Nero fiddled when Rome burnt

The thing about history is that a lot of it is a bunch of poppycock, and a pretty stinky bunch of poppycock, at that! The historical truth is that Rome was not burnt completely, about a tenth of Rome burnt. Nero could not have fiddled as Rome burnt, fiddles were invented about a thousand years later. Some Christians insist that he played the lyre while Rome burnt. But there are reports that Nero was in Antium, not Rome, when the fire broke out.

According to Tacitus, the historian, he rushed back to Rome on getting the news. He organized relief efforts, funded by his own money, even opened the palaces to shelter the homeless. But still the perception that Nero fiddled while Christians were persecuted and Rome burnt remains.

I think there is a lesson here that our leading party could learn. It is hard to fight perceptions.

But then I feel that they were never in touch with ground realities and now have lost it completely.

I mean, where was the need for strong arm tactics at the Ramleela ground? Ramdev Baba may be double jointed and adept at selling his brand of yoga, but he is another person who is not in touch with ground realities. He even stated that Yoga could “cure” homosexuality, for God’s sake! If they allowed the circus to continue, he would have been buried under his own lack of political savvy-ness. But Lo and Behold! The two day circus at Ramleela Ground ended in a Diwali of sorts – thanks to the ham handedness of our rulers. I heard cries of “Ram Dev Baba Amar Rahe”

Yeah sure, thanks to Congress, Ram Dev Baba has become amar! Ham handed for sure. I am appalled at the stupid timing. Sunday is when everyone is home. This is summer, and no one goes out. People watch TV. And the images they see lead to just one conclusion :-

This Govt does not want to do anything about corruption. So what if it jailed Kalmadi and Kani. They were arm twisted into doing it. This Govt wants to bring back emergency like Indira Gandhi.

Nero fiddled when Rome burnt

And you know what, not a peep from the Queen – who is incommunicado

Not a word from the Prince who was ashamed to be Indian a few days ago.

And the decoy ruler? Well, have we ever heard him saying anything forcefully?

Where are they? Are we leader-less? Is this why we elected them?

You know what the perception is …

Nero fiddles away

while our Rome burns

All the cartoons put up in the post are from email forwards, I claim no copyright for them. I thank the cartoonists for their brilliant depiction of current events

10 thoughts on “Nero fiddled when Rome burnt


    I think you are bang on, when you say ‘they were never in touch with ground realities and now have lost it completely.’ So darn true. I was never/am not a supporter or Ramdev. But the Govt…. man, they beat Ramdev’s antics hollow!!!!!!!

    Your post ought to be published in the papers, I say!! Sharing this on Fb.

  2. KUDOs.. the answer is YES..

    WE have selected the same people over and over knowing FULLY well that they aint good..
    nothing ever happens.. no justice provided and come elections we will select them and this time in Punjab its time of congress πŸ™‚ they will come ot power

    and so on and so forth it works ..
    Baba Ramdev well My lips are sealed cause I am sure on one of the blogs when Anna had gone on hunger strike I wrote that Anna may be great but the company he keeps .. well and end of the day they are all same ..


  3. Great post!

    You are absolutely right- we are leaderless. The troika of PM, Congress President and Crown Prince have nothing to say when a crisis comes up in the country.

    I hope the Congress in defeated in 2014. But if we elect them again in the next elections, then I have to say we will deserve them!

  4. Brilliant piece of writing! You’re spot on, Ritu. Ramdev baba’s histrionics would have easily died down for his sheer lack of political ingenuity. But thanks to our govt’s stupid act, ramdev baba is a hero today πŸ˜€ The center has made a complete fool of themselves!

    Now this whole ramalila drama is being compared to jalianwala massacre! Can you beat that? πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  5. You are so right! Our govt has made Ramdev a hero – just be handling it so badly. Every new development on this makes me wonder where we are heading to. We have a complete vaccuum of leadership – not one person in the whole political spectrum seems to have anything constructive to say/do.

  6. I’ll immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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