Lessons of Life

Every one has a formula to live life by … a formula that one alters as one gains experience.  I have tended to jump into things first – learn the lessons later.  Some gyaan that my nature (which I never want to change) has taught me.

1. Talk to yourself.  It is healthy and even if you argue with yourself, you can’t make an enemy.  Say rude things, use the four letter word you always wanted to – to yourself.  You wont get slapped and you cant take offense to it. Besides, you are your own life long companion.

2. Day dream, always.  Its fun, its the mental equivalent of masturbation and its tax free.  Sometimes you may even gain deep wisdom and insights.

3. Religion is not something you are born into.  Religion has to be found, grown out of your own sense of God.  Every one can and should follow their own brand of religion.

4. If you don’t feel a particular religion working for you, change it by all means.  We change clothes, we change and evolve.  Why should our religion be just what people believed in centuries ago?

5. Don’t drink a Pepsi after eating kurkure.  It tastes awful.

6. Every one is mad.  The trick is to discover how to make your particular brand of madness work for you.  If you do, you have it made

7. If you fall in the ditch, look up at the stars.  It sure as hell soothes you down and makes you feel less of an ass.  It may make you feel like getting up and trying again.

8. You are not defeated until you give up.  You’re in the game as long as you keep trying.

9. When in doubt talk to a child.  Kids may not know complex things, but they intuitively know all that matters.

10. You are always in shit.  If two parts of your life are working beautifully, at another level something will always be in deep shit. So stop fretting and concentrate on what works.

11. In continuation to point 10 : “The good old days” is part fiction and part very-bad-memory.  They never happened so concentrate on the present, will ya?

12. When things get tough, there is always booze and music.  And if you have money in the pocket, there is always take out.  It cheers and makes things better.

13. Happiness is not a gift, it is a way of life.  It is a choice.

14. When you feel dead or depressed, do something crazy.  Kiss someone inappropriate, max your credit card, drive on the wrong side of the road. Okay, may be not the last option.  But it sure as hell makes you feel alive.

15. If you fuck up, don’t worry.  We are all here on temporary visa anyway.  Besides mistakes are the best way to learn.

16. Stand on your head and look around you.  Your favorite couch or that dresser looks new from that angle.  For the less agile, look at everything from a different view point.  Makes everything fresh.

17. Nothing matters apart from here and now.  When you are dead, its all finished any way.  Nothing existed before you were born.  So stop being so serious.

18. Boobs are an asset, so is a smile.  Use them … always

19. A kind word does not cost anything.  So don’t minge on compliments.

20. Breathe consciously – at least once a day, or if you can, meditate.

Hey, if you dont agree, learn your own lessons will ya? In any case its all bull shit.


38 thoughts on “Lessons of Life

  1. I specially liked this one: Every one is mad. The trick is to discover how to make your particular brand of madness work for you. If you do, you have it made
    So true!

    • I always talk to myself. It is a boon, considering all members of my family have earplugs on, every waking moment. I say crazy stuff, ask them questions, reply from their side etc etc. It is fun. I even insult them and get away with it 😀

  2. slight rebuttal there.

    daydreaming is fine,but the return to reality is often very shattering.
    ‘kurkure’ in itself tastes awful.Go for tomato crax,or cruncy diet twirls.
    and what about the one who fucked up the one life that he had?

    • You are confusing day dreaming with wishful fantasies. As long as you don’t lose touch with reality, day dreaming is a very useful tool. All forward thinkers, inventors and creators use it, very effectively.

      Hey – I like kurkure but the damn things give me acid 😦

  3. Awesome!! Smiled through it 🙂
    Pt 14: adding.. we should do crazy stuff every once in a while, not only when we’re depressed!! and ..i did do something crazy right after i read this 🙂

  4. Good one. Very good, actually. Except for #1. Inner chatter, if not reigned is quite unhealthy, leads to early old age.

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