Mera Bharat My India II

The Uber-Rich and The Babalog

I once wrote a blog post about the 3 Indias that co-exist in our country. The urban Baba-Log that are beautifully depicted by Karan Johar’s movies. These guys are rich, and definitely think that they have the divine right to rule. They look down on the wannabes and have a complete disconnect from the rural India. The Swiss Black Money Club (the uber rich) that reacted so violently, to protect their ill gotten fortunes are a part of this elite I feel. There was all this money to protect, children’s phoren education, a plush lifestyle etc etc. No wonder the corridors of power pulled a few strings, got the police to lathi charge folk sleeping at Jantar Mantar. And yes, Mr. Kapil Sibal, this is a democracy. Folk can peacefully protest, and aam janta gave you and your colleagues their job. Aam junta can ask for hisab too. Too bad it happened in your tenure, but there it is.

The Wannabes

Remember Khosla Ka Ghosla? Do Dooni Char? And the recent movie Band Baja Baraat? The movies represent the urban classes, that do not have the money. But they want it so bad! And they are the folk that conjure up fears of Indian culture being spoilt by foreign brands. Oh yes, they are the self proclaimed guardians of Indian culture and morality. They are the ones who will opt for cheaper preventive health care measures that Baba Ramdev offers in his Yoga. This India is the source of Baba Ramdev’s power. They want a finger in the pie too. They want the power held for so long by Baba Log. They are jingoistic, very patriarchal, but they appreciate the irony of the ruling party laughing at Ramdev fleeing wearing a salwar kameez.

The rural India

And in this they are being assisted by the third main India, the rural India. Omkara showed this class in its true colours. These Indians have not yet come into their own. When they do … well India is going to be a very different ball game altogether. They hate urban India, think we are fools. To them superstition, black magic make more sense than the black money that has the country in uproar. But they understand Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Hence they are supporting the Wannabes

I think that right now, the wannabes have served notice to the Baba log and what we are seeing is a struggle for power. The vernacular India has woken up and smelt the coffee. They have had enough and the rich people, so used to ruling in a feudal way are fighting to keep them from snatching the power out of their hands.

Wonder how this will end.

As of now, its the news channels that are laughing all the way to the bank.

Again, my thanks to the cartoonists who have given us such catchy images of the current events. I have published cartoons I recieved in email forwards, I claim no credit for them


5 thoughts on “Mera Bharat My India II

  1. >>They are the ones who will opt for cheaper preventive health care measures that Baba Ramdev offers in his Yoga >>

    I did not know that Baba Ramdev offers cheap medicines. I always thought that they are costly. No reason for why I thought so πŸ™‚

    However, I have come across many people from various sections of life who claim that Baba Ramdevs’ yoga has helped them. They were not kind of typical devotees – they were taxi drivers, vendors, servant maids and many of those.

    • As compared to allopathic hospital treatments, his treatments are way less expensive. And yes, most of his patients and followers come from not the Baba Log but the ordinary classes

  2. I agree with what you say. But if the charge that Baba did not have proper clearance for the crowd then he should have .. I know we keep saying some are doing good job some bad .. but then he should have followed the rules too
    I am very much confused over the different news coming from MEdia who to beleive and who not ..

    Baba has his own problems yesterday there was an article how the congress and BJP both gave so much to him there was al this land and wealth ..

    and for a change i do think the RURAL are the best at least we know who the enemy is there .. in the other two you dont know who what when how …

    If we dig hard and deep everyone has something hidden in there closet …

    and regarding the baba’s cheap medicines its not enitrely true , the ashrams he has one should check out the ROOM rents they are almost as much as a five star hotel ..

    So at this moment of time I would still say EVERY single person may he be Khadi clad or orange clad they are all the same what goes inside bolted doors no one has a clue and usually by the time common man knows its too late..

    What i dont understand is why is the Baba doing such gimmicks he has such a following why does he not stand up for elections and make his followers choose his men and then he will have power for 5 years lets see what he does .. I mean fine the govt is not letting him do anything and the Govt is corrupt and all that pallava that comes with it .. AGREED

    Why doesnot he change the Govt then is my question, all he needs is choose a state to start with and make his party win from one state and then use that as a stepping stone for the next step..
    I strongly am against this FAST gimmicks tomorrow someone else will go on a hunger strike what will happen then, what if KASAB goes on a hunger strike to free him he was brainwashed and under the influence of others he did all that , he is innocent what then ..

    One hunger strike was a success we should not make a game of it now , and everyone starts to do it good or bad I am against it .. I mean i hate Gandhi even he did not go on strikes at drop of hat …


  3. Well i don’t like what baba is doing with politics and all this fasting! but yeah he does play safe with yoga. Who doesn’t know yoga cant do you good? Regd his medicines, they are mix of ayurvedic things that have already been in market but he just have tweaked a bit…I just hope all this baba tamasha finishes soon.Uh!

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