Role Reversal

Em woke up and stretched languidly and then looked around. Her eyes fell on Y asleep next to her. A well placed nudge in the rear woke up the prone figure. Y quickly hopped out of the bed. A slight frown reminded him of his duties. He quickly scurried towards the kitchen to start the morning repast. The full bladder would have to wait. Relief would come later once Em’s needs were satisfied.

Em looked after the departing figure distastefully. Really Y would have to get his act together. He was failing to excite Em. He was too tame, the thrill was missing. Em was overcome with a strange sense of restlessness. She wanted the thrill, the excitement of the hunt and the taming.

The repast was on the table when Em came out, fully dressed. Y was busy setting the steaming cup of caffeine next to Em’s plate. Em picked up the newspaper to avoid looking at Y’s drab figure. So boring …

Em hastily finished the morning repast and rushed out. In the open she kept its eyes on the road. Soon she spotted him, dressed in shorts and a singlet. What a man! He walked around with his chest thrown out and his butt moving in a very sensual way. His body language said that he was hot and available. He must not be owned by any one.

Well, he was free to be hunted.

She felt a flush of heat in her genitals. My God! She was wet just looking at this man! This was the thrill stupid Y could not give her. That poor creature went overboard to please. It was useful, but not sexually exciting. She wanted the challenge.

Em took a photo of the man on her cellphone. She would look him up, find out all about him. She smiled a huntress’s smile. The thrill was back in her life.

She rang up home. Y picked up the phone.

“Honey I will be late today. Don’t keep dinner for me. Something has come up”

The hunt was on ….


12 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. Like I said in one of my posts, just for a day, I wish role reversal happens and time leaves the impressions intact in everyone’s minds 🙂

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