Sunday morning fun

I switch on the TV and get a black screen. There is no snow, no blue and no picture screen. Just a black screen.

Me : Scream! My TV does not have power

Kid#2 : It has power but something is wrong with it. It does not work.

Me : How?

Kid#2 : I dont know, voltage fluctuations must have burnt some part

Me : When did this happen?

Kid#1 : Don’t you know? I think that was Tuesday.

And it is Sunday today …….

Me : Hot damn. I wanted to watch some TV

Kid#2 : No you dont. Anyone who does not need a TV for four days does not need one.

Me : But I wanted to watch news

Kid#2 : Utube hai na

Kid#1 : Vaise bhi, we call your room the honeymoon suite. Solid bed, great airconditioning, no TV, door always locked

Me : ???????? Go pick on someone else, I am going back into my “honeymoon suite”

Damn they should have informed me that the damn TV broke. I could have gotten it repaired over the week!

43 thoughts on “Sunday morning fun

  1. Honeymoon suite !!! Hmm!! The kids are quite innovative and lateral thinker. And the Utube thing proves they are much more advanced than we think they’ll ever grow. It was nice to read.

  2. hai…these ingrates,
    and you raised them to see this day 😦
    you tell that jaccuzi royale bathtub hasn’t been installed yet?
    no mini bar to sip long cocktails of long -islands and martini?
    lady you are not living queensize then.
    and pray,honeymooning alone?
    call me over.

    strike them outta your will.

    • I like these inputs! I want that jacuzzi bathtub and mini bar idea. A small television would go very well with these!

      Oh no! I dont want company in my trip to decadent life. I can and will enjoy alone. But knowing my pampered offsprings, I will have to evict them from the bathroom every time I want to relax, once I instal these things!

  3. Mmm… I love the concept of the honeymoon suite! I’ve always wondered why people go to exotic locations when they could just as well lock the bedroom door and bonk all week long.

  4. Bloggers still watch TV?
    When do they get the time?

    We have over a hundred channels,at Bangalore, but I have just two eyes.
    The ads irritate me. Half the viewing time is taken up by ads.
    On the rare occasion I switch on the TV, I watch the news channels.
    When the ads come on, I try switching to the next news channel.
    A fat lot of good that does.
    These cleaver people have arranged to synchronise broadcasting ads.
    So they make you pay for the news by grabbing your eyeballs and keep them for 10 minutes for every 10 minutes they dish out news. Even when they do that, the same visuals keep repeating till you get sick of them. Talk shows put me off ! Arnab Goswami shouts too much.
    His guests keep interrupting each other. Hardly any one gets a chance to finish his sentence.
    Karan Thapar does not interview celebrities, instead he prosecutes them in the studio talking between clenched teeth.

    In disgust, I switch off the TV the go back to my laptop.

    When my TV does not work, my wife knows it’s no use telling me to “do something” about it.
    She calls up the videowallah herself. She is a TV serial addict and stays glued to the episodes between 8:30 pm and 10 pm every day and even quarrels with her mom when they disagree with what that bahu did or what that saas said.

    That is my time, quality time, undisturbed time, for indulging in my favourite passion these days viz reading all these great blogs and occasionally posting a quick impromptu comment when the urge to say something is uncontrollable like it is right now.


    • I like watching movies once in a while. I have either music or news on … background noise while I am glued to the laptop, revising my second book or writing a few pages of yet another

      And of course blogging, the love of my life. I am hooked on to blogs and blogging

  5. Wow Sachin.. ooooh I like the SUITE.. ahmm ahmm
    are you trying ot tell us something he he he he 🙂

    why do you need TV you got a computer and internet .. what more can one want …


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