My letter to Femina

Respected Sir/Madam,
This letter is in reference to the very short story that you have published in your issue of May 5, 2011.

The short story in question was written by me and first put on my blog, which is under Creative Commons License. Later, it was given to Mr. Prashant Karhade who published it in an anthology of short stories by contemporary women writers “Ripples” The MOU was drawn by Mr. Prashant Karhade for all the contributing writers, and it was stated clearly in the MOU that the copyrights of the stories rests with the author concerned.

I am writing this letter to you out of sheer disappointment. I was under the impression that a reputed magazine like Femina would at least contact an author and take her permission before publishing her story. The original story was mangled, edited poorly and without my permission and then published.

I am a blogger and you have clearly given my blog link under the story. You could have given me the kind courtesy of at least taking my permission before publishing my story, and not tampered with the original.

When I brought this to your notice, you were kind enough to mail me a personal apology, blaming it on the “oversight” of your feature writer of the page.

I sincerely do not think that this is adequate recompense. You have said repeatedly on Twitter that you are looking into the matter. I wonder how much time you need to reply to my mail as well as take steps to “make up for the error” as you kindly assured me in your email of May 26th 2011.

I look forward to a speedy reply from you.

With regards
Ritu Lalit


19 thoughts on “My letter to Femina

  1. Oops!! That was the comment for another blog post!! 😛

    And as for Femina Goofup… Good that you wrote to them, they should print an apology in their next issue!!

  2. I hope they mail back! How long do they need to look into this, is beyond me. Are they being complacent in the hope that their reader base might never read blogs?

  3. hmph!
    the ‘poor’ mangled story can’t be your creation now,can it be?
    we all know you are well read and well educated and well written.
    but i will reach with a lighted candle and a bunch of bloggers to squat at india gate if need be.

    best of luck sugar buns.
    you could have mentioned your new book casually in the letter though.

    • Sigh! I debated whether to trash your comment or not! Then I kept it. You do liven up the blog though I hope I dont live to regret this. Please dont call me sugar buns – I find it sexist. BTW are you by any chance related to my ex? He was just as irritating

      • my pearl,
        do NOT demean me by relating me to your pox-ridden ex.
        henceforth,i will not comment.

  4. what the hell is this?? I can’t believe a reputed magazine like Femina would do something like this! Blasphemous.

    And you are right, it isn’t compensation enough to send a private mail saying sorry. The least they can do is issue a public apology in the next issue. That’s the LEAST.

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