New Kid on the Block

This is in response to people who have been asking me why there is no blog post

Folks there are plenty, but all in the head. What with importing people from facebook to Google Plus, logging into yahoo mail and finding that I had 58 unread messages … from people I think I knew at a point. I must have known them right? Otherwise why would they be on my mail list?

I wonder why we migrate from one social networking site to another … circa 2000 BC everyone was on My Space, then mass exodus happened. We found Orkut. Then it became uncool and we shifted en masse to Facebook, now every one is clambering on to Google Plus.

A bit weird considering that we meet the same dudes at all these places.

The world view is shifting. Soon we shall have a world in which the most dangerous parental threat would be


and the poor kid would die rather than let his timeline know about his unacceptable behavior.

An awesome image of the virtual sky line today

Uff yeh duniya ….

And then when one wants to opt out and spend more time in the real world … one finds that it is dull as ditchwater, and so tame. All the interesting people are online, on one’s time line.

So yes folk, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google Plus …. and I think my Orkut account still lives on. Havent checked but must still exist.

I am well networked


29 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block

  1. Like I tweeted a few days back “pretty soon there will be nothing left except our multiple social networking site accounts”. We’re catching onto the hype created by these tech biggies and jumping onto the bandwagon. Nice picture btw!

  2. This, is well-writ. Well, I started with Orkut (courtesy visits now), HI5 am there for the heck (keep trying out password combinations after the ‘once in a blue moon’ visit & finally get it), but am very addictive on FB. Even happened to pick up a caption tee, so very apt – ‘I was born intelligent but Facebook ruined me.’ Well, I have a fad for caption tees. Anyway, I briefly explored Friendster too (populated mainly by Filipinos, Thais, Malays, Singaporeans) for my philatelic pursuits & have forgotten my identity. Coming to Google Plus, am on it too but not familiar to send invites (if you could help – friends are waiting ): Love their Circles idea though 🙂 Then again, people moved email Ids too, but certainly Gmail is the best. What about voice/video calling with Skype being the most effective. Providing full screen views of the person/people you are talking and voice calling which can be done with people in ten different locations at a given time. Rediff Bol, MSN are kinna off the boil but YM, save for their chat rooms where some shit happens continues to hold their bearings. Much more could be said about this actually …. in fact, a book could be written, to give a soon-to be author a concept. We already have Love@Facebook, this could be interesting too.

  3. BTW, might I borrow the virtual world pic with all its traffic and pollution. Thinking of blogging about the changing world of the nettie (as me, perhaps). Would not feel right to put it up on my blog without your permission to go with my story. Least I could do is give a courtesy mention to this link. I do have another such pic (on my FB), but this is definitely better. Would care to receive a reply even if it is not in the affirmative. Continue blogging and keeping us hooked on to your thoughts.

  4. I just +1’d there ..not knowing what that is 🙂
    People have changed more cellphones than networking sites and they have the same list of friends/foes in the phone book every time 🙂

  5. Oooh! I got the invite from you and quite a few others.. I don’t know, I mean, I like my Orkut and FB accounts.. 🙂
    Not very sure if I want to migrate to Google+.. and I’m pretty ancient because I still don’t have a twitter account!! 😀

  6. FB is like a panopticon,a voluntary legimitizing of secrecy and a paticipation in your own subjection.
    you know,once you delete your facebook account,you can activate it even after a year because FB preserves your data and it’s never completely gone from the records.Once you give your identity,you cannot erase.
    and then you tell all and sundry about your vacations,parties and new dresses through profile pictures.Or harp on twitter about “going to buy vegetables” and “taking tommy for walk now”.

    horrors! I am neither on twitter nor on FB,or even on google+.
    i do read and comment on blogs.that’s it.
    i’m still thinking if i am wrong and antiquated.

    there’s no personal interaction,People who love me actually call me up to chit-chat.
    tell me am i wrong?

  7. oh I logged in google plus for a day and since that time havent logged in again… random people have been adding me and I have no clue what do I want to do with it

  8. Well I am not .. I am ahppy with my FB and blog .. I think shifting around we lose a few good people .. and I dont want to do that

    I dont even know how to log in google thingy..

    i feel we are comlicating things and i know we are making and meeting new people but is it worth it if we lose jsut ONE good friend on way ..


    • You simply import everyone wherever you go. Besides good friends dont get lost, they find you if you have misplaced them 😛 and then they say “B*&%^$#d, bahut kamini hai tu, how dare you forget me!”

      • 🙂 nope thats not the language they use BELEIVE Me .. I cant write here and I am sure you know what i mean … he he he he

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  10. I think women’s on line experiences are vastly different from men.
    As far as I am concerned, I let go almost all social sites and stick on to Gmail as a medium of communication,
    If you ask me, most people on line are not quite like what they are in real,,,here we project ourselves as we “want to be” and that is a far cry from what “we are”. A look around the airport lounges, railway stations, shops and streets reveal people peering into cellphones or logged in on the laptops or notebooks; alone in the midst of a sea of humanity ;)…the days of striking conversation with co-passengers or even the next door neighbor are over.
    So…I deleted G+ 🙂 and made a new friend in real…. it exposes me a bit as i cannot project myself as hero no 1 but what the hell…. at least it is me!

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