The face of my book

I have a bowl at home, a pretty glass bowl, which is filled with glass butterflies.  So when I am sitting at home watching television, I normally have it in my lap and run my hands through it.  I like the clanging noise it makes.  My undutiful offsprings beg to differ.  It annoys them.

So, mostly tongue and cheek, I named my novel “A Bowlful of Butterflies”

I dreamt of this as a cover.

Yeah, yeah.  It is not original and probably has a whole lot of copyright issues.  But I thought it looked classy and dignified.  That is me, I borrow class and dignity you see.  My impetuosity does not grant me much of it in my person.

My huge fear was that the cover would be pink or blue and scream out on the shelves of book shops “This is by women, about women and for women”

That would scare any male buyer of the book, and that is 50% of the population.  Horrors

So we went through a gamut of covers.  Writing the book was easier I must say.  A word of appreciation for my editor, she is so patient.  Shikha, Lady RESPECT!  You’re a saint.

And then we hit upon this one, which I loved

I loved the green, loved the mystery that this cover seemed to convey.

But sadly it was not to be …

As my DIL points out, it has too much detail, it may turn out cluttered.  Well, she is an interior designer and has impeccable eye for detail.

So this is the final face of my book

You like???


67 thoughts on “The face of my book

    • yes it is the same colour theme isnt it. But let that not take away from the AWESOMENESS of this moment, bahut bahut mubarak.
      And now the Other Writer of the household better look out!

      • Ishaan is quite happy writing his second book. His are very male. He tells me that he has nothing to fear 😛

        Made me get a visual of two books battling it out with laser guns or those power swords from Star Wars

        I know – I know, but I do have a crazy imagination

  1. Awesome- loved the very first pic and the last, final one!!!!!
    Seriously looking forward to your book. I LOVE the title and its back story- anything that bugs the kids should be terrific:)

  2. soooper dooooper like ..
    all the best for everything..

    and nice one on the bowl.. but is it empty or like me you have some nuts in it .. and muchning away tooo ..

  3. 1) done numerological analysis of the book?what number?
    2) the guitar reminds me of streamline body of a woman-buxom,thin waist and posterior to die for…ahh! this is the idea;-)
    best of luck

    waitin waitin…

  4. Super duper like 🙂 Actually I liked all of them 🙂 how do people think so creatively! If I ever thought of a bowl full of butterflies…I would draw a bowl and next to that a butterfly which obviously shows how creative I am 😉 When do we get to read it?

  5. Hey Ritu.. I liked the pink one, hehe.. but as u said it would put 50% of ur readers away too.. 😛 And the final one is coool, when is it releasing and what is the book all about, so looking forward to it.. congratulations !! 🙂
    Err.. do we have some contests here to win author signed copies or something coming up.. :$

  6. Absolutely loved the first one.

    Pink one – you’ve perfectly nailed the description……lol. It almost screams chicklit 🙂

    The final cover is awesome and has an alluring mysterious feel to it. Makes me wanna pick up the book just to find out what is the connection between the musical design and butterflies.

    Contest or no contest…….I want a signed copy Ritujee. Will travel all the way to your place to get it 🙂

  7. Hi Ritu!
    Like all mere mortals in your comment section, i liked the green one immensely too.
    Looking forward to picking up one.

  8. looks great, slightly melancholic! 🙂 to do with music, the novel?
    shall look out for it at the book stores. Congratulations and best wishes for a great reception! 🙂

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