Some profound questions I had as a child

As a child, I asked a lot of questions. All kids do. My parents played the passing game with me. My mother would say “Go ask Papa” after answering a couple. My father, a great follower of Greek philosophers, aggravated the tendency by answering a question with a question. It was like that funny riddle we asked each other as kids “What maaney kya” (what’s the meaning of what?”) and the other answered “Kya” and you smirked and said “Kya?”

I know, lame one. Forget it!

Then after he tired of it, he would send me right back to my mother.

Yeah some questions …

1. How did the aloo get inside the pakora?

2. If God created us, who created God?

3. When I cry, my nose runs and my eyes swell up and get red. Why doesn’t Meena Kumari’s?
She was my mother’s favorite heroine. God! I had to endure a whole lot of sob movies of hers!

4. Why do grown ups ask stupid questions like :-

a) What is your name?
b) Which class do you study in?
(As if they care!)
c) Who do you love more, Mummy or Papa?
(Why should I answer? I’ll hurt one of them if I’m honest)
d) What do you want to be when you grow up?
(Dude, get a life will you? Will you be around then?)

5. Why did Kabir write so many dohas for us to memorize?

6. Why do I have to close my eyes and pray? Will God swallow my spirit if I look around?

7. When we die, where do we go?

8. I have a mother and father, so does my friend. Does God have parents too? Do they spank him?

9. Why is water wet?

10. Saved this for the last, when I asked this after a couple of weddings in the family. It got me into trouble …
People wear each other’s rings, have pheras and then go into the room. They then have babies. Is it the ring or the pheras?


26 thoughts on “Some profound questions I had as a child

  1. Haha Loved the questions. I still wonder about the 2nd. The last one is hilarious! I bet you found the answer to that soon enough and also to most other 😉 Hmmm perhaps not the 7th and 8th..

  2. my nephew is being trained for those nursery interviews.I feel sad for him.
    if childhood was confusing,adulthood is complex.

  3. I think the question ‘Who do you love more? Mommy or Papa?’ should be banned. I have instructed my kids not to answer them. It infuriates their papa when they say Maa. 😉

  4. I used to wonder how our bodies changed and grew so much, and whether we were like caterpillars that wriggled into cocoons or like snakes that shed their skin and emerged as adult bodies from our childhood ones!! So weird, na?!

    Your question list is hilarious! Esp the last one 🙂

    I used to hate when people asked me if I liked India or the Gulf. And then judged me and my family on my answer 😦

  5. Nice list, I don’t remember having such deep questions, maybe I was dense 🙂 or I’m old now..:))
    But yes, I’ve heard from so many of friends kids’ etc, I jokingly like to call the current generation of kids as the ‘Y’ generation, just by virtue of the sheer number of questions they ask, why this and why that . Some of the stuff, I feel astonished to hear, because I wonder how come my generation never came up with these questions. One of my friend’s kids questioned about ganeshji’s head being of an elephant after a temple visit, and upon being told the story, she asked ” But mumma, if shivji had severed the child’s head, then it must have fallen right there na, why didn;t he just rejoin the same head, why did he need an elephant;s head ?” Needless to say, my friend was left speechless.

    • Smart kid. My mother tried scaring my son to behave by saying “Babaji will kidnap you and put you in his sack and take you away” Kiddo wanted to go snatch every suspicious sack in the vicinity for months – to free other kids.

  6. Loved the last one best… My extension of 9 was – when the flames leap from the fire where do they jump to?

    When I heard the creation story(the Hindu version of it) I wanted to know..Who put the egg there?

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