed up at Barista. I did try to get myself a chocolate excess, failing which a slice of apple pie, failing which a cold coffee with lots of cream. Sadly Kid #2 was with me and vetoed all of that, All I got a standard issue cold coffee. 😦

It was a delightful afternoon. I love meeting blogger friends.


57 thoughts on “A “Nest” Meeting

  1. Ok, now that I have ensured mine is the first comment, I will let you in on a secret. You were right about your impressions, on all three counts. But, going through life, I have learnt to hide or overcome (rather expertly, methinks) the third point! 😉
    Well. well. well. well. Not only are the Kid #2 and I Cancers, we both write poems that stump and zonk you respectively! 😆 I was amazed at the way Kid #2 fit in with us. And yes, looks like we aren’t that old! 😉 The way he and Ruchira were going on about bossy older siblings. When I ventured that I was an older sibling too but not a bossy one, Ruchira’s response, ‘That’s what they all say!’ stopped me in my tracks. :O I wanted to call up my brother and sister and have them tell her that I was not in the least bossy! 😉 😆 In fact I am an exception, they both look out for me and take care of their supposedly ‘older’ sis. 😀
    I am so glad you made the journey with the aid of google map and ended up at the right place, right time (You really prayed for Nile to flow in Greece??!! Hahaha) and not driven off in the opposite direction! :)))
    I felt the time was too, too less. It just flew! It was wonderful meeting you, Ruchira and Abha. 🙂

    BTW, I agree with you, it is “..unfair to explain away everything that a person does by listing hormones and neurons”!

  2. Oh god I think I am way too tall 🙂
    Lovely ‘twas to get together and meet Shail. I had a feeling that she is a thinker too. She is one isn’t she but I rather think she is a bit shy. (Have I got that right Shail?)
    Kid 2 is amazing fun!
    We were definitely delighted to meet shail. Infact we were so delighted that we forgot to order lunch but to make up to Shail we made sure that she posed at Barista with a Rajasthan Royal cricket bat in hand for the sake of posterity 🙂
    I came back to office all happy and stuffed with food and then tried to sleep through a meeting with my eyes open .Thank god I didn’t have any cold refined oil with my food: D
    Let’s do this more often shall we !

  3. I love blogger meets and I most certainly love this one. 🙂 U all are looking wonderful, with Kid 2 fitting perfectly in this group. 🙂

    I liked the intro abt Shail….now, when I meet her, I’ll remember all those. So, when r u cmng to Chennai next, Shail ???

    LOL @ Refined sunflower oil !!! OMG !! I laughed so much reading it in fb…. 😆

    Whaaat ??? U prayed that Nile shld change course to Greece ??? Ritu, u are the ultimate !!! GPRS / Google Maps are made, only becos of u ppl…. 😉 😉

    • In my defense, that was in Class II. But once I was to visit an aunt in Dwarka which is in Palam … or close to that. I drove past and crossed State borders landing up at Apno Ghar in U.P. So I rang up Aunt, made excuses and woke up the boys. We spent the day in the amusement park instead of visiting boring aunts.

      Yes Google Maps is for people like me

  4. What a wonderful account of the meet-up! And I so sos so envy you all! Not only did you all meet up in Shipra which is very near to my house but you also ate out at one of my favorite restaurants! It sure looked you all had a great time :). How I wish I could have joined you!

    Lovely snaps all of them, Ritu! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. What a lovely post of a grand blogger meet ! Absolutely enjoyed reading this, and the great photos.

    (I have just heard from a Bangalore blogger and we meet next week ! )…..:-))

    • Wow! Blogger meets are warm. I feel its because the minds connect much before we meet each other on the physical plane, the awkwardness of first meetings is circumvented. I have met many people online before meeting them in person. Its always been a pleasure

      Do blog about it

  6. It’s nice meeting friends. especially the frist time. A person who’s just an image on the screen an d you get to meet them in real. 🙂 awesome. Also, who ordered carlsberg? i Like carlsberg!

  7. weblog weblog on the net, who is the fattest er…oops I meant fairest !! of them all. Now I see why u all are so jolly!. Pint sized?? then you should have seen her a few years back, guess she was milli, micro, nano, pico, femto size!! When they see me and Shail together, people are doubtful, daughter or younger sister……noone will guess she is elder hahaha! Next time I am also tagging along with Shailchechi to meet u all! Cheers …Shiva

    • @Shail!!!! Your siblings are calling you fat! I refuse to accept that I am LOL

      Of course Shivaja I would love to meet you too. It shall be fun. Next time why dont you come to my town instead, along with Shail?

      • err Shivaja – what do you think of mine and Kid #2s take on older brothers and sisters 🙂
        Shail says that she was the quiet one and never bossed you guys around 🙂

      • And Ruchira, she is the one who used to see me safely off a crowded bus before getting down herself as otherwise I was liable to stand there petrified (or even be pushed down and trampled over as I once almost had been by those rushing inside, which put a godawful fear into me) in the onrush.
        Besides. SHE is the one who bit me!! You can find the details on my blog! 😉

      • OMG. How did I miss this comment/?!!!! But yawwwwnnn, they used to call me that even when I was femto (Whatever is that?? The things the brainy sis comes up with!!) size. Can you imagine!?? :O

  8. Aawwwww I am so JJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t get to meet any bloggers. What a lovely time you girls have had. All of you are looking radiant and happy!! And Ritu, Kid#2 looks utterly cute 🙂

    • Oh he was the cutest infant when he was born. I was tempted to butter two slices of bread, put him between them and eat him up 😛 😛

      I am a Punjaban and a huge foodie. My expressions of love are food oriented so don’t get shocked

  9. Finally i make it to your post Ritu :). Yes indeed it was a lovely meet even though i met Shail and Ruchira for the first time. But it never felt like the first time though. the warm and inviting ambience of PInd Baluchi was a perfect place to chit chat. Coffee time at Barista was even more relaxing.
    Thanks Shail for the book and making time for us. Look forward to such meets with blogger friends.
    till the next one…..

    • Oh it was fun. Now I find out that Tikuli and Deeps are also in Ghaziabad. Daymnnn! We missed meeting them. Never mind, next time pakka. Isnt Shipra a wonderful mall?

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  11. wow…it must have been fun .
    You all look lovely and the pictures tell it all .
    Loved reading this and i agree on the connection we feel when we meet off our blogs.

  12. It’s quite obvious what a load of fun (a load of drinks :D) you people had!

    I’ve NVR met a blogger friend so far. Ok. That’s untrue. I had the misfortune of meeting and now being in constant touch with Vimmuuu of V-lokam 😀

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